Prepositions after "recognizable"

recognizable to, by, as, in or from?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 24% of cases recognizable to is used

Some might not be recognizable to the average person.

Made in Nigeria is a phrase recognizable to Nigerians.

This will make you instantly recognizable to your readers.

The small mid-western town that I am from is almost not recognizable to me today.

This will help you to build up your brand and make it easily recognizable to others.

Essentially, this side is very recognizable to the one that played under Roy Hodgson.

We will use your name so that you are recognizable to our system and so that we can personalize your experience.

Feudalism carries with it a system of beliefs and values that would have been immediately recognizable to Europeans.

His description of what people were doing and how they were living are very recognizable to people who live here today.

In 20% of cases recognizable by is used

I will always be recognizable by my scar.

It's easily recognizable by its tables located outside.

It is instantly recognizable by its vibrant yellow pigment.

There's always been a big of a surplus that was fairly recognizable by the market.

Males are immediately recognizable by their huge antlers, which can spread 6 feet (1.

The Sorcerers rarely left Tund and were recognizable by their all-concealing outfits.

It's easily recognizable by the golden turd that's sitting on it's roof! It's actually supposed to represent a.

Each individual piece may not be easily recognizable by itself; it may not be clear how it relates to the whole.

Tim Dax Another actor in Innocence of Muslims, Dax is recognizable by his shaved head covered mostly in tattoos.

Next come the hungry ghosts, pretas, who are recognizable by their pipette-like necks and huge distended bellies.

In 17% of cases recognizable as is used

Abuja is recognizable as a city.

The worst was reasonably recognizable as such.

So that a bicycle is instantly recognizable as such.

Although this is recognizable as a time, it is not quite in the standard format.

The key is that your letter is original and not recognizable as a pre-printed message.

There's a distinctive redneck vocabulary, recognizable as such, but it isn't very large.

The word must be recognizable as a generic term, enough that you'd see it used in a mainstream newspaper story.

Perhaps Santa Claus exemplifies this; one face is instantly recognizable as a mandate to buy toys for children.

I mean say what you will about The Happening, it was terrible but it was also recognizable as a Shyamalan movie.

Yet, despite the changing personalities of their songs, the sound is instantly recognizable as the Rolling Stones.

In 14% of cases recognizable in is used

Steve is well recognizable in the middle.

People aren't even recognizable in their caskets.

Logos make our business recognizable in the market place.

Clouded and myopic political rhetoric is overly recognizable in your statements.

Integration of species and ecosystem approaches is already recognizable in ecology.

The images are important, but the story must be easily recognizable in a few seconds.

Women were more easily recognizable in the context of their whole bodies instead of their various sexual body parts.

The S shield symbol, one of the most recognizable in the world, is synonymous with everything that is good and decent.

The ferry itself, and the layout of the Kowloon pier are completely recognizable in the 1961 film The World of Suzie Wong.

Sure, the SEO we knew even a few short months ago is barely recognizable in its current guise, but to me this is good news.

In 6% of cases recognizable from is used

The best ones are always recognizable from the first notes.

Perhaps her thickened, stiffened body was no longer recognizable from behind.

The Remarkables are instantly recognizable from the Lord of the Rings movies.

As it is, New York City is hardly recognizable from what it was in 1993 (when Giuliani first won).

Its crescent curve and unusual assortment of bluffs, cliffs and draws were immediately recognizable from the sea.

Burnside, was immediately recognizable from his mutton chop whiskers and moustache, combined with (unusually) a clean-shaven chin.

It's not a matter of dictating story lines to the writers to say that Sam Winchester ought to be recognizable from season to season.

Going back to the first point, my credit card signature is hardly recognizable from wear and the actual signature bar is almost half worn away.

Introduction: The Lemon Sole is recognizable from the oval shaped body, and the paler coloration that marks it apart from the Dover or Black Sole.

In 4% of cases recognizable for is used

Yet it has remained recognizable for more than 200 years.

Princess reduce engagement rings are effortlessly recognizable for their squared cut.

There is evidence that Hideyoshi effort to relate the ritual most notably recognizable for his.

One obstacle for Rdio is buzz: iTunes, Pandora and YouTube remain far more recognizable for now.

Forum theatre story represents common problems that are recognizable for larger groups of people.

The thought behind the

It implies that in all ages the true Church of Christ will be easily recognizable for that which it is, viz.

They are most recognizable for their use in church music, but have been featured in a variety of other venues as well.

Amna contributes her variation of the third verse, which is sufficiently recognizable for Ibrahim to carry on with the fourth.

One never forgets a voice so special, goose pimply recognizable for its patrician inflections and what some say the accent of the Harvard elite.

In 2% of cases recognizable at is used

But those who do are recognizable at a glance.

The Hague convention of 1907 requires combatants to carry arms openly and be recognizable at a distance.

The Helix remains recognizable at any of these wavelengths, but the combination shown here highlights some subtle differences.

By twisting them into an unusual shape prior to providing them to the rollers, the culebra would be easily recognizable at the market.

The underside of the flukes are marked with a variable pattern of white, making each whale recognizable at the surface as it throws its tail into the air.

Studies show that silent heart attacks are even more common in younger adults than the normal great attacks, which are easily recognizable at an early age.

In 2% of cases recognizable of is used

Sweetness this really is probably the most recognizable of all sensations.

Recoton's adapter design is probably the most recognizable of all the 45 inserts.

Clearly, NY's trylon and perisphere are the most recognizable of any fair symbols.

The most recognizable of these is the iPad, which Hult rolled out to more than 1,600 Master students and faculty members this year.

Dinosaur before and after shots! 10 Stegosaurus Stegosaurus is perhaps the most recognizable of all prehistoric animals; it is nearly impossible to mistake it for another creature.

There are a couple problems here: for one thing, the Vimy Memorial, created to honor Canadian servicemembers who lost their lives during World War I, is not the most recognizable of national symbols.

In 2% of cases recognizable on is used

Gucci's styles ar recognizable on account of bound signature logos.

The bottom tab had the square shapes that are recognizable on a roof.

Recognizable on sight, a cinema bully is bad business and everybody knows it.

The cookie is installed on the computer of the visitor and makes the computer recognizable on later occasions.

This is not the end of the road, your product still need to become a brand that is recognizable on the market.

Their red, white and blue shuttle buses are frequently seen and easily recognizable on the streets of Manhattan.

The sulcus spermaticus is not recognizable on most of the truncus but becomes more distinct in the apical region.

What is it about Toronto's skyscrapers that fascinate you? Toronto's skyline is undeniably unique and easily recognizable on sight.

Radiologically the atelectatic middle lobe is easy to overlook on posteroanterior (PA) chest radiograph but is readily recognizable on the lateral chest radiograph (5).

Patrick Marleau played his best game of the series and was recognizable on the defensive side of the puck but was still unable to make a difference in the offensive zone.

In 2% of cases recognizable with is used

Instantly recognizable with the huge muttonchops.

He was barely recognizable with all the mud covering his face and clothes.

The world-famous brand is instantly recognizable with its white star logo.

Bianchi cycles are instantly recognizable with their classic Celeste green color.

Today the dam is barely recognizable with parkland on the upstream side and a wooded slope below.

You will most likely never be recognizable with when someone will strike and take advantage of your deficiency in care.

Although some woods are recognizable with experience, there is a limit to what one can see with the naked eye at the wood surface.

Designer can also make website interesting with the use of images that recognizable with animation and sounds that children likes.

The patterns of intention and behavior are recognizable with a progression that is predictable, almost never leading to marriage, he says.

A CPA is as recognizable with tax law as the IRS representative performing the audit, because of this, the CPA can confer a lower penalty, help you.

In 1% of cases recognizable among is used

His voice is the most recognizable among TPOK Jazz members.

We would both stand out and be immediately recognizable among the sea of flags at the United Nations.

While all of the names making up the International World XI may not be stars of their era, they have done enough to become recognizable among cricket aficionados.

In 1% of cases recognizable because is used

While the plot is pegged on parts of Dumas's work, it is hardly recognizable because of all the razzle dazzle incorporated into the approach.

These trees and woody shrubs were generally muthakwa (Vernonia auriculifera) easily recognizable because of its deep purple flowers, mukenia (Lantana trifolia) or mukeu (Dombeya sp.

In 1% of cases recognizable due is used

The Tshokwe carvings are readily recognizable due to their heavy features.

The surface of the shallow lake is often hardly recognizable due to the continually shifting mass of pink.

They are easily recognizable due to their inability to write a complete sentence without a grammatical error.

Though perhaps slightly more recognizable due to the interconnected nature of the Internet, even these symbols differ widely in their meanings.

In 1% of cases recognizable through is used

It is easily recognizable through visual, tactile, chemical and other means.

Although Brown's face can not be seen, he was recognizable through his tattoos.

Koalas are recognizable through rounded ears, nose, and button-shaped eyes etc.

The outward display of privacy has a counterpart that is recognizable through all of Facebook's distortions: the market participant.

He is instantly recognizable through appearance alone, his hair, his physique and charismatic charm make the concept of him in the NRL instantly feasible.

Just as BMW has its twin kidney grille treatment, Lexus ' wants to be instantly recognizable through this new grille, which made its initial appearance on the LF-LC concept car.

I am not recognizable through the H70, other than I have an Eco and if you attach the power connector to a port with the purpose of records fan speed, you be able to perceive the pump speed.

In 1% of cases recognizable throughout is used

We are recognizable throughout eternity.

In 1% of cases recognizable within is used

The originals are barely recognizable within these alternately ethereal, funky and expansively ambient versions.

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