Prepositions after "reasonable"

"reasonable for" or "reasonable in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases reasonable for is used

Is it reasonable for the start.

Very reasonable for the quality.

It's maybe not reasonable for me.

There is also a recommended price that is considered reasonable for that vehicle.

As for the rest of the specs, well they're reasonable for a handset at this price.

Instead of scolding them, check whether your curfew is reasonable for them or not.

Still, it is reasonable for us to believe it, given that it is the best explanation we have of those phenomena.

For those on sickness benefits too, it might be reasonable for them to take more steps to improve their health.

Its one-unit construction makes it compact and convenient and its price is very reasonable for its performance.

How could you possibly have predicted? It is reasonable for you still to have a life, and to do your own thing.

In 23% of cases reasonable in is used

Also relatively reasonable in price.

Prices seem reasonable in most cases.

Reasonable in costs would be good too.

He hoped that parliamentarians would be reasonable in getting the situation sorted.

Its performance was judged as less than reasonable in seven out of nine categories.

Saying that one has no reason to detain someone amounts to permission to leave by any reasonable interpretation.

The ability to be faithful in a religious space and reasonable in a political one has atrophied before our eyes.

It would again all depend on the contract, its implied terms, and on what is and is not reasonable in a contract.

In 15% of cases reasonable to is used

This sounded reasonable to him.

Sounds fairly reasonable to me.

Seems totally reasonable to me.

If you get sick on holiday, sems entirely reasonable to me that you take the risk.

As such, the assertions about risk-taking and truth-telling were reasonable to me.

A pro rata payment for the days I would not be in residence (10 days) seemed reasonable to me, as I wrote to Dr.

It seems quite reasonable to me that the names of authors are not known to the editors or judges until necessary.

Does this sound the fact that if one is are still in, the reasonable to while at home, without professional help.

I believe that it is reasonable to say that there are powerful interests at play here, which need to be examined.

In 3% of cases reasonable about is used

Be reasonable about advertising.

So never get reasonable about him.

They were very reasonable about it.

Because if we talk about it, it is possible to do something reasonable about it.

Be reasonable about any requests and see if both parties can leave feeling satisfied.

Be reasonable about your expectations of children, and allow extra time to do each task.

An Iranian nuke might in fact be a good thing if it force Israel to be a bit more reasonable about Palestine.

My husband loves chickens but is reasonable about his love, but I don't think he should be reasonable about it.

I suggest being nice and reasonable about it to avoid back lash and possible sabotage which we always hear about.

I think this is a topic where there is some passion around the issues, but the House has to be reasonable about it.

In 3% of cases reasonable at is used

His contract is reasonable at $3.

Was pretty reasonable at $95 USD.

That sounded reasonable at the time.

David's gastro pub is a must, the fish and chips are amazing and reasonable at $14.

Average current consumption is reasonable at less than 50mA and typically about 30mA.

Availability looks reasonable at this time of year for many trips, so do shop around.

Fares are reasonable at this time of year and we will help in researching the best airfares for you if required.

And Wittgenstein certainly wasn't reasonable at the meeting of the Cambridge Moral Sciences Club on October 25 1946.

To demonstrate that, have a look at this: The above code will not compile, even though it may seem reasonable at first glance.

Which sounded quite reasonable at the moment, comparing it to the 5 hours we worked at the farm for a room and most of the food.

In 3% of cases reasonable with is used

He is very reasonable with pricing.

I've been reasonable with no results.

We have to be reasonable with players.

Am happy brymo was able to do something good and reasonable with this sweet beat.

Complain away at the price but I think it's reasonable with all things considered.

I believe we should be reasonable with trying to make a particular amount per day.

Will I be able to return it and exchange it for a 32 gig model? Google is usually very reasonable with that stuff.

Be reasonable with yourself and understand your skill level, the gear you own, and how much time you can devote to this.

Prices are reasonable with cold and hot meza's at around an average of 18 Dhs, the main mixed grills cost around 36 Dhs.

I believe they are the more reasonable with the imperical information than folks that follow the **26;8249;TOOLONG model.

In 2% of cases reasonable by is used

Obama seems reasonable by comparison.

The denial has been deemed reasonable by the FCA.

So, it's been deemed reasonable by the perpetrators.

Except that the FA findings were not reasonable by any stretch of the imagination.

I would now like to be calm and reasonable by introducing some facts about copyright.

Asking for messages only by carrier pigeon will not be viewed as reasonable by anyone.

The Jews should become more humble and reasonable by accepting the Palestinians to become a partner of the land.

Scary thing is, based on industry buzz, my prices could actually be considered totally reasonable by comparison.

Nor does the author's thesis become more reasonable by making an allowance for abandoning a pervert or criminal.

Enrolment levels in primary education are reasonable by third world standards - partly a result of the making it free.

In 2% of cases reasonable on is used

So reasonable on price as well.

This sounds more reasonable on Mr.

It sounded very reasonable on the radio.

ASH remains pretty reasonable on all this if you listen carefully to what they say.

In general public transport costs and taxi fares are very reasonable on the Algarve.

A road that is really bad one day can seem perfectly reasonable on another occasion.

Sounds reasonable on many levels, though there's also a very dirty game involving terrestrial broadcast radio here.

They agreed to a summit meeting with us in 1972 and they began to be more reasonable on various arms control issues.

BRW has written often that while this government's policies can seem reasonable on paper they are flawed in practice.

I find them to be quite reasonable on price, which is probably the only thing that differs with the car rental companies.

In 2% of cases reasonable under is used

Relations remain reasonable under the current political upheavals.

The question is rather whether the search was reasonable under the Fourth Amendment.

This speed indicates the speed that most motorists on the road consider safe and reasonable under ideal conditions.

In 1% of cases reasonable as is used

What Mourdock said was perfectly reasonable as a statement of personal belief.

He said that the price looked very reasonable as the supply is more than the customers.

Come up with the pay back reasonable as a result of greater rates that you have to spend.

Cashing out up to 1/3 of your stake is reasonable as a rule of thumb within the first 3 years.

This is reasonable as the majority of normal electrical stores will maintain only sub-standard goods.

He concluded that this was not reasonable as the banking mess was not the fault of the average Icelander.

The answer is that not one of them could now even remotely resemble a rival; or be even reasonable as an alternative.

An absolute cataract is literally clouding the ocular camera lens and she is the top basis for reasonable as well as inside the.

The prices of cows for sacrifice are still reasonable as the supply of Indian cattle to the local market is satisfactory, said traders.

In 1% of cases reasonable considering is used

The price seemed high but reasonable considering the location.

Prices were still reasonable considering its central location.

This seems reasonable considering EODP and NODP are funding programs.

In this instance, his views are somewhat reasonable considering local custom.

All for a price that was more than reasonable considering how perfect the night sounded.

The basic salaries should be reasonable considering the progressive inflationary trend in Nigeria.

The room was probably reasonable considering the online deal I got, but I would never pay the full rate.

This is quite reasonable considering the fine embroidery and stylish prints of each dress in this collection.

Yeah, it may be a bit long, but the hit is reasonable considering what other goalies have been signing for recently.

Further, the said expenditure should be justifiable and reasonable considering the size and operations of the Company.

In 1% of cases reasonable from is used

The flights were very reasonable from Miami.

In my view, these arguments are reasonable from a unionist perspective.

What may seem reasonable from one perspective may not be so from another.

Rodgers will surely be telling the squad that 10 points is reasonable from those matches.

William's speech, which seems to me eminently reasonable from a libertarian point of view.

Their reasonableness corresponds with what passes as reasonable from the collective standpoint.

After staying for 7-8 months, you do realize that it is, just like you said, reasonable from dollars point of view.

Stephen J, your comment could be reasonable from an intelligent alien whose race has not suffered from original sin.

Rate this: +10 -4 Divya said: (Wed, Apr 25, 2012 11:49:42 PM) Yea all the views are reasonable from everyone's point.

Whatever the proposal, it should be one that the debtor can handle and that is reasonable from the creditor's point of view.

In 1% of cases reasonable of is used

It is simply not reasonable of you to blame us for that.

It does sound very considerate and reasonable of McAlpine.

At first this might seem like the most reasonable of arguments.

This exposure led to a motion in favour of Islam among the more reasonable of them.

It's reasonable of your liking the right colorings to blend with each of your the dress.

You know, you brought that point up - it would be reasonable of you to do a little research.

If the other party responds with an admission of fault, they may nonetheless question the reasonable of the damages.

Furthermore, Hamas Political Bureau head Khaled Mash'al, who is the most realistic and reasonable of Hamas's leaders, and Dr.

In contrast, some Conservatives are characterizing the NDP's wish list as the most reasonable of the three opposition parties.

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