Prepositions after "recommend"

"recommend for", "recommend to" or "recommend by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases recommend for is used

Recommended for: Novice divers.

Highly recommended for evangelism.

Hotel is extremely recommended for.

This was truly an enjoyable experience and one recommended for the entire family.

You need to Grow And Find Your Freedom, here are the solutions I recommend for you.

Deep planting is recommended for many tall-growing varieties of different species.

Selected antimicrobials, drug regimens, or other modalities not recommended for the treatment of Lyme disease.

Highly recommended for anyone who's looking for good support without needing to sacrifice lovely feminine designs.

Compatibility: It? s compatible with both LGA1155 and LGA2011 platforms, hence why it? s recommended for all Tiers.

In 24% of cases recommend by is used

Any quick remedial action is recommended by you.

Be careful using anyone recommended by the agent.

Acquire training as arranged and recommend by the management.

Over 40% of our new members have joined because they were recommended by a friend.

I have a small handheld device, which was recommended by former teammate Rebekah Keat.

In fact, the vests are recommended by some Chinese doctors and pregnancy books, Jia says.

Yes it is safe to drink lemon water first thing in the morning, and it's actually recommended by nutritionists.

They are still greatly recommended by the Prophet (pbuh) as he fasted on these dates and asked his followers to do so.

In 22% of cases recommend to is used

Really recommend to anyone who visits.

Would recommend to anybody staying in.

Either way I do not recommend to anyone.

Helping first grade kids write their journals is something I recommend to everyone.

One of the best things I can recommend to college age kids is to do a mock interview.

I am always scouring the web for super WordPress ideas to recommend to my own readers.

One workout that I all the time recommend to somebody who is struggling for eye strain is referred to as palming.

It is this pattern of life he recommends to these Christians, namely the way of servanthood, the way of the cross.

It also recommended to the ICO that it engage more with universities and clarify how FoI law applies to research.

In 7% of cases recommend in is used

It is highly likely that DNA will be recommended in these cases.

Malaria prophylaxis is recommended in Sabah and for Jungle tours.

Place the bulbs as recommended in the prepared bed and back-fill carefully.

Minimizing the use of these methods is recommended in jQuery versions prior to 1.

Although having Sohoor is not compulsory, it is strongly recommended in Ramadhan.

It has been retained for CSS compatibility, but its use is not recommended in XSL.

I also recited some prayers, from the holy Quran, which are recommended in such situations, seeking Allah's protection and help.

Beyond the 100 yen shops where you can get the same cheap Chinese crap sold all over the world, there's not much to recommend in Tokyo.

And on the rule of law, the executive, judiciary and parliament must press ahead with the actions recommended in the July CVM report.

Neither detection of borrelial antibody by 2-tier serologic testing nor recommended interpretive criteria for immunoblots was used 117.

In 3% of cases recommend as is used

The shares were first recommended as a buy on March 7 at 392.

Because of these findings, macrolides can not be recommended as first-line therapy.

Macrolide antibiotics are not recommended as first-line therapy for early Lyme disease (E-I).

Oil-free, water-based and hypoallergenic preparations are also recommended as to not leave the skin oilier.

But the language continues to become more prolific, often recommended as a first language to learn for beginners.

Doxycycline is recommended as the treatment of choice for patients who are suspected to have symptomatic HGA (A-II).

I have always done it in an oven on a heavy cookie sheet, and that is what I would recommend as the safest way to do it.

Therapeutic nicotine is recommended as a first-line treatment for smoking addiction in United States, United Kingdom and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines(2,3,5).

They may be recommended as part of a general sun protection regimen; it is not known which of many possible options is the most effective and results are often disappointing.

A parenteral antibiotic, such as ceftriaxone, is recommended as initial treatment of hospitalized patients (see recommendations for treatment of Lyme meningitis above) (B-III).

In 2% of cases recommend against is used

None of this is to recommend against buying off the shelf solutions.

I'd recommend against any sort of Mastercard as I find Visa is more accepted overseas.

Beware the Registry Cleaner While CCleaner does include a registry cleaner, I'd recommend against running it.

Those same concerns prompted the panel to recommend against approval in 2010 and the FDA to reject the drug shortly thereafter.

That's why the EU determined that even promotion of helmet wearing by government would be counterproductive and recommended against it.

Some, indeed, opposed this move: in 1945 a board of Army officers recommended against the abandonment of tactical and transport aviation.

The staff of the City Planning Commission recommended against the surface parking lot, but now the proposal goes before the City Council.

A federally-commissioned report has recommended against a minimum floor price being introduced nationally but says it should still be considered in more discreet local areas.

Tony, should you ever find yourself in a war zone, I strongly recommend against straw flak jackets that look good when worn and promise you invulnerability to the flying metal fragments of reality.

In 2% of cases recommend on is used

It's highly recommended on my end.

It was also recommended on column Travel Picks of Reuters.

Bird by Bird -- Anne Lamott This is a guide to writing that someone recommended on GoodReads.

We have done the whole WD40 stuff etc, that was recommended on here and still having problems.

Any recommendations for hotels? We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Li River Retreat which was recommended on here when I asked about Guilin earlier this year.

This is such a neat book! I saw it recommended on someone's blog and the opportunity presented itself for me to buy it (had to get my $25 for free shipping) so I got it.

In 1% of cases recommend at is used

I'd also recommend at least 2 sciences.

Uterine evacuation is recommended at this time.

As for your year 11 subjects I'd recommend at the very least Mathematics (2U, Advanced, whatever you want to call it ), extension maths if you think you can handle it.

Similarly, transmitting orders containing credit card information via e-mail is possible, but not recommended at this time, since most e-mail systems in use today are not secure.

In 1% of cases recommend from is used

Utilize solutions recommended from your wood store.

Here is a video that I highly recommend from a magical man called G.

It's likely that your doctor came recommended from a friend or family member.

You've heard about it from others; it comes highly recommended from people you should respect.

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