Prepositions after "realistic"

"realistic about" or "realistic in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases realistic about is used

Be realistic about your reality.

Just be realistic about the profits.

We had better be realistic about it.

Florence is more aware of her coping mechanism and therefore realistic about it.

Also be realistic about your value and be open to things that you can do better.

Be realistic about your borrowing power by looking into a home loan pre-approval.

Getting into Forex is a excellent way to create earnings, but only if you are realistic about your objectives.

If you do negotiate a repayment plan, be realistic about the amount that you can afford to pay each week/month.

I am quite realistic about the danger that events over the past couple of months have made #BREXIT more likely.

Finding this time may require you to be more realistic about your goals, or to plan your time more effectively.

In 18% of cases realistic in is used

It was realistic in that sense.

Be realistic in your advertising.

It wasn't realistic in any sense.

You should be realistic in planning how much your business is capable of recycling.

I know this might be a little hard but, it is vital to be realistic in this regard.

Traits of a good study schedule For best results, you must be realistic in planning.

If they are even remotely realistic in their materialism they admit that conscious experience is part of reality.

It strikes me as a more realistic interaction for two adults who are each dealing with their own losses and pain.

He was realistic in rating his chances while bowling to Mumbai skipper and senior India batsman Sachin Tendulkar.

Still I think it is not realistic in the sense that one will face the lack of two substances rather than just one.

In 11% of cases realistic for is used

Let's be realistic for a moment.

It was too realistic for comfort.

It hasn't been realistic for years.

My readers said that was realistic for a handbook that has a reputation this good.

Work on setting limits to breastfeeding that are realistic for you and your child.

Set a timeline that excites you, but is realistic for your team and your resources.

They should just rely on other funding practices for hospital needs, and keep the parking fee realistic for all.

Write everything down, and ask yourself if you're confident that these activities and goals are realistic for you.

If the weekly organizing feels less realistic for your family (for example, because the room is less spacious, Ed.

This is much more realistic for new population growth is probably going to enter the labor force looking for a job.

In 8% of cases realistic with is used

Be realistic with your timeframes.

Be kind and realistic with yourself.

We should be realistic with policing.

It is important to be patient and realistic with your expectations in the market.

Make sure that that the company is realistic with its goals offering value results.

Time Be realistic with your time-frames, and then add 25% more time on top of that.

In fact the fear of the spread of Communism would have been more realistic with Trotsky in control than Stalin.

Being honest and realistic with HQ was part of their job, and part of my job was to make clear when they weren't.

When you think you can not keep it, you probably ca n't! Dear clients, please be realistic with your expectations.

Though we are taught to aim high and think big, I'd still realistic with my concepts in terms of what can be done.

In 4% of cases realistic to is used

It doesn't seem realistic to me.

Guess it's time to be more realistic to them.

And I thought, that seems more realistic to me.

Do those seem to be more realistic to you? Centrist79 I suspect Romney is down in N, H.

It's not about making the game more and more realistic to the point that it is ridiculous.

Read the quotes; see if they sound any more realistic to you than the quote in today's piece.

They should make the atmosphere in games much more realistic to and have the fans look realistic and subs warming up.

One was so realistic to a 5 pound note it was quickly recalled! Valentine verses were romantic, whimsical and critical.

They are made from plastic, wood, metal, and other materials that make them seem more realistic to the eyes of a child.

Not only are Joyce and Picasso no longer weird and repulsive, they have become classics and now look rather realistic to us.

In 2% of cases realistic as is used

Be realistic as a government if you must rule.

You need to be realistic as well as enthusiastic.

It certainly doesn't seem realistic as to tire longevity.

A pretty boy isn't realistic as a cool operator and where needed a cold blooded killer too.

Not limited, just realistic as to what it can actually do and not exaggerating what it can do.

Following through * Should you be willing to do something, be realistic as well as make a plan.

His assistant, Frank (Tim Frances) is a chunky guy who is a great foil to Snapper, and totally realistic as the fellow ' con '.

However, Iranian participation in the project has become less and less realistic as the country's controversial nuclear programme and U.

It is just so important -- looking forward -- to keep these obstacles in mind and be realistic as to what can be achieved in what time frame.

Someone should tell the ladies in their 20s to be more realistic as the talent pool for them will significantly diminish in their future years.

In 2% of cases realistic at is used

Be realistic at the end of the tenancy.

Being realistic at this stage is likely to save a lot of pain.

I am not pessimistic but only being realistic at this point in time.

These positions are probably not very realistic at the moment without further training.

Younger people think about these folks very stylish as well as realistic at the same time.

Being realistic at the outset makes it less likely you'll be disappointed by your garage sale.

There are many fans out there that need to be realistic at thier clubs chances of reaching the Grand Final let alone winning one.

Well now, point taken, we all have to be realistic at some point, don't you think? I just like to sing for fun at this point in my life.

The drama itself has a lot of people with quirks and little obsessions, but it's oddly realistic at the same time as quirky and heart warming.

With hindsight this would have been the senisble thing to do, but not realistic at a time when Britain was required to make massive defense cuts.

In 1% of cases realistic by is used

Rudra's predictions seem more realistic by the day.

Most settings are made realistic by cinematic presentation of real scenery.

The Champions League isn't really realistic by any stretch of the imagination.

The travel network is made more realistic by allowing asymmetric travel between cities.

Of couse they make the posts look realistic by ensuring they seem to be written by dimwits.

I think that they are being realistic by keeping the option open after a thoughtful discussion.

That initial objective was deemed realistic by many, including social NGOs, which usually advocate a 50% reduction.

He is being realistic by not looking in posh areas of London and says that buying at that price will stretch him as much as he can possibly manage.

First off, if you care about the characters, you'll be happy they are happy and that the writers make an effort for them to seem realistic by evolving.

Daniel Spicer: 06 Nov 2012 11:18:05pm (( End of Watch) ) 8 Surprisingly good police drama, made realistic by handheld camerawork that's effective and assists the atmosphere.

In 1% of cases realistic from is used

Those reserves were not realistic from a real estate perspective.

The effect was nice and the sea look very realistic from the fake windows.

However, the rules are there to encourage all parties to be realistic from the start and.

These phrases are usually easier to achieve and more realistic from a cost, time and resource perspective.

The clock is not realistic from a scientific point of view because I had no reference, but it served my purpose.

All training in the Army will be realistic from now onwards basing on ' what we have ', not on ' what we are supposed to have '.

As far as superheroes that are the most realistic from a physics point of view - I would have to say Batman, with one exception.

In previous years, Mr Swinney has had an offer of support from the Tories but little realistic from the other opposition parties.

Of the two golden ages, the first seems to me to be rather more - though not wholly - realistic from the historical point of view.

Everything on the pitch looks more realistic from the stadiums, the players movement, intelligence, and the way the ball moves through the air.

In 1% of cases realistic of is used

But it's not realistic of the truth.

Be realistic of what your hair choice is.

I love the IY she is the most realistic of the 3.

When you start a long distance relationship, you must be realistic of the difficulties ahead.

We want to paint as realistic of a picture of the game and the media surrounding it as we can.

JET is probably the most realistic of these targets of who we'll see come in to the squad soon.

Friday, July 27, 2012 Ode told from the Maroon Road This is not realistic of post an entirely reflection my life.

If you do an MA, please be realistic of what you have to offer the World and remember that the World owes you nothing.

The exhibition contained everything from the magical and supernatural, to the most intricately detailed and realistic of pieces.

Hence, we urge all guests to be realistic of their travel requirements prior to booking with us to avoid disappointment upon arrival.

In 1% of cases realistic on is used

Thus Kubrick was quite realistic on this.

I urge Kenyans to be realistic on this matter.

With visa rules be realistic on your work vs study goals.

People have to be realistic on what the AA can even attempt! >> There are two issues here.

Thru wishlists, it allows me to be fancy but at the same time realistic on what needs to be done.

It's a lovely, realistic way to look at a romance that's the furthest thing from realistic on paper.

Most sites will not give you money if you do not reach your target amount, so it is important to really be realistic on the amount you need.

One by Chen Cun, about a man who moved into what might be a haunted apartment, was realistic on the surface but full of unexplained actions.

Be realistic on what solar can and can not do: Solar Power will not allow you to run some of the electrical gadgets like the cooker or iron.

Well, 8 years later, I wouldn't say I've given up on this country (I no longer vote ), but I'd very realistic on my expectations as a Kenyan.

In 1% of cases realistic rather is used

The Central Bank authors are being realistic rather than alarmist.

People should be realistic rather than romantic insgroupsto live a better life.

It's unpleasant in places, but in way that feels realistic rather than exploitative.

The difference is, I come away with a realistic rather than idealistic world outlook.

It is realistic rather than pessimistic because pessimism is expecting things to be bad.

Emma Marsland, managing partner, WCRS I think the Asda Christmas ad is realistic rather than sexist.

It makes it much more realistic rather than focusing all the time on needing to build up, say, a 500,000 pension pot.

This appears to be a very pessimistic assessment; so what is the way forward? It is realistic rather than pessimistic assessment.

The method of combining the uncertainty components is aimed at producing a realistic rather than pessimistic combined uncertainty.

However, we also need to be REALISTIC rather than hopelessly optimistic about the amount of time it takes to get ready for the start of term.

In 1% of cases realistic without is used

I want to be realistic without being negative.

Background is realistic without being over described.

It is achingly realistic without being too melancholic.

No shopping mall or church scene would be realistic without them.

MCCains plan is more realistic without breaking the government and business.

None of these numbers are realistic without much cheaper generics for Africans.

I think the Bravehair story of Merida is not complete, nor realistic without her getting married.

Mansions in the sky! Please try to be sensible and realistic without just filling forums with fantasies.

I think completing the PhD is do-able, but really THRIVING during the process isn't realistic without some intrinsic motivation.

In a democratic culture, it is not enough for you to come and tell me that what NPP is telling me is not realistic without providing an alternative.

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