Prepositions after "reflect"

"reflect on" or "reflect in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases reflect on is used

Reflect on what you have achieved.

Tomorrow I will reflect on the other.

We reflect on their past mistreatment.

Here comes Tony the Techie again, the tell tale tremble as he reflects on my screen.

How we speak, act, and reflect on racism can be in itself oppressive or emancipatory.

This will give you time to reflect on the situation and consider how best to respond.

We are doing our best to reflect on the experience of developing the NAPAs and what we want to come out of the NAPs.

When I reflected on my schooling I had to acknowledge that his statement is true about the teaching of the virtues.

Its given me a moment to reflect on the destruction of a soverigen nation by outside forces (both western and local).

I was reflecting on this when I arrived back home and decided to make an effort to get to daily Mass twice a week.

In 37% of cases reflect in is used

This is reflected in Figure 25.

Both were reflected in the result.

Our values are reflected in our work.

This is reflected in Detective Pope's sworn report in the file dated July 21, 2007.

These approaches are well reflected in China's recent White Paper on Climate Change.

Will you? Price and value The perceived value of something is reflected in the price.

The only time India looked to have got the combination right was against Pakistan and it reflected in the result.

The standard of Irish blogging is very high and that was reflected in the high marks received by so so many blogs.

He saw himself, under the sheets, reflected in the polished wooden ceiling of his berth like a corpse in a coffin.

It also teaches us that the demons of our subconscious minds can not help but be reflected in the worlds we create.

In 6% of cases reflect upon is used

I have nothing, but that vision to reflect upon.

It is the NATION that all this reflects upon, not its football clubs.

We can, however, reflect upon the divine wisdom behind His obligations.

It is the most important subject intelligent persons can investigate and reflect upon.

A young advertising executive was the first person to reflect upon Toffael's presentation.

She started our visit with a series of questions that made me reflect upon my modus operandi.

As Yeaxlee said, they have to be experienced and reflected upon - and, thus, can provide a focus for educators.

The news of reported individuals dead, some of whom were very close associates leaves much in my mind to reflect upon.

Overall's point is not so much that we should stop having children as that we should reflect upon it very, very carefully.

In 3% of cases reflect by is used

Quality is not always reflected by the price of the product.

Their gaze is reflected by a mirror that hides Swan from view.

However, microwave has another property: it can be reflected by metals.

And it is all reflected by who we are (our core values and culture) in our company.

These wholesale hardware modernisations were reflected by the phone's improved design.

The tale is a study in contrasts, which you can reflect by varying your tone and pacing.

This program is much more sensitive than BLAST programs, which is reflected by the length of time required to produce results.

The writers argue living the original ideas and beliefs of our founding fathers which are no longer being reflected by the federal government.

While the former suggests one single (divine) nature, the latter refers to one composite and united nature, as reflected by the Cyrillian formula.

But unlike previous scandals, this one involved a company with major global aspirations, as reflected by Bright's recent string of overseas acquisitions.

In 1% of cases reflect about is used

Teacher training, discussions with colleagues, and networking can enable teachers to carefully reflect about each step along the way to mastery.

The process of intra-citizen engagement causes one to think and reflect about the state of Singapore's affairs today in relation to their ideals for the future.

In 1% of cases reflect from is used

This is what is being reflected from the statement of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat.

The Zodiacal light is light reflected from dust and debris in the plane of the solar system.

The light is coming from a single CFL bulb and reflected from the background and from the two simple V-cards.

And when they heard the sounds of echoes reflecting from moving targets, they showed activity in areas that deal with movement.

Scientists affirmed that the heat required to create the obsidian phenomenon was probably reflected from a source some 50 feet (15m) up.

The multiple reflections also produce a well-collimated beam, because only photons traveling parallel to the cavity walls will be reflected from both mirrors.

Both the light reflected from the near part of the body, and the light reflected from the far part of the body, will still be coherent with the reference beam.

By setting up an experiment in which he allowed the waves to reflect from a metal sheet and interfere with themselves to produce standing waves, Hertz was able to determine their wavelength.

In 1% of cases reflect off is used

The Moon looks bright at night because of sunlight that is reflected off its surface.

That is caused from sunlight reflected off the Earth and hitting the dark side of the Moon.

Major features The Moon shines at night, due to sunlight that is reflected off its surface.

In such a case, the Moon is glows only slightly from Sunlight reflected off the Earth onto the Moon's surface.

In these systems, energy reflected off the target is mixed with energy from the original laser to create a fringe pattern.

Reflection off dark side In the picture above, the bright crescent is light from the Sun, reflecting off the Moon's surface.

Simply because polarized eyeglasses filter a hundred% of UV mild they assist avert retinal injury brought on by mild reflecting off the snow.

The light of the sun and the way it reflects off of things is just different than any other place I've ever shot; Europe, America, any place else.

When you could see the lanterns reflecting off of the river and hotels, you just don't get a picture like that unless you go out and make it happen and we did.

These phases of the Moon are determined by the position of the Sun and how it is reflecting off the Moon's spherical surface, with respect to our view of the Moon.

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