Prepositions after "reconcile"

"reconcile with" or "reconcile to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 55% of cases reconcile with is used

We need to be reconciled with God and one another.

The last minutes show her reconcile with the father.

This is also fact we have to accept and reconcile with.

MMS and his political partner would love to reconcile with Jagan too, if he agrees.

They saw the church as the beginnings of the new world reconciled with God through Jesus.

The experience of the false accusation would not be complete until I met and reconciled with Steven.

Although I do not reconcile with that, we commitment exclusive discuss her excellent and captivating eyes here.

Can you blame him? It is my opinion that Rawlings may not like the idea of reconciling with a rumored ' kojo besia '.

I've been blind the past couple of months but several kicks in the butt have reminded me to reconcile with my true values in life.

I do not hope for you merely what will make you happy but more so, I hope that you can reconcile with God and find His will in your life.

In 23% of cases reconcile to is used

He wants you to be reconciled to Him.

But, by degrees, we got reconciled to our purchase.

She grieved that I was not becoming more reconciled to my place.

First go and be reconciled to your brother; then come and offer your gift.

He promises that the time will come when Israel is reconciled to the Lord and grafted back into his olive tree.

One should affirm that it was a bounty of God which He has recalled and that one is reconciled to God's pleasure.

This surely is what occurs at the end of all life -- we are reconciled to what has been, we await our common end.

He can't reconcile to the conflicting forces pulling him apart even as the police tries to beat a confession out of him.

For if when we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, much more being reconciled we shall be saved in His life.

In the end, ALL are reconciled to the Father -- though there could be hell to pay along the way if the individual needs to be purified and made whole.

In 4% of cases reconcile by is used

These statistics were not collected on a harmonised basis and have not been verified or reconciled by the Group.

I'd assuming they'll reconcile by the time of the convention and one will be the prez nominee and the other will be the VP nominee.

The large challenge is for Catholics both to represent the whole of humanity reconciled by Christ, and also to live out this universal calling by Christ in their own particular places and times.

In 2% of cases reconcile after is used

My husband and I just reconciled after a 6 month separation.

In 2% of cases reconcile in is used

I love the scene where Gilda nearly murders Dash as a means of lifting her ' verbannung, ' but then they end up reconciling in a pool of blood and tears instead.

In 2% of cases reconcile on is used

A couple would reconcile on the bench right outside their house, and the camera, suddenly, would tilt down and zoom in on an earthworm, slowly wiggling his way across the earth.

The legislative and executive branches finally reconciled on the eve of the Second World War, when the president and Congress joined together to suspend American neutrality and aid the Allies.

In 1% of cases reconcile despite is used

As I will discuss in the next chapter, these two apparent facets of morality have proven notoriously difficult to reconcile despite many attempts to do so over the past century or so.

In 1% of cases reconcile for is used

All Somalis must now reconcile for the good of the nation at this remarkable moment in the country's history.

In 1% of cases reconcile instead is used

Nourish in me a practical desire to build up rather than tear down, to reconcile instead of polarize, to go out on a limb rather than crave security.

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