Prepositions after "relaxed"

"relaxed about" or "relaxed in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases relaxed about is used

We were too relaxed about that.

He was very relaxed about this.

But I'd pretty relaxed about it.

We could do with being a bit more relaxed about all aspects of human reproduction.

If you read it, you might be a bit more relaxed about inheritance money afterwards.

They need to be more relaxed about f1 and allow creativity, and this fits the bill.

Will I catch my connection in York? Normally I am quite relaxed about such matters, but today I am on a mission.

Perhaps being a little more relaxed about oils wouldn't hurt You make a good point about the level of refinement.

Very relaxed about cars and tourists, the cubs? play and mom? s hunting has had many a camera clicking on and on.

I'd usually pretty relaxed about confirming flight statuses and times with a quick check the day before I depart.

In 19% of cases relaxed in is used

But its relaxed in Dubai alone.

I was very relaxed in between surges.

I'd quite relaxed in the dressing room.

Perhaps some of those stressed commuters would feel a bit more relaxed in this Taurus.

It meant when the players came to press conferences they were more relaxed in our company.

Added to which you made everyone feel so relaxed in the photos, which is a real skill too.

When you do not feel relaxed in your own home, or you get bored and stressed -- then it is high time to make a change.

I felt much more relaxed in front of the camera than I had anticipated and ended up having a lot of fun at both shoots.

Use the information laid out here if you would like to feel more energetic, more focused and more relaxed in your life.

His experience of married life caused him more sorrow than joy and he is almost certainly more relaxed in bachelorhood.

In 10% of cases relaxed with is used

Get relaxed with touching people a lot.

Do it with someone you feel relaxed with.

He allows you to get very relaxed with him.

With each step up I am getting more comfortable and more relaxed with the pro game.

But if your relaxed with this thought then they may be a serious discount and worth.

You will have to choose, as a business owner, if you feel relaxed with a liberal loom.

Even as your credit card debt starts to decrease, you shouldn't be too relaxed with the use of your credit cards.

They become more comfortable in their own skin and are able to be more relaxed with their own style of presentation.

Don't worry about the second day too much, this will just happen and will be far more relaxed with your friends anyway.

None of this happens when I'd relaxed with my family, only when I go to work, go out shopping or just walking in public.

In 5% of cases relaxed on is used

I was stronger and more relaxed on my bike.

You can feel more relaxed on your wedding day.

He was more relaxed on Andrew Marr's sofa on Sunday, too.

Usually, people feel relaxed on weekends and those people would feel anxious of weekends.

Breathing Exercise Position: sit relaxed on a chair, with high back supported by a pillow.

I found him very relaxed on camera, very emotionally honest and pretty much in the moment.

These days, they're very relaxed on radio, but on their XFM show, they would sometimes end up at each other's throats.

Michelle was very helpful and made us feel very relaxed on the day, we are also very pleased with the outcome of the album.

Considering that when she first started performing she fought stage fright, I had to ask about her relaxed on stage persona.

Derek now can get an extra 30mins sleep in the morning and is much more relaxed on when he wants to come home in the afternoon.

In 4% of cases relaxed after is used

I should be very relaxed after this.

We were more relaxed after hearing that.

Jackie was very relaxed after her vacation.

Some of the players on the team seem far too relaxed after playing a good innings.

Even beginners tend to feel less stressed and more relaxed after their first class.

Not only did I feel more relaxed after Tai Chi, I felt happier in myself on some level.

If you are in pain, you should always feel more relaxed after the massage, although the pain may linger a while.

However, the YSR Congress party chief was looking relaxed after coming out of the CBI office in the evening today.

The villa was so beautiful and being so close to Disney that we still felt relaxed after the hectic days at all the parks.

I am so relaxed after my hike and spa that I can hardly keep my eyes open once the Aussies start to easily run the tries in.

In 4% of cases relaxed at is used

You also feel very relaxed at the end.

But you have to look relaxed at the same time.

The upper arms should fall relaxed at your sides.

Jarryd feels relaxed at fullback and he is more dangerous at fullback than on the wing.

All the athletes were so relaxed at that point because everyone had finished their race.

Dundalk were as threatening as ever in attack but defensively were too relaxed at times.

After some time of using aromatherapy incense, the person can try other things that are available to help feel relaxed at all times.

When was the last time you felt relaxed at work? This doesn't mean behaving nonchalantly about your assignment or sleeping at your desk.

The vines look pretty relaxed at the moment; they're in their winter dormant phase, so it doesn't matter that their feet are wearing grassy slippers.

In 3% of cases relaxed during is used

I was very relaxed during the treatment.

You may feel relaxed during any point of pregnancy.

Maybe other students feel relaxed during examination.

Always remember to stay relaxed during a stride -- at no point should you be straining or racing.

But although he's the youngest of the trio, Lautner is arguably the most relaxed during the interviews.

You will be more relaxed during your flight and can help avoid body aches by stretching before your flight.

Staying relaxed during the birth of the baby is as much the role of the birthing partner as it is for the woman in labour.

Being more relaxed during your date will allow you to spend all that nervous energy on being confident and fun to be around.

My experience was great and I knew it wasn't imaginary I had the most amazing experience! I felt so relaxed during the treatment.

In 3% of cases relaxed for is used

You seem to be a little too relaxed for my liking.

Relaxed for kids to larn to mean (depending on age).

In fact, I have never felt so relaxed for a long, long time.

This will lower the power of your raw food, and it may make it much more relaxed for you.

There wasn't much to do afterwards, so we pretty much relaxed for the remainder of the day.

Dress code Bhutan has a strict dress code for its people but it is pretty relaxed for tourists.

Her heels are slightly higher than her toes, though she is not standing on tiptoe, her body seems far too relaxed for that.

What makes it happier and more relaxed for us is probably not what makes Thailand attractive for those wanting to come here.

With the loop paddle and run courses, things are a lot more relaxed for crews and the course even more stunning based up at the lake.

In 2% of cases relaxed around is used

They will be more relaxed around me.

Katrina is not quite relaxed around SRK.

It just seems the players are a bit more relaxed around the manager now.

They are also much more relaxed around humans than other species of owls.

Knowledge helps you relax and then other people become relaxed around you.

You were both so kind and helpful and we both felt very relaxed around you.

At the time, having never seen The Sopranos, I was quite relaxed around him.

You will have taken the pressure off her, making her more relaxed around you.

They said they'd tried being more relaxed around her, and being more calm and patient with her, not reacting so strongly.

I'd quite relaxed around them and they know they can be a little bit jokey with me, but it's always respectful and polite.

In 2% of cases relaxed to is used

I weaken when relaxed to hard edged foods, chips and stuff.

If you're just a bit plump a relaxed to regular fit is best.

Children have a hard time setting their minds from a relaxed to a more serious mode.

Relaxed to the point where I had to get centred to keep focused on the tasks at hand.

Laws made to punish wrong are so relaxed to the discomfort of our socio-economic wellbeing.

And today the fact that I look relaxed to everybody in the paddock is that I'd much more enjoying the life.

A final option is available for those who would like to move from relaxed to locs, which is loc extensions.

I hate it when this happens, I am glad it's a hoax and no child is missing but this just makes people more relaxed to Amber Alerts.

This lad was a clean-shaven, nice looking boy (my husband happened to see him, but thought nothing of it, as he didn't appear suspicious ), and appeared very relaxed to the casual glance.

The Continuous Battle Of Order, an aural assault by means of one drummer and one guitarist, lift the atmosphere from relaxed to frantic and intense by way of their signature math-rock madness.

In 2% of cases relaxed of is used

Paul who seems to be the most relaxed of all the bunch.

Lawrence was the more relaxed of the two, not surprisingly.

The Hyderabad Heroes were clearly the more relaxed of the two.

The premiership, he once remarked, was ' much the most relaxed of all the offices I held?

Evenings can be spent people-watching in the harbour, making for the most relaxed of Ibiza holidays.

We have been in and loved the relaxed of this place! Thanks to the fabulous staff for looking after us to well.

A nation that once had an image of being controlling and uptight is today the most relaxed of any western country I know.

James may be the quieter, more relaxed of the two, but he usually waits till his brother finishes before coming in with a quip.

Thought to be one of the most relaxed of the Greek islands with some of the best beaches and architecture in the country, Corfu is a must-see for lovers of all things Greek.

On the actual day, it is relaxed and the assessors make you feel at ease -- I found it to be by far the most engaging and relaxed of the medical school interviews I attended.

In 1% of cases relaxed without is used

Be casual, calm and friendly; act relaxed without being lazy.

Also you can remove the time if you want to play relaxed without rushing.

Many riders will find their horse is more relaxed without the worry of a bit in their mouth.

The atmosphere in these isles is more relaxed without the hordes where the feeling of being one with nature is easily achieved.

As the restaurant overlooks the harbour, Ng wanted to ensure that all diners could admire the view yet still have enough privacy to feel relaxed without being disturbed.

In 1% of cases relaxed throughout is used

Stay relaxed throughout the procedure, and it will be easy to obtain.

The couple were very relaxed throughout the day and it was great being a.

The arrangement that I have keeps everyone more relaxed throughout the day.

The association is positively reinforced because viewers remain relaxed throughout viewing.

In 1% of cases relaxed through is used

Stay relaxed through the approach, and it will be easy.

Above all, she made us feel relaxed through the whole process.

He was very open, and I felt very relaxed through the whole interview.

Sharon said she felt much better and more relaxed through the process.

Many of us will seldom experience this very long breathing until the body becomes very relaxed through Anapanasati.

I think I would be more relaxed through the process and, if I didn't achieve a pregnancy, while devastating, I'd have two more kicks at the can.

In 1% of cases relaxed like is used

Re: Sweden vs England Welbeck just seems so relaxed like Berbatov in hard situation yet still manages to get out of them.

He does act relaxed like that sometimes, usually at the beginning of the interview, especially if O'Reilly starts out soft.

Re: Sweden vs England JoeYoung: Welbeck just seems so relaxed like Berbatov in hard situation yet still manages to get out of them.

The boulders were really fun, the three I flashed I felt good on but I almost felt too relaxed like it was just a normal climbing session.

In 1% of cases relaxed from is used

We don't say ' relaxed from strain '.

I felt relaxed from the moment I sat down.

You feel relaxed from the moment you walk in.

It helps to be relaxed from any sort of strain.

Such a swimmer will immediately feel more relaxed from an improved exhalation technique.

Being suffocated by the drug because his lungs can not work because his muscles are too relaxed from the drug.

She said that our mind is more relaxed from arising from our dream-state, therefore the thoughts may flow more freely.

The Only Boy In The World certainly looked relaxed from her extended break, casually dressed in a white T-shirt and grey jacket.

We went shopping in the nearby shops and noticed the vibe is a lot more relaxed from the vendors then it is in the Jamaican markets.

The body is more relaxed from massage improving sleep patterns, energy, and concentration according to Associated Bodywork &; Massage Professionals.

In 1% of cases relaxed by is used

Keep relaxed by breathing deeply.

I wasn't frightened but more relaxed by this.

I got far to relaxed by the weather before, and it's all gone wrong.

You will be able to get relaxed by enjoying and having fun on your holiday.

You may feel relaxed by the polls, but Abbott knows that they are not the full story.

Charlie O'Leary: the training was more relaxed by then, playing it safe with injuries.

In 1% of cases relaxed before is used

I'd never felt so relaxed before a run, almost too relaxed.

A hot bath (preferably no hotter than 37 C) can ease tension and make you feel relaxed before going to bed.

I bought the Laser Projector for my disabled son to make him more relaxed before bedtime, it is truly mesmerising.

So I guess the question left to ask is this: do you have to swallow some pills to get relaxed before the audition that might determine the rest of your career? No.

Come up with some relaxing bedtime rituals to help you get relaxed before going to sleep, and avoid doing any stimulating activities or drinking caffeine or alcohol before going to bed.

Take into account exploring the lessons along with the sites well before committing to a single to enable you to be sure you and the pet feel relaxed before beginning the practice process.

In 1% of cases relaxed as is used

The venue is much more informal and more relaxed as a result.

He was a reserved man but became easier and more relaxed as a bishop.

Night lectures are also more relaxed as the time schedule is flexible.

Pulver seems to be getting more relaxed as the fight wears on and lands some hard shots.

I used to be a nervous flyer but have found myself getting more relaxed as the years have gone on.

If that is your case, it is very important to try to determine what makes you feel relaxed as an individual.

Dudognon says comfort should not stop at the seating -- the table should also allow guests to feel relaxed as well as looking beautiful.

Nevertheless in addition there are lots of people which always keep relaxed as well as utilize their own personal tips to its style impressions.

IF you've been to the Private i Salon in The Four Seasons you will definitely feel relaxed as the environment is much more relaxed with its gorgeous view of the ferry pier overlooking the harbor.

No holiday will leave you feeling more relaxed as a Holiday Ireland river cruise will, as you can plan each day as it comes and stop your cruiser whenever you feel the need to set foot on dry land.

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