Prepositions after "reflective"

reflective of, about, in or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 93% of cases reflective of is used

It is reflective of the economy.

This is reflective of the new Web 2.

Reflective of weakness and insecurity.

The double standards are obvious and reflective of the Indian dominace of the ICC.

Is what I am doing with my time reflective of what Christ would approve of (dash )?

The world is becoming more democratic and reflective of the will of ordinary people.

As a result, the artwork is a truly collaborative effort, reflective of the community's contributions and spirit.

The cost of stripping in any period will be reflective of the average stripping rates for the orebody as a whole.

The products for sale are reflective of the content, and eventually, the person viewing the content, on the page.

That inner knowing is reflective of our the truth of our being and the truth that lies within our creative spirit.

In 2% of cases reflective about is used

But look, I think we have to be critically reflective about this issue.

I don't know, there is something very reflective about these creatures.

Now this is the moral opportunism Nigerians see and are reflective about.

It has made me think and be more reflective about what I want and what I can do.

And also very reflective about how much my life has changed to get to this point.

Owen doesn't seem terribly reflective about the people he killed or helped to kill.

Some marks would be allocated to students ' self-assessment, encouraging them to be reflective about their work.

For what it's worth, I think it's important to be reflective about one's teaching, and to continually seek to improve.

This peace is giving me space to be reflective about my personal growth as each item I pack reflects the pieces of me.

Twin studies have allowed us to be more reflective about what people are actually born with and what's caused by experience.

In 2% of cases reflective in is used

It's reflective in the means of communicating.

So I suppose I was quiet, reflective in that sense.

Her brown eyes were reflective in the kitchen's harsh, fluorescent light.

This is reflective in a common adage which talks about inner change for outer development.

They're not just being reflected by the moon itself, the moon isn't reflective in that sense.

Always wear or carry something white or light-coloured or reflective in the dark or in poor light.

Home sweet home: Griffey reflects on return to Seattle Sports NetworkGriffey reflective in return to Seattle MLB.

His writing is innovative and reflective in such a way as to give a philosophical level of reading for his readers.

The screen does tend to become reflective in solid dark scenes, but otherwise the glossy surface does not reflect much.

It aims to open professional discussion on all facets of the energy industry and address timely matters reflective in June 2014.

In 1% of cases reflective on is used

The slaughtering of normal townsfolk should be more reflective on a person.

The food you serve really should be reflective on the theme and style on the restaurant.

I often go there and can not help but become reflective on the role of religion in society.

Others in the pro-communisation camp are more reflective on possible mutations of capitalist society.

After spending more than 20 years as a shepherd on a farm, Ross Bodine (William Holden) is becoming increasingly reflective on life.

Assoc Prof David Dunstan Once we talk about this and highlight the potential hazards, many people are quite reflective on, on their own lives.

Eight When walking at night or during the low-light hours of dawn or dusk, wear something reflective on your clothes or shoes, and carry a flashlight.

Over the last week I became withdrawn and reflective on all of these aspects of my reaction, as well as feeling a mourning for someone I had never met.

The study design is reflective on life and although it has components of the techings of Christ, it doesn't ' brain-wash ' or force kids to believe in such.

I think people live for others (family and friends) because it is an affirmation/ recognition we seek from life and it is reflective on how you and your actions are perceived by others.

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