Prepositions after "regard"

"regard as" or "regard to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 46% of cases regard as is used

Qadianis are regarded as disbelievers.

They are regarded as conduits to power.

To regard as: Do you take me for a fool? 2.

Among some culture owl is regarded as a symbol of wisdom and not a symbol of idiocy.

This map has been regarded as a pioneering effort and a land mark in Islamic history.

No wonder Spinoza was regarded as a heretic by the religious authorities of his time.

The burning of the Jaffna Public Library and the Eelanadu Press were widely regarded as acts of cultural genocide.

Essentially, the LGPL can be regarded as a non-viral form of the GPL that is intended for software libraries only.

However it should not be regarded as a doctrine, you should not take into consideration only one possible variant.

It is part of the process by which they get to Nauru which many will regard as a stepping stone to come to Australia.

In 42% of cases regard to is used

Yves, in regards to the tiny tent.

Best regards to you and your family.

In regards to redistribution of wealth.

With regards to guys paying by default -- it's different strokes for different folks.

With regards to your response about not being a journalist, I'll just use your words.

McCarthy states that Woodson is apprehensive with regards to his / her latest damage.

With regards to multiple voting, even though we can assume numbers are down this year, this makes little difference.

As mentioned by a great Wali of Allah, Look at the Greatness of Allah with regards to the sinners and transgressors.

Tourism is massive in Havana which is something that left us a bit confused in regards to private land ownership etc.

In regards to gender watches, they are ordinarily known as men's pretend Rolex watches and women's faux Rolex watches.

In 5% of cases regard by is used

Anthony was highly regarded by his British superiors.

Sadono is regarded by many to be a charming militia innovator.

Yet at times, it does seem to be regarded by Mohler as essential.

The latter is regarded by Scripture as a violation of a core value in sexual ethics.

Mink are now found in every county in Ireland, and are regarded by many as a pest species.

These maps have been acclaimed for their accuracy and are highly regarded by cartographers.

Wang, highly regarded by senior Western bankers and economists, helped clean up financial crises in Hainan and Guangdong.

Machame is also the regarded by many guides as the most enjoyable, though it is longer and, according to most, more arduous.

All in all, this album is regarded by many to be one of the finest moments in the recorded output of Yes and I do not disagree.

But the whistle -- which is regarded by Tibetans to have special and magical qualities -- had been kept at a London-based relative's home.

In 2% of cases regard for is used

Best regards For the european Court of Human Rights D.

She is highly regarded for her erudition, scholarship and integrity.

You reject abstract theories and little regard for abundance and low prices.

That adores how he has little regard for gender boundaries and so called social norms.

I also hope our clubs and players continue to be well regarded for what they do off the field.

I have the utmost regards for them and their works and having them say such thing is overwhelming.

The Paraguayan Senators showed little regard for the visitors, not to say that they were openly hostile.

Often made up largely of soybeans and white rice, Japanese cuisine is also regarded for its seasonality.

Can he really afford that or are these guys just living a life of show and tell with no regards for the future.

You don't have to evolve a food selection generally considering good quality possibilities are fashioned regarding for a longer period usage.

In 2% of cases regard in is used

Ehrman is not well regarded in the field of.

Because directors are really poorly regarded in TV.

Smith was highly regarded in Eve Online, where he filled the role of a Diplomat.

Sure that Summerset is a long established company that is highly regarded in the retirement sector.

Both musicians are very highly regarded in the music industry and very accomplished in their own right.

The qualifications he has obtained while in the Navy are highly regarded in the industry and are at no cost.

This French perfume brand is highly regarded in the world by many people who have attached esteem to this perfume.

I daresay that, because of their disappointing cricket, England's cricketers are not now very highly regarded in India.

The pattern of relationships between the sexes must be regarded in some sense as revelatory of intratrinitarian relationships.

Such noble fasters let their eyes, ears and all other body parts fast against whatever which is regarded in religion as Haram.

In 1% of cases regard with is used

It is regarded with hate and indifference by them.

Her free spirit, moreover, was often regarded with opprobrium.

Both professions are rightly regarded with disdain, even by those who see them as necessary.

These fortifications were regarded with some, but not total, indifference by the local tribes.

Positive PCR results for a joint fluid specimen from a seronegative patient, however, should be regarded with skepticism 103.

A bearded man can possess moderate values and may shun all extremisms but, at first glance, he may be regarded with skepticism.

This was only viable so long as a) they were regarded with indifference by the populists; b) the general political struggle was at a low ebb.

While poor Frith, the tailor, who had done him so much injury, was regarded with general contempt, this brave old man gathered more of regard and affection every year.

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