Prepositions after "regular"

"regular in", "regular on" or "regular at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases regular in is used

They are a regular in my house.

We are not regular in our salat.

Be regular in your concentration.

She was thick-set, but straight, well-proportioned, and regular in form and features.

You can read her regular In The Hills columns: Good Sport and Homegrown In The Hills.

Be regular in going to the house of God whenever it is open for prayer and preaching.

This galaxy is not regular in shape, and has several condensations which are off to one side, so I was to find out.

The current campaign has seen Raheem Sterling burst on to the scene and become a regular in Liverpool's first team.

He established himself as a regular in the playing XI after an impressive World Cup in 2007, with 18 wickets at 15.

At the age where he is looking to make himself a regular in his national team, he makes a move to a foreign country.

In 20% of cases regular at is used

I will be a regular at this bar.

Just be regular at your own pace.

Ryan is a regular at IBWM and you.

Landers, a regular at Cedar Ridge, was paralyzed last month in a trampoline accident.

Bilal, a regular at the mosque, threw himself behind a sofa as the gunman approached.

You can rack up antioxidants and get regular at the same time if you eat dried plums.

From 2004 onwards he was a regular at Nato headquarters in Brussels and privy to secrets of the very highest order.

Now, he's a regular at HuHot Mongolian Grill and Mason Jar restaurants and kids want him for their birthday parties.

In addition to biking, Kate (along with her current beau) is also a regular at the gym for various fat loss workouts.

Don't argue about the obvious, my car had been into accident before and i was a regular at that body repair workshop.

In 19% of cases regular on is used

Amitabh is a regular on Twitter.

Gyoza is a regular on our order.

Later she was a regular on HBO's Mr.

I am yet to hear from a regular on this forum that they managed to purchase anything.

While he was limited to the bottom six in the lineup, he was a regular on the roster.

Dear SSS, Not a regular on this forum, however, was passing by and read your comment.

Dr Ahmed is a regular on TV and radio; he? s a former journalist for SBS Television; and, according to his website.

He was a regular on the London stage-he loved to holiday at Broadstairs and to visit Charles Dickens at Gad's Hill.

O'Dowd is becoming something of a regular on US TV sets; next month Chris will make his debut on hit US series Girls.

Deveny is a regular on Q &A; because, I suspect, she fulfils the panelists ' brief of providing colourful television.

In 9% of cases regular for is used

But he's not a regular for Spurs.

He is a regular for the reserves.

Regular for Senegal U-20 this year.

A fast, strong and aggressive defender, Moore is a regular for England's Under-19's.

This is a regular for the livelihood of farmers in northwestern Shandong busy family.

He's got everything in the locker to become an England regular for the next 10 years.

Before that, Shanahan was a regular for 10 years at John L 's, a show bar on Wycliff Avenue where The Brick is now.

Could well burn out quickly this season but looks like being a regular for club and country for many years to come.

How can you invite samuel incoom who is not playing for his team and left out Paintsil who is regular for his team.

And ABC Family says Charisma Carpenter has been promoted from recurring character to regular for the next go-round.

In 5% of cases regular with is used

You need to be regular with your routine.

I told him I had not been regular with it.

Just try to be regular with it - no problem.

Adnan Akmal is a regular with the gloves in the test squad and Sarfraz Ahmed in ODIs.

I had been so good and regular with it, only to get sick for a day and spoil the roll.

He scored nineteen goals in sixty-two games as he became a regular with the French Club.

If your doctor instantly remembers that you're a regular with a sore throat, he knows he can quickly take care of you.

This makes them softer and easier to pass -- a great way to keep regular with less straining and no harmful laxatives.

As a regular with his family at the Irish Centre in Liverpool, he grew to admire Daniel O'Donnell and Philomena Begley.

Your baby will be more portable now, more predictable and a little more regular with their feeding and sleeping routine.

In 4% of cases regular of is used

G is regular of degree d, where d? 3.

It is affiliated with the Third Order Regular of St.

At the age of fifteen he joined the canons regular of St.

Sophia -- As a regular of 15 years at the pub, I sympathise with the licence problems.

Even if he does miss out on this World Cup he is sure to be an England regular of the future.

If you're a regular of the London IMAX, take a trip to the South West for a new spin on films.

Bottomd on a weighted three-year regular of their ASPM scores (plus a dlung burning ash of regression to the mean).

The Canons Regular of St Augustine, of whom he was now a member, were known for their dedication to scholarly studies.

The Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem model this as part of a comprehensive approach to traditional Catholic spirituality.

Occasionally they can be the most regular of clients as they initially use Personal Training as their punishment for binging.

In 3% of cases regular to is used

Regular to me is 2 times a week.

She became a regular to the library.

Also as a regular to this kro it was perfect.

Great job! Being blamed for something I have not done, has simply become regular to me.

First car I drove was 4 wheel drive that you manually go from regular to 4 wheel drive, no problem.

Huck is becoming a regular to controversial decisions and for the most part they seem to favor him.

Rule number one of 13375p33k: if the character ratio from regular to 1337 is less than 1:1, then you're doin ' it wrong.

It's been demonstrated that having a homebase doesn't stop a person from going out to hunt from a semi regular to regular basis.

You need to pay proper attention to the blogs so that readers may remain regular to the blogs and new visitors or viewers turn into readers.

A must for the keen sports fan, but beware - the winds are regular to strong in this area, something not suited to everybody's ideal holiday.

In 1% of cases regular about is used

There is nothing regular about these guys.

There's nothing regular about Arnott's story, though.

So much easier to be regular about exercise if we enjoy it.

McAfee -- who reportedly brags on the regular about his criminal connections.

The best way to be regular about exercise is to find some you like and to mix it up.

In a revolutionary fit of life changing, I have decided to try to be regular about blogging again.

Considering that payday advance loans regular about Buck500, you are preaching about an excessive be use.

In 1% of cases regular after is used

I hope it becomes regular after her appearance.

There won't be regular after work hangout spots as a job requirement, either.

Donovan Spalding) who became a regular after impressing the owner one Wednesday night.

Your cycles might be irregular at first but should become more regular after a few months.

We do have the regular after school program too, indeed hosted in the same school, but by different people.

TURING: yes -- random operation can be made to become regular after a certain prevailing tendency has shown itself.

Learning, or regular after action reviews can answer the questions ' Why were there differences? ' and ' What can we really learn from this and do better next time? ' 4.

Will I be considered a regular after signing the provisional contract? If so, will I be drawing regular pay? You will be considered a regular after signing the provisional contract.

In 1% of cases regular as is used

You can use them for regular as well as casual occasions.

For instance server 2003 will come in 2 models -- regular as well as business.

Maybe we can expect Cambage to starting dunking on the regular as a member of the Tulsa Shock.

I became reacquainted with the rhythms of the street, the sounds subtle but regular as a pulse.

He just didn't have the quality to be a regular as an attacking mid You've missed the point of the article.

Therefore, candidates for internship must show proof of valid regular as well as major medical insurance coverage.

Over the course of the development of GSC, the organization has benefited from the efforts of regular as well as volunteer staff members.

UGG 5842 footwear occur in order to seem to be in between probably the most regular as well as internationally recognized design associated with footwear.

Interns must therefore show proof of valid regular as well as major medical insurance and provide a medical certificate stating that they are in good health.

Yet, for those inside Tibet these desperate self-immolations are becoming depressingly regular as a way of expressing resistance to Beijing's hard-line policies.

In 1% of cases regular by is used

Such numbers p are called regular by Neugebauer.

Looking time usually are regular by 10am to help 8pm.

In an ideal world he will first 11 regular by feb or march.

Savard appeared in two games that season but would be a regular by the following year.

Make in cognition the guidelines as regular by Google or added solon operation engines.

As a temporary measure, you could make your periods absolutely regular by going on the Pill for a while.

Guptill's season has gone from the pain of a dislocated knee in October to the highs of becoming a Blackcaps regular by season's end.

The result was OK, but I still have at least 8Kgs to drop before finally goal weight, I do exercise regular by walking for an hour 4-5 times per week.

Persistent back and groin problems punctuated his blossoming career, though he'd managed to establish himself as a regular by the start of the 1999-2000 season.

Keep regular by consuming healthful amounts of dietary fiber, but in addition remain typical inside the levels of food you eat and the instances that you ingest them.

In 1% of cases regular from is used

May your backups be regular from here on out.

Ruhi has been a Journal regular from the 1950s.

It was a regular from my Dad on a Sunday afternoon.

Should be a regular from now to the end of the season but just remember its only Sunderland.

Thanks again Eva you are a doll Hi Eva, I bought the Balenciaga part time regular from Whosbag11.

Thanks to everyone who came out: the DBers, the group from HK Island and the regular from Kowloon.

Both singles had been composed by Max, the first with the help of Dick Letussier, a regular from the Teenage Club.

Also when you take a look at the midfield United have some good options but a regular from last season is also missing.

He said this package provided a memorable experience regardless of whether you are a regular from the local community or a travelling guest.

The survey also finds that the demographic factors that distinguish non-voters from voters also differentiate regular from intermittent voters.

In 1% of cases regular over is used

Once she grew up, Erin was a regular over a Radio Ceylon.

But here's what does n't: regular over the counter painkillers.

After the First World War, regular over flights by aircraft of the French Air Force provided additional cover.

All the sounds in my list clashed regular over at least one era plus they travelled &; was notorious outside of their local.

However, if all you can afford is the regular over the counter shampoo add some natural oil to mitigate the damage that shampoo can do to the hair.

At only 18 he has become a regular over the past two months and I for one can not find another centre-back the same age who looks more complete than young Marquinhos.

In 1% of cases regular under is used

Which leaves one wondering: should Oriol Romeu be given a chance? Romeu was a regular under Andre Villas-Boas.

Alonso was one of these, he found the form that has made him a Spanish regular under Benitez despite the personal issues.

A regular under Andre Villas-Boas in the first half of last season, Sturridge featured sparingly when Di Matteo took over and has yet to start a game this campaign.

Saying, if the child weighs in at all-around 20 kilogram, he could be advised to take a regular under skin procedure regarding only two IU regarding human growth hormone.

Even though Lampard has not been a regular under Roberto di Matteo, the England midfielder has said that the former West Brom manager at least conveys his decision unlike Andre Villas-Boas.

The midfielder was a first team regular under Dalglish after moving from Sunderland for a reported 16mil, but he's found his opportunities limited after being shunted to the background under Rodgers.

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