Prepositions after "read"

read about, in, on, through or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases read about is used

I read about tricks to do that.

She reads about Path Goal theory.

Read about it here, here, and here.

There's NO FIRE! Many thanks for taking the time to read about my little ' problem '.

He used a collaborative method with cambell he did not just read about Cambell later.

Southpaw Great article, I really enjoy reading about how you solve certain issues.

There are simply not many differences in this forest than the ones I have read about in books and heard from tales.

Another reason why I like to read about Pat Bravo (both blog and web site) is because she lives in Florida as I do.

You will read about various situations in which these issues have been thrashed out -- including among fishmongers.

One way I enjoy learning about the past is by reading about the foods we eat and how they have changed over time.

In 15% of cases read in is used

Everything's harder to read in italics.

His contributions may be read in Urdu here.

It should probably be read in its entirety.

So, whenever we hear the verse above read in a khutbah, we should read sal? h? alan nab?

I feel sorry for the kids that get to read in print, that they are third on Mommy's list.

Like I'll get a call from my mum saying she's read in the paper that I'd getting engaged.

However she read in the classifieds of a newspaper that singers, gospel and country, were wanted to come and audition.

Daniel Duggan These comments are the most concentrated whine-and-whinge session I have read in this paper for some time.

With this notice there is label of temperature including and getting all the components that are read in possible scans.

No matter how many books you've read in the past, you will feel woefully un-well read within a week of opening the store.

In 9% of cases read on is used

Most Read on Forbes I have a B.

In a speech read on his behalf, Dr.

Please read on for more information.

Maybe the rioters would have BBM'd less if they had other stuff to read on their phones.

Most Read on Forbes I've been an entrepreneur from earliest recollection my entire life.

Read on reviews about them and it'll be more apparent which is the better choice for you.

The first thing I ever read on your website was the story of him eating a fish from the sky and was hooked from there.

Do you believe all the stuff you read on Facebook and Twitter - they are peoples opinions, often thick peoples opinions.

Prolonged QT Interval, as you can read on its page, is a heart electrical conduction problem that can lead sudden death.

But from what i've read on your blog over last few months, you are made of strong, hardy stuff and will get through this.

In 8% of cases read through is used

I read through this whole thread.

Please read through the Terms carefully.

You can read through all the e-mails here.

It won't take too long and you do not actually have to read through the whole book.

You probably don't have enough time to read through all the posts in your RSS reader.

Ensure you apply what you just read through the very next time you really feel stressed.

I have been gone wayy too long and just scrolled scrolled read read through many posts that I am late on reading.

I have never had the opportunity to attend the RST classes, but I have read through the RST slides multiple times.

And Gerald's love for books had him reading through the manuals on what makes what happen on a car's dashboard.

As you read through the general features of primates you will notice that you do not share all of the features (e.

In 6% of cases read for is used

Keep reading for several assist.

It is a must read for any Vince fans.

Keep reading for a few great assistance.

Joe R We had critics to read for many years in abundance already, we did not need more.

It could be a must read for anyone living, visiting or with connections to the community.

Don't know what to wear? Keep reading for many fashion ideas that you can use anytime.

SCHOLARSHIPS AND AWARDS Students reading for higher degrees are an important and valuable asset to the University.

Holly said that the words don't move around any more although she gets terrible headaches if she reads for too long.

The 24-Hour Mind is a must read for students and professionals who think important mental processes cease during sleep.

In 5% of cases read by is used

The story is read by Chuck Brown.

Good books spread by word of mouth.

First I've read by this author, good stuff.

The narrators were Kay Gallant and Harry Monroe, and the poems were read by Shep O'Neal.

It should be read by everyone who is sympathetic to the pro-life cause, Christian or otherwise.

Your e-mail message will have a much better chance of getting read by customers who invite you in.

As they begin to read by themselves, parents should encourage occasional reading of some good Islamic and moral books.

I don't really care if other people are watching the idiot box tv, I paid for a window seat and need light to read by.

A tribute was also read by director of culture, Sidney Bartley, on behalf of minister of youth and culture Lisa Hanna.

To me, a fluent knowledge of English is an absolute requirement when writing code meant to be read by English speakers.

In 5% of cases read from is used

Hoping to read from you once more.

The path reads from the outside in.

In our example, reading from Fig.

I read from a very early age so I've never understood what it's like not to be able to.

Regular meetings: Ensure that all involved in the project are reading from the same hymn sheet.

Again, read the actual data and stop parroting incorrrect information you read from moron's blogs.

Take what you read from any source with a grain of salt and investigate thoroughly before booking travel to anywhere.

When you are called, enter a plea of guilty and either hand your letter to the Magistrate or read from prepared notes.

Have you ever read the communist manifesto? I read from a refugee from Venezuela that Obama sounds a lot like Hugo Chavez.

However, since the state of RXD will be changing over the transmission of data, reading from the pin is not recommended.

In 4% of cases read to is used

He asked me to read to him, so I did.

I still read to both of them every night.

I would have not read to live, but lived to read.

That's what prompted the First Letter to the Corinthians, part of which I read to you today.

At the point I've read to, I had no idea which main character is a psychopath -- but now I do.

Take the time to read to your children, play maths games and encouraging spelling and creative play.

The problem with Christopher's was that unless they use a dark mesh in the actual costume, it won't read to the back rows.

As we read to them they will learn about language, and all the ways of using it, and about life, and all the ways of living it.

Arraignment An arraignment occurs when the charge in the indictment is read to the accused who is asked to plead to the charge.

I spend my mornings reading to children in Kindergarten and First Grade through a non-for profit group called Reading Empowers.

In 3% of cases read with is used

A script that is read with video.

A fast and easy read with useable information.

I read with interest the recent articles by Col.

Start Questioning! Menu Of God, The Bears and Bald Heads Read with me >>> 23.

All in all, In the Dark is a light but absorbing read with plenty of frissons of excitement.

You can also make reading more convenient by buying an e-book or reading with digital gadgets.

A may be separately charged with, and convicted of, offences under sections 471 (read with 466) and 196 of the same Code.

The subject of empowerment is brought home successfully and I walked away from this easy read with more insight than before.

Not sure why -- the stuff is often hard to read with ridiculously long philosophical asides punctuating some very good stories.

This guy could give Raiden a run for this money, but not Commander Shepard There are spoilers ahead, so please read with caution.

In 3% of cases read like is used

Your post reads like McCarthyism.

The sparse text reads like a riddle.

It reads like you are listening to the man.

This could read like a modern, showgirl take on Bronze Age armor and that's kind of fun.

Honestly? It reads like the result of a personal anecdote that just came into conversation.

Most book reviews read like unedited blurbs and few poetry publications include critical essays.

Some sections read like a guidebook; others have the feel of a magazine, with full reproductions of memos and letters.

A man of unmistakable dignity, O'Neil is a marvelous storyteller, and I Was Right On Time reads like a fireside chat.

It reads like a rejected 1960s Carry On script, riddled with embarrassingly outdated stereotypes from beginning to end.

It reads like a letter from your best friend - the tone is chatty, honest and friendly which makes it immensely readable.

In 3% of cases read of is used

From what I've read of it anyway.

No doubt we will read of these developments in.

Chris and I are so sad to read of Ewan's passing.

I am not sure I have read of him holding any appointment under President Goodluck Jonathan.

This place has been my first read of the day for a while -- great blogs and good commenters.

I was sorry to read of your loss I hope the new addition has made things a little easier for you.

I read of people who support the cull, they argue it is the cheapest &; most efficient way of dealing with the problem.

From what I have read of Sand Chronicles, I definitely loved how seasons and Ann's age were used to set up each chapter.

THANK YOU, it is great to read of deeds such as yours that are making a great difference in the lives of ordinary folks.

Yeshua /Jesus referred to Himself many times as I AM in the following scripture passages: I AM the bread of life (John 6:35).

In 2% of cases read as is used

Read as a nourishing staple of life.

Note that cooperation could read as cooper (a barrel-maker).

On your customer invoices, it would read as a sales tax of 8.

On the Road asks to be read as a novel, in other words -- not as a minutely adjusted slice of life.

To be sure, in one sense it does now read as a chronicle of happenings from the 60s through to the 90s.

This allows the text to be read as a linear e-book, and also with a whole host of media to enhance the story.

The source you cite and VALUE SYSTEM you extoll is worth reading as the Prof sees a culture where fear is projected.

Waikato University arts and language education lecturer Marilyn Blakeney-Williams says reading as a family is absolutely paramount.

Sitting in the Labour leader's office, that might well read as a warning not to upset the apple cart by banging on about what we'd cut.

The low turnout should not be read as the people having failed the political party system but rather of the people once more seeing through it.

In 2% of cases read between is used

A little girl reads between her bedsheets.

Guess i should have read between the lines.

Sometimes we have to read between the lines.

It takes an advanced value system to read between the lines using a strong worldview.

Even with that care, I suspect it is not hard to read between the lines and see where my own hopes sit.

If you read between the lines, I think the board did not really believe that any violation was established.

And if you read between the lines in this article, Occupy is actively encouraging default on ALL debt, not just medical debt.

They would tweet quite often but if you've followed them as I did/do, they made sure that nothing could be read between the lines even.

Reading between the lines tells me they are using the card for the extra level of DRM features and that is why I am boycotting this beast.

In 2% of cases read at is used

GREAT!!! As long as she is reading at or above grade level.

They're in the form of slides that you can read at your own pace.

The root problem is that he is indecisive in his reads at the line.

Use paragraph/section headings that draw interest but are also quick to read at a glance.

I quit reading at that point and figured it's just more of your cheerleading for Obama.

The full, damning, 2011 Roger Award Judges ' Report can be read at http: **35;5138;TOOLONG.

Plus I don't think it would read at all in the audience and I am not sure how I'd feel with 50 dancers in that costume.

However research does state that an interest in reading at this age bracket is critical to success in school and life.

I broke into that scene after going to other people's readings and asking the reading hosts if I could read at their events.

Any song, poem or reading at a gay marriage (sorry, ' civil partnership ') ceremony that references ' marriage ' is banned.

In 1% of cases read over is used

Give us something to read over breakfast.

Dr Glass: (reading over shoulder) Wait a minute.

We sat reading over the dinner selections, printed cheaply in black and white.

Louise Erdrich: The Round House I have read over books by Eldrich and enjoyed them.

Just make sure to read over the contract carefully and maintain a copy for yourself.

Finally, I disagree with the general criticism of the modernist aesthetic, reading over the comments.

Remember keep it brief, professional and legitimate sounding! (Ask a teacher to read over it for extra help.

Today I spent some time reading over the last few posts I wrote on here, life before my wedding was severely hectic.

The data is consistent with a number of other items that I have read over the years, so I think its legit, but caveat blogster.

Your website contains all that a PA/Secretary needs to know and MORE! In fact, I have just printed some material to read over the week-end.

In 1% of cases read into is used

Weird how we all read into things our own way.

I then read Into the Wild and Under the Banner of Heaven.

It's like you're reading into it what you actually said.

Anyone who reads into the story of the last two years can see that's a terrible idea.

We witness surface level actions and immediately read into them that which is not there.

It's like you're reading into it what you wish it said instead of what it actually said.

Read into the lives of real interracial couples throughout the world sharing their hearts no matter the race, color or creed.

It would be as wrong to read into the Qur'an Einstein or Copernicus, Nietzsche or Bergson, as it is to read Ptolemy, Aristotle and Plato.

I will leave the politics and social significance which might be read into the life and death of Elizabeth to those who may read this post.

In 1% of cases read via is used

It starts're reading via RSS, you'll need to visit the blog to access this content.

It is also're reading via RSS, you'll need to visit the blog to access this content.

But he seems you're reading via RSS, you'll need to visit the blog to access this content.

But then he might be're reading via RSS, you'll need to visit the blog to access this content.

I think it gives a you're reading via RSS, you'll need to visit the blog to access this content.

It is the paper of the Workers're reading via RSS, you'll need to visit the blog to access this content.

The presenter - Mark Urban you're reading via RSS, you'll need to visit the blog to access this content.

Although of course Gaddafi was - you're reading via RSS, you'll need to visit the blog to access this content.

Here is a short film about that last dance're reading via RSS, you'll need to visit the blog to access this content.

The feeling it evokes is how separate we are - you're reading via RSS, you'll need to visit the blog to access this content.

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