Prepositions after "relax"

relax in, on, for, with or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases relax in is used

Visit our wildlife exhibition or relax in the caf.

Guests can drink, dine or simply relax in this London.

Start relaxing in your mind hours before you go to bed.

While the children are having fun, we want you to relax in our spacious and bright caf,.

When it comes to relaxing in glorious seclusion, Bedarra Island is the perfect retreat.

To relax in your own surroundings and eat at leisure becomes an essential recovery to many.

And policies implemented to cool growth in the first half of the year will likely be relaxed in the next six months.

Reflective music and the soft candlelight help to create an atmosphere in which we can relax in the Lord?? s presence.

So once again, you need to be in the position to relax in the market for a prolonged interval to vehicle your movements.

In 11% of cases relax on is used

Relax on your own balcony, watch Mt.

Until then, I'll relax on the couch, maybe close my eyes for a few minutes.

Zayn Malik relaxed on a sofa whilst the rest of the lads showed off their football skills.

Murray Mound Relax on Murray Mound, which was called Henman Hill when Tim Henman used to play.

If you are afraid to swim? then just relax on the beautiful beaches beneath palm trees that await you! 7.

You will also get a chance to see crocodiles relaxing on the banks of Lugard Falls on the Galana river.

We end the tour by relaxing on the silvery sands at one of the Central Region's coconut-fringed beaches.

Relax on the white sands beneath beautiful palm trees while being waited on with whatever your heart desires.

Relax on an island cruise and indulge in a seafood feast after swimming or snorkelling in the South China Sea.

The foreign labour in the area are often relaxing on the street at night and there is a feeling of friendliness.

In 11% of cases relax for is used

When I got back home I relaxed for the whole day.

Take good care of yourself and just relax for awhile.

The pain would ease when I relaxed for long enough.

Will you be there? Related posts: 12 Comments had my hair relaxed for fifth form grad.

You pretty much could have one all to yourself, so I got in one and relaxed for a bit in the sun.

SeaWorld When you want to kick back and relax for a day in Orlando, SeaWorld is as serene as it gets.

Normally the stretch between Terengganu and Tioman was an opportunity for the captain and navigator to relax for a while.

I had planned on just working away and relaxing for the year and start trying to get into a teaching job from next September on.

Again many thanks for taking the worry of transfers away from us and this helped us relax for the rest of our holiday knowing we were in safe hands.

A fasting person was required to work very hard throughout the day that he could not relax for half an hour at the end of his day without dozing off.

In 10% of cases relax with is used

Nice place to relax with a beer.

You feel really relax with your eyes.

Tonight: Relax with a less stressful person.

Such stress will be released or relaxed with time and thus results in positive frequency shift.

You can select a spot to soak up the sun near the pool or relax with a beer under a bunch of trees.

Thank you ModCloth for the darling dress! I'd relaxing with some giveaway entering and blog stalking.

B -- beer, of course it's what I do!!! To relax with a cold Fosters and hot roasted papad at end of a day is great.

But first I pretended that I was a rich woman leisurely relaxing with a glass of wine while I sipped the vinegar.

Through the early morning of the 16th Elvis took care of last minute tour details and relaxed with family and staff.

At the end of each piece, she momentarily relaxed with her hands clasped, as if drawing sustenance and energizing herself.

In 9% of cases relax at is used

Afternoon relax at hotel by the pool side.

Permit your arms and palms freely relax at your side.

Spend the afternoon and evening relaxing at Horombo.

In that case, the person will tend to be very productive and relaxed at the same time.

He has been with us for about 4 months now and appears happy and relaxed at his new home.

But if you're not in the mood for strenuous activity, it's a fantastic place to relax at any time of year.

Low season cheaper packages available; 1st April to May 31st Possible safari extension to Zanzibar for relaxing at the beach.

Live streaming also gives viewer the opportunity to sit back and relax at the comfort of their homes while watching football happen.

If you just want a quiet beach honeymoon, plan on staying at a quiet boutique hotel where you can relax at the beach all day enjoying.

Wearing spectacles he punched the air and merrily hugged Statham, who seemed happy and relaxed at the screening at the city's Ritz Hotel.

In 5% of cases relax about is used

Everyone needs to relax about Brett Mix.

I am completely relaxed about Scottish independence.

Finally we could relax about not losing the yellow jersey.

He was a man who never relaxed about what he saw in the mirror.

I walked out of there feeling much more confident and relaxed about the situation.

Women are sometimes unnecessarily concerned about their weight, so, if you are already pregnant just relax about it until your baby is born.

If we can learn to relax about imperfection, we no longer lose our life moments in the pursuit of being different and in the fear of what is wrong.

And here is the rub: parents with seven or eight children might be relaxed about the sex composition of the family; sooner or later the cherished sons will arrive.

But to all those die-hard devotees who trust Paul Rose to bring them electronic music on the right side of tasteful, you can relax about him ' doing a Skrillex ' -- he's adamant he isn't.

In 4% of cases relax after is used

Location is super, quiet area where you can relax after a hectic day.

Also, we have orgies on a regular basis which is a great way to relax after a gig.

Weekends are needed to relax after an intensive week -- and to prepare for the week ahead.

From our experience even the most nervous of passengers soon relax after take-off and thoroughly enjoy the flight.

One of the most eminent was Dr Livingstone who stated that Zanzibar was the perfect place to rest and relax after his expeditions.

After the interview You may be ready to relax after your interview, but there's a few things you should do before you put your feet up.

Your photos are beautiful and I feel myself relaxing after reading your post:) Thank you for the reminder, need to do this more often too.

Until then, I will be sticking with my private sector job which allows me to relax after work and during the weekends, instead of ploughing through stacks of compositions.

In 3% of cases relax by is used

Cows relaxing by the center of the market.

The next day, was another lazy day spent relaxing by the pool and beach.

After breakfast, spend the rest of the day palying golf or just relax by the poolside.

My body felt at ease, relaxed by the candlelight and the company of our good friends.

For winter there is a good fireplace (with wood supplied) for those romantic cosy evenings relaxing by the fire.

The communal braai area is a perfect spot for an afternoon together as a family or just to relax by the fire in winter.

Meanwhile pictures emerged yesterday of Whitney relaxing by the pool at the Beverly Hilton -- the hotel where she was found dead days later by her aunt Mary Jones.

In 2% of cases relax before is used

Spend the morning relaxing before lunch at the camp, afternoon game drive, dinner and overnight.

While Nobody wanted to rest and relax before the bus departure, I wanted to see if any buses left earlier.

Every room even has a separate shower in the specious bathroom, which is also complete with a remote controlled TV to help you relax before or after a long day.

The lush countryside surrounding it, the garden that Mugaritz uses to grow some of its own herbs, fruits, and vegatables, and the outdoor sitting area where diners can relax before their meal.

In 2% of cases relax during is used

He explained tends to feel completely relaxed during the days leading to the marathon.

Make sure you find a weight loss regimen that has plenty of fiber to help your relax during your bowel movements.

Look into these alternative therapies, and take advantage of those which appeal to you to find a way to relax during this stressful period.

You're one among several workers from across the globe who can't relax during your vacation simply because you can't avoid checking your e-mail from your smartphone or netbook.

Mention the level of stress the companies you worked for involved and how you would enjoy each job and challenge and prepare many personal activities in order to relax during your time-off.

In 2% of cases relax to is used

Meanwhile, Shahrukh is having a fun time in the valley and he is relaxing to the core.

The rice import quota scheme was maintained until 2003 when it was relaxed to some extent.

This excursion is suitable for any-one, from those who wish to com-pletely relax to those who want adven-ture and excitement.

In principle, the jet allows the flow field around the model to relax to something close to that experienced in ' free air ' on the track.

In 2% of cases relax from is used

We had five-minute breaks throughout the day, still in our seats but a chance to relax from the full-on training we were doing.

It is also acceptable for a duty holder to choose to relax from a self-imposed higher standard to one which is accepted as ALARP (e.

Malaga's Harbor Area and the Castle of Alcazaba One of the nicest areas is the Harbor Particularly with a lovely park alongside, it allows you to relax from the sometimes so busy city.

Never any get worse that could measures all will need chafe a new or even perhaps may be more or less reliable along with relatively relatively relaxed from help allay casual positive.

In 2% of cases relax into is used

It took a while to relax into retirement.

Slowly she started to relax into enjoying herself and began to make an impact whenever she spoke.

Instead they were invited to relax into serene contemplation of the worshipping angels in heaven.

Sighing at the idea of my pristine experience of cinema being ruined just because of my own film watching history, I relaxed into a kind of smarty-pants huff as the thing continued.

In 1% of cases relax around is used

Plus, after a day of excitement (not to mention exertion ), you can relax around the flames of a campfire.

In 1% of cases relax under is used

Feed the ducks, swim, or just relax under the shade of a tree.

In 1% of cases relax over is used

In your mouth you get some black cherry fruit with some peppery spice that is rounded out by still somewhat firm and earthy tannins that should relax over the next few years.

In 1% of cases relax like is used

He's leaning against a counter, his posture relaxed like usual.

Instead of going home and relaxing like most people, Little then went out and volunteered his time.

Finally, it is worth noting that the staff is very good but at the same time make a distinct effort to not be in your face to let you relax like you would at home.

In 1% of cases relax as is used

It's a relatively short journey from Dubai, and would be a good place to relax as a family.

Christmas vacation is coming up and we usually would go out to visit a local attraction to relax as a family, but she won't let go anymore.

In 1% of cases relax beside is used

You can still relax beside a roaring open fire in the plush Ruapehu Lounge.

In 1% of cases relax away is used

The Napers had a hut on Bodmin Moor which provided a retreat where they would relax away from social pressures.

With a condo rental on the beach in Negril you can spend time relaxing away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life without the worry of renting hotel rooms and travel planning.

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