Prepositions after "receptive"

receptive to, of, for, in or towards?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 92% of cases receptive to is used

SHE has to be RECEPTIVE to him.

That is receptive to the Australia ear.

They were receptive to the ideas I had.

Of course you have to be receptive to the idea of a Higher Self in the first place.

It is this sensibility that makes her receptive to the needs of students in Jaffna.

He has also been very receptive to the idea of coming to Jamaica for Fun In The Son.

The Government has been receptive to the discussion of such subjects and generally helpful in resolving problems.

It would be worth watching whether the Left parties and TMC are receptive to the idea of being parked along side.

Specifically, teachers must be open to technology and receptive to the placement of the computers in the classroom.

When we are truly receptive to the Dharma we can be humiliated by its sublimity in contrast to our own selfishness.

In 3% of cases receptive of is used

They are always receptive of our arrival in their street.

On the whole it seems that kids are receptive of the idea.

But they have to be open to being receptive of that stimulation.

Annie was very receptive of Jess and rubbed against her in a full-out purring salute.

Receive from me a spouse, and become receptive of him, while thou art received by him.

It will help you in purging your mind and will make you receptive of the efficacious influence of our great Master.

Undergraduates were generally receptive of the move and feel they will benefit from interacting with practising doctors.

It's a good argument for continually being alert to and receptive of audience and partner feedback on promos and launches.

Poor Elfride, not knowing what to do, did nothing at all; but stood receptive of all that came to her by sight, hearing, and touch.

In 1% of cases receptive for is used

I only am receptive for the art that.

A flower may remain receptive for up to 5 to 8 days, though this may be shorter when the weather is fine.

Scott Morrison's young mind was indeed receptive for those hard impressions administered by Howard in 2001.

Before the Ministry was not very receptive for us selling computers to schools because they saw us as a donor.

The meetings were moderately successful and it was said that several of those attending had minds receptive for the truth.

After that have you tried purse-snatcher? Men and women are receptive for the info and fully understand if and when they forget!

Because female pandas are only sexually receptive for one to three days a year, it would not make sense for male pandas to squander energy on year-round sperm production.

In 1% of cases receptive in is used

You have always been very receptive in the past.

If he isn't receptive in a single day, you have time.

This will help you to be truly present and receptive in your life.

They have been more receptive in recent weeks and even more engaged.

Notice, too, how, even from the beginning, Peter is docile and receptive in spirit.

He had not been receptive in my experience either on an emotional level or actually.

Of course we can be receptive in a more ordinary sense to our friends who are on the same level as us, spiritually speaking.

By the same token, Courts are perceived to be more receptive in those contract cases where the alleged wrong involves some sort of fraud.

When I had a income companion, the girl had been very receptive in addition to made my family sense for instance your lady have continuously on the planet.

In 1% of cases receptive towards is used

I seem to remember Tony Smith being fairly receptive towards it as well.

People become more enthusiastic, more open and receptive towards learning.

No, she's not a cold-hearted bitch just because she wasn't receptive towards your approach.

People, especially the younger generation are now more receptive towards music made by their kinsmen.

There's a solution or product for everything now, which has made people more receptive towards change.

Sabri said that he believes more parents today are receptive towards ideas brought forward by their children.

Why has this guy who loathes most of your friends suddenly turned so receptive towards this one particular girl? 3.

Anyway, the point I'd trying to make is, whether it's genuine or not, everyone has been extremely polite and very receptive towards us.

One could even argue that the European legal system on data protection appears more receptive towards a property approach than the American system.

Whereas the key factor will still be the needs of the applicant, in practice however, the court perhaps will be more receptive towards the children's application.

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