Prepositions after "redolent"

"redolent of" or "redolent with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 82% of cases redolent of is used

His voice was redolent of thunder.

The air is redolent of pine and renewal.

The styling is fairly brash, redolent of Zilli.

The terrified look on her face was redolent of the worst excesses of the Soviet era.

Two establishments redolent of the Art Nouveau era are the Schwarzes Kameel (kameel.

The result could be a melee of warlords competing for power redolent of Afghanistan.

I only managed to savor a tiny bit of the stew and found the flavors to be redolent of the meat dominating the stew.

Screening Room #5, just west of the Garland Building, was seriously redolent of the old days as was the old commissary.

In 16% of cases redolent with is used

The air was redolent with fresh baking.

It is redolent with sensual and mythic detail.

The air was redolent with his favorite perfume.

Your language, and indeed that of the aforementioned, is redolent with 1970s pessimism.

Examples are the Eighties movies about Mafia gangs, all redolent with Italian-Americans.

Redolent with traditional culture, the street offers a window into the Hong Kong of yesteryear.

The cover is pretty and appealed to me with its colours and font;) It's a tale redolent with fairy tale elements.

As we rode into and out of cities with names redolent with whiskey fumes and oil, the pattern was always the same.

Isolated, set in the dunes of the Dutch coast, redolent with memories of a childhood she does not want to revisit.

All significant buildings, redolent with social and local historical associations: and now we will lose another one.

In 2% of cases redolent in is used

Then in Do You it's time at last for a soft flat cap, imbued with all the wistfulness for days gone by that's redolent in the song.

A gust of arid wind brought the scent of the forest to him, redolent in the rich, fetid growth of its vines, leaves, and rambling mosses.

I loved watching the women in hijab, the Arabic and English signs on buildings, the sound of Arabic everywhere and the scent of wonderful halal cooking redolent in the air.

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