Prepositions after "record"

"record in", "record on" or "record by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases record in is used

Each step is recorded in sequence.

Most of the album was recorded in 2011.

It should be recorded in the format dd.

Everything was recorded in Ghana after I buck'upon a producer who is really talented.

Precisely because it was recorded in Kingston, this album could not be more European.

A man will continue to speak falsehood until he is recorded in the sight of Allah (S.

The US mining giant based in Denver said the revenue increment was by 10% as compared to what it recorded in 2010.

The directors ' decision (called a resolution) to issue shares must be recorded in the corporation's minute books.

The writing of the new album trilogy Uno! Dos! Tre! mostly took place in 2011 and the albums were recorded in 2012.

In 14% of cases record by is used

Screencast was recorded by Screenium.

Recorded by Abu Dawud, at Tirmithi and others.

Owl vocalizations recorded by Kara Kristjanson.

Some 2,000 familiar words, phrases and countless idioms were first recorded by Shakespeare.

Conviction 364 *** on evidence partly recorded by one Magistrate and partly by another 350.

A variation to the recorded child custody/shared care arrangement than that recorded by the IRD.

During the briefing, part of which was recorded by Better Georgia, an Atlanta-based watchdog group, Searcy accused the U.

This minimum central pressure recorded by NOAA aircraft remains the lowest pressure ever recorded in the western hemisphere.

Figure 1 Solar irradiance variations as recorded by a composite of satellite sensors for the latter part of the 20th Century.

During the visit you will have your injuries recorded by a medical professional, which will help to secure your compensation.

In 11% of cases record on is used

Measurements recorded on each day.

Charla began recording on February 7th.

The votes are recorded on the board and totalled.

Soon after 6pm, a 10cm wave was recorded on Patong beach and reported on local radio.

Nearly 100 species have been recorded on this cattle farm and around its great houses.

Septic tanks were recorded on the last census, why do we need to supply the info again.

But today most surveillance video is recorded on hard disk drives, which are routinely wiped as new data comes in.

A credited social insurance contribution is a contribution given to you and recorded on your social insurance record.

If important records are created and are expected to become archival, they should be recorded on archival quality paper.

Most of A Momentary Lapse of Reason, The Division Bell and his recent solo album On An Island were recorded on the boat.

In 8% of cases record at is used

It shall be recorded at acquisition cost.

No assignments recorded at the court house.

XRay imaging and data recording at the dentist.

Video can be recorded at a maximum resolution of 320x240 pixels at 12 frames per second.

A wind gust of 78 mph was recorded at Needles Old Battery (Kincardineshire) during the 5th.

Many artists have recorded at Astoria including Muse, Jeff Beck, Ian Brown and Ringo Starr.

The map shows the locations of current rainfall stations, rainfall is also recorded at synoptic and climate stations.

Price pressures have eased in Latin America's biggest economy recently but 12-month inflation was last recorded at 6.

This move relieved him from the constraints of strict session time which applied while recording at Federal Records.

In 6% of cases record for is used

Marks that we recorded for Hal Wilner.

The vaccination status was recorded for 339 (58.

Even though he was prevented from recording for a year, he did get out of the deal.

Then, baseline measurements of ECG, EGG and respiration were recorded for 15 minutes.

He wrote many songs, recorded for the right labels, but never quite made it in his lifetime.

A couple of months after the Arctic trip, I attend a music recording for Frozen Planet in London.

They're all DJ/Producer Dave Lee's aliases and have recorded for different labels without any problem.

Leptospira species and serovars were recorded for six cases: Leptospira borgpetersenii sv Ballum (2 ), L.

Universally beloved Billy Graham's rabid anti-semitism has been recorded for posterity on the Nixon tapes.

He started what was at the time an almost blasphemous trend of recording for a number of different labels.

In 5% of cases record with is used

Get your Messages recorded with caller ID.

You can also do a 720p HD video recording with it.

Thereafter it is recorded with the relevant details.

The album is brilliantly recorded with a quality that out-does most of their peers.

MBLAQ members brought laughter during recording with their unstoppable disclosures.

The new name meant that he was given another chance at recording with Decca records.

But we have recorded with the use of usual devices, either the Pachon's oscillometer, or the Vaquez-Laubry's sphygmomanometer.

With his former Steely Dan partner Walter Becker producing, 1993? s Kamakiriad sounded like Aja recorded with ' 90s technology.

This presumably does not mean fewer girls died young -- but their burials were less likely to be recorded with inscribed stones.

She is certain that whatever she gives will not go to waste, for it is recorded with One Who has full knowledge of all things: ?

In 2% of cases record as is used

The VE measurements are recorded as part of your labour record.

It was also at Studio One that Hill first recorded as a vocalist.

Up to date, no side effects have been recorded as a result of using the acai berry fat loss products.

Note that this is copyright only in the recording as a recording -- there is a separate copyright in the content, e.

However, apart from these comparative studies, regular milk recording as a tool for genetic improvement through selective breeding is lacking.

Sure enough, the figures on the bill bore as much relation to the figures on the time recording as a headline in a tabloid did to actual news.

It is recorded as the centerpiece of the first courtyard in the Palazzo Medici during the wedding festivities of Lorenzo de ' Medici and Clarice Orsini in 1469.

AVHRR data are transmitted in digital form from the NOAA satellites to receiving stations on the ground where they are recorded as an intensity array on computers.

Wherever possible, courses taken on a Letter of Permission will be recorded as the equivalent University of Waterloo course and graded as per policy for the Faculty of Engineering.

Because new concerns are now recorded as additional concerns and not notifications, only the original notification is counted as a substantiation, where the investigation outcome is substantiated.

In 2% of cases record during is used

An IP address was recorded during that procedure.

The 40,466 substantiations recorded during the financial year concerned 31,527 children.

Maximum gusts of up to 50 knots have been recorded during the passage of a Sumatra squall.

This was an quite optimistic target roughly based on doubling the 5 mile time recorded during my recent 10k pb.

His second, Journey to the Centre of the Earth, was recorded during a pause in the Tales tour, and it went to No.

Balbriggan was the second busiest station last year with a total of 1,486 offences recorded during the 12-month period.

A child may be the subject of more than one notification - in 2010-11, the 237,273 notifications recorded during the financial year concerned 163,767 children.

One of the British bands which had the opportunity to record during those years was GHOST, though their singer is actually from Gibraltar (a good one by the way).

In a fitting encore, Seun performed Fela's Everything Scatter (watch the video above, recorded during the Highline Ballroom show) much to the delight of the crowd.

In Cte d'Ivoire, 40 percent more cases of violence against women were recorded during the unrest that followed the disputed 2010 presidential elections, the IRC said.

In 2% of cases record from is used

K and statements recorded from the proprietor of M/s.

So the most colourful syntheses of cultures are recorded from one end of the Muslim world to the other.

A total of 4320 prescriptions were examined and recorded from all the selected public health facilities.

Prathibha Mahanamahewa has said the complaints had been recorded from January this year up to June 20th.

Results: A total of 107 injuries were recorded from 427 fight participations, corresponding to an injury rate of 250.

The postsynaptic potential (PSP) was recorded from the MS neuron in response to a single spike of the FS interneuron.

DIG Senanayake said the statements were recorded from Malaka and Rehan Wijeyaratne within 48 hours after the incident.

The tracks are recorded from Jean-Paul's original vinyl 45s and celebrate 50 years of Jamaican and Trinidadian independence.

Neale's Photofilms are a fusion of stills and sound recorded from the ceremony, speeches and background atmosphere from a day.

The number of mammals that has been recorded from the park is 44, and it has one of the highest leopard densities in the world.

In 1% of cases record over is used

This Has To Be Funny was recorded over a few nights at Union Hall in Brooklyn, New York last winter.

The music was recorded over a number of sessions with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, with Chris on grand piano for some pieces.

Of all the several hundred songs that Bob Dylan has recorded over the past 50 years there is one which I have found myself playing a lot lately.

I wrote to the BOM and asked if they would work out the trend for the air temperatures at Australias tidal stations recorded over a 20 year period.

Soire celebrates some of the finest arrangements the group has performed and recorded over the years including songs from their latest ARIA nominated album, Extraordinary Tale.

In 1% of cases record to is used

In comparison, the largest ozone hole recorded to date was one of 18.

Apple has also upgraded the HD video recording to 1080p, so it's even better than before.

We will provide the material recorded to the public depending on the resources available to us.

Dear Sir/ Madam, I understand that gold in 1980 was US $ 1,800 per oz this is the highest price recorded to date.

You would be paying for the disk, the audio recorded to it, and the shipping for it direct from the artist to your home.

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