Prepositions after "register"

"register with", "register in" or "register for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 21% of cases register with is used

Your concern is registered with us.

Visitors can be registered with PIN.

And if that doesn't register with you.

I believe there are a lot of Landlords that are not registered with Rental Board.

This applies to all doctors who are registering with the GMC for the first time.

What is a trading name and should it be registered with ASIC as a business name? A.

You can use their computers, or if you register with them and have your own laptop/net book you can use the wifi.

What happens if we grow? Charities with less than 5,000 a year do not need to register with the Charity Commission.

To express interest for a certain event triggered on a source, the listener(s) must be registered with the source.

Require all muslims to register with their local authorities and to wear a discreet crescent moon on their clothing.

In 20% of cases register for is used

A candidate registered for the Ph.

You can register for it on the home page.

Think carefully before you register for Adjustment.

People can still register for the event and they can choose which days they attend.

I am not a current subscriber and want to register for free membership on Investors.

The last day to register for press credentials online for pick up at the Show is Nov.

Once members have 10 or more posts and have been registered for 10 or more days, this filtering will be removed.

To register for any of our new and exciting Professional Studies Workshops, please download this registration form.

Already registered for the local online job search websites, now just to test the market to see what I am offered.

Only one FIR (416/1984) was registered for the killing of 30 Sikhs in Delhi Cantonment and against unknown persons.

In 18% of cases register in is used

Our company is registered in Texas.

The users can register in the site and upload th.

Sometimes, the friendship is registered in the court of law.

This number of supporters of radical measures have never been registered in the U.

Cost is $35 for those registered in advance and $40 when paid on the program date.

There can not be fish that big, and a log would have been registered in a different way.

Kalia emphasised that he was neither avoiding the investigations nor was he named in the FIR registered in the case.

Ownership of the building was hidden behind a private company, New Rodina, registered in the British Virgin Islands.

Now they have 42 employees to conduct quality assurance measures on 66 million mortgages registered in their system.

In 9% of cases register as is used

Please login or register as a new.

Sandy's 80 mph winds registered as a Category 1.

Evans also will not have to register as a sex offender.

Up till now, I have never registered as a member of any political party in Nigeria.

Who qualifies to register as a voter? Only Ghanaian citizens who are; 18 years or above.

The $30 we spent to register as a member can easily be gotten back within a space of a month.

At the same time it should be recognized that not all Kenyans who hold ID cards wish to be registered as voters.

No person can be elected as a President or Member of Parliament or a councillor unless he/she is registered as a voter.

The following are some common examples of marks that can not be registered as a trade mark: Marks that are descriptive (e.

In 7% of cases register on is used

Please register on our Web site.

Please register on society web site.

Your View was registered on June 18, 2009.

One such union was the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union, registered on January 23, 1939.

Before the end of our second month of run, we had over 3,000 students registered on LAGbook.

For better arrangement members please register on line before April 27 and put down option A or B.

All students, whether registered on a full-time or part-time basis, are charged the mandatory miscellaneous fees.

Implement User Integration (Premium only ), which ensures only users who are registered on your own site can post.

Anyone who register on $20riches through your referral link earns you $20 straight into your Liberty reserve account.

When registering on websites that ask for your email address, never use the same password as you do for your email account.

In 6% of cases register at is used

Simply register at no cost to gain access.

Interested individuals may register at www.

I set myself an email reminder to register at 9am.

After registering at the gate, begin your climb to Uhuru Peak, the roof of Africa.

Register at your nearest public hospital as soon as possible and go there for delivery.

All products are registered at the Egyptian Ministry of Health? Nutritional division.

Here in Wisconsin you can register at the polls, so those two numbers can be pretty different for major elections.

It doesn't matter where the company is registered at as long as you have worked in the regional parts of Australia.

Individually, defence expenditures stood at Rs117 billion and development expenditures were registered at Rs74 billion.

The Student ID number shown is the unique identification number for a student registered at the University of Nottingham.

In 4% of cases register to is used

Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.

Multiple business names can be registered to a single ABN.

You may now have multiple identical business names registered to you.

You have not taken the time to register to this awesome forum, or you are not signed in.

These settings must be specified in the designated GoIP so that it can register to the SMB32.

Newsletter Subscribers When you request the free samples, you will be registered to our newsletter.

Anyone can upload photos directly into the virtual archive after registering to the site, which is free to use.

And as a incentive to register to Swagbucks you can get 100 Swag Buck at registration by entering the code HOLIDAYSWAG.

It doesn't register to Man-ok why his face is so close to hers (O rly?) so Tae-ik feigns seasickness to salvage the situation.

Please also check the GoIP-8 channel ' s status to make sure that all 8 channels register to the designated carriers properly as shown below.

In 4% of cases register under is used

Person unless registered under the U.

My mobile line is registered under my company.

They are registered under the same Act of Parliament.

You can register under your real name or use a ' screen ' name.

Example: Player1 is not allowed to register under Team1 and Team 2.

The Crown's shares have not been and will not registered under the U.

He said an FIR should be registered under Prevention of Corruption Act.

Voters are registered under the National Assembly and Presidential Elections Act and the Local Government Act.

If your mobile line is registered under a company (BRN ), please contact your Account Manager or call 1800-7337788.

The Humanist Society of New Zealand has charitable status now and expects to be registered under the new legislation.

In 3% of cases register by is used

Your reboots are being registered by RIM through wifi.

If you do not register by the deadline, you will be removed from the waitlist.

Breast Cancer Campaign is a charity registered by the Charity Commission for England and Wales (no.

The modernization and subsequent progress as registered by present day Bangkok has left Karachi far behind.

WDMI is registered by the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) to train technicians and engineers.

I've deregistered this Kindle from your account and noted this in our systems so that it can't be registered by another person.

Patients, members of the public and employers can check whether someone is registered by using the GDC's online register at www.

All MO messages will be considered received when they are registered by the Application and not when they are sent by the Participant.

His bad luck continued as the very creek he was working, and for which he claimed discovery, was staked, named, and registered by Andrew Hunker.

Registration: Agents who wish to take up the invitation must register by the specified date, on-line, following the link provided in the invitation.

In 2% of cases register against is used

The allotee has got the property registered against his name.

They demanded cases be registered against them for the murders of their people.

He demanded that a case be registered against the minister for industries, Rauf Siddique.

Forty-six cases of custodial killings or torture were registered against policemen in 2011.

You should also check that your proposed name doesn't already have a trade mark registered against it.

A case of assault, outraging the modesty of woman and criminal intimidation has been registered against him.

Cases are registered against farm owners for cheating a large number of investors in commercial rearing of the emu birds.

Interestingly enough, the only complaints so far registered against the production of a GM monkey have come from animal welfare campaigners.

Registered Securities Against The Vehicles Make sure there is no collateral registered against the vehicle on the Personal Property and Securities Regsiter.

In 1% of cases register before is used

All members could invite one more associate to join, please register before 20th June online.

If I have an existing business name (registered before 28 May 2012) without an ABN, will I need to add the ABN later or update it during renewal? A.

Can I search a business name through an information broker? Information for existing business name holders (business names registered before 28 May 2012 Q.

These papers have also undergone changes: A vehicle first registered before April 2004 would have been issued a Vehicle Registration Certificate and a Vehicle Licensing Certificate.

In 1% of cases register through is used

How you get? Or, you can also register through Robi Easy Menu.

As of June 30, 2008 a total of 738,962 taxpayers have registered through the eTIN facility.

First, register through phone or mail for a Complimentary Trial Yoga Class at any of our studios.

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