Prepositions after "refute"

"refute by" or "refute in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 71% of cases refute by is used

A number of other his key arguments have also been refuted by evidence.

Bc5 was more resistant according to the engine) was convincingly refuted by American player.

An argument that is refuted by almost every facet of science and is nothing more than a lie.

These claims of the CID were strongly refuted by the JEI of BD and its counterpart in South Africa.

And the myth---so beloved of Mr Hayes---that those at the top of the income pile create jobs is refuted by the facts.

Any concerns that the speed of construction will seriously jeopardise the safety of Sky City have been refuted by the company.

What you have been saying all along in support of your view was some claims from whatever references you have given and almost all of which has been credibly refuted by Mr.

In 18% of cases refute in is used

This viewpoint, which is so elevated that it can not be refuted in terms of moral, is changing the world.

In 4% of cases refute at is used

For scientists, a fact is something which is assumed to be true, at least for the purposes of whatever they are doing at the moment, but which might be refuted at some point.

In 4% of cases refute besides is used

It is a strong argument and something that feminism has yet to refute besides using reverse psychology, sexual manipulation, and ad hominim attacks.

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