Prepositions after "reactive"

"reactive to", "reactive rather" or "reactive in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases reactive to is used

Make AI players more reactive to shots.

Move from reactive to proactive maintenance techniques.

Be proactive rather than reactive to your financial woes.

Policing should be more responsive and reactive to the problems of the day/week etc.

Because no tanning process is used, the collagen molecules are still reactive to water.

Tin plate is used for food cans because it is not reactive to the acids present in food.

This I too understand which is why I'd not becoming emotionally reactive to your highly emotionally charged posts.

When we are meditating, someone who is habitually reactive can be reactive to what is happening in meditation also.

The researchers recognised that carbon nanotubes, a widely used nanoparticle, is reactive to electrical stimulation.

In 14% of cases reactive in is used

There is no time to be reactive in driving cost out of the supply chain.

Reactive in terms of responding to shocks, crises and booms in the global economy.

Every news room will have to remake itself around the principle of being reactive in real time.

She's very dynamic and very reactive in situations, and eventually she prevails, but it's not easy.

That is a must, especially that you were reactive in your HIV rapid test and you had unprotected sex.

Once a media plan is established, law enforcement can be more proactive than reactive in its media strategy.

We are very reactive in our approach, its very hard to undo poor suburban sprawl practises, shoddy housing etc.

But yet, we have already begun to be proactive and reactive in terms of trying to improve the political process.

They are generally reactive in nature, and ebb and flow in terms of the scale of activity with government actions.

The hydroxyl group is quite reactive in both; it is able to form hydrogen bonds with a variety of polar substrates.

In 13% of cases reactive rather is used

So often tweets are reactive rather than proactive.

And markets are reactive rather than forward looking.

Most agreed they were reactive rather than pro-active.

The people tend to be reactive rather than proactive so that they seldom plan ahead.

I think Apple really got itself in this mess by being reactive rather than proactive.

In my opinion Government policy is, for the most part, reactive rather than proactive.

I guess i'd call her behaviour reactive rather than aggressive because she hasn't caused any physical damage before.

I tend to take the view that 100% of what management proclaims about their agenda is reactive rather than proactive.

I always give out that our present class of donkeys in Dil ireann are reactive rather than proactive to a situation.

Unfortunately us honest, moral, hard working redulators of welfare revenue chose to be reactive rather than proactive.

In 7% of cases reactive with is used

Iron is very reactive with acids.

You should also keep in mind that discus fish are very reactive with their environment.

Ensures that this is equally proactive and reactive with respect to the conversation space.

Said basically the frustration with Kidney is that he is reactive with selection, not proactive.

You say that one should not be reactive with the collar, in terms of using it after a dog reacts.

Immunohistochemically, leiomyomas are reactive with vimentin, desmin,? -smooth muscle actin, and muscle specific actin.

Of all the elements, fluorine makes itself special as being the most reactive with the highest rate of electronegativity.

Prompt, brief irrigation (duration not specified) is thought to be sufficient for chemicals that are not reactive with tissues.

Lime is heavy, opaque, sticky and strongly reactive with all sorts of things -- particularly sulphur, nitrogen, phosphorous and protein.

In 2% of cases reactive as is used

We are reactive as a country instead of being proactive.

COSELL: Correct, and at the very least, talking about defenses being reactive as opposed to proactive.

In my opinion, social media should be far more incidental and reactive as a part of your blog or business.

Membership in FIRST enables incident response teams to more effectively respond to security incidents reactive as well as proactive.

And in Khatib's view, the Palestinians are more often expected to be reactive as opposed to airing their own views for what they are.

Actually newsrooms have become more reactive as opposed to pro-active essentially allowing the public to report their own news the media is the voice of social media news.

Ultimately though you'll be alternating between being proactive and reactive, but being mainly reactive as the authentic CPSG experience is a Feedback session with a student speaker.

Yet as comparatively sophisticated and reactive as the worlds in games like Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption are, they mask the same lie as GTAIII.

In 2% of cases reactive instead is used

I was reactive instead of proactive.

They are reactive instead of proactive.

Maintenance is often reactive instead of proactive.

Come on, be more reactive instead of waiting to 60 min al the time.

As a result, our communications can be reactive instead of proactive.

My approach to each day in corporate America had been reactive instead of proactive.

We have been a military family and his thoughts are to be reactive instead of proactive.

In 2% of cases reactive on is used

Your juicy coloring rrs incredibly reactive on the weather conditions and needs my gentlest about process.

If a confirmed HIV-1 -- positive specimen is reactive on the standard sensitive enzyme immunoassay and has a normalized optical density of less than 0.

In 1% of cases reactive about is used

Even if he did intent to attack Islam, that still doesn't justify me being reactive about it.

It rang true to me that he would be more sensitive or reactive about Bobby's memory as it's fresher for him.

In 1% of cases reactive by is used

They need to stop being reactive by just waiting for complaints to come in, before acting on same.

Now the government is being reactive by distributing several billions of naira for relief purpose.

Defensive security technologies, while reactive by their very nature, don't seem to be keeping pace with advances by attackers or even with technological advancements.

ExxonMobil must appreciate that the influence of the state on landowner concerns is reactive by nature; and vice versa, the demands and expectations of landowners are manifested proactively.

In 1% of cases reactive for is used

Aluminium might be reactive for you to acidic food.

One posterior cell (psc) is highly reactive for anti-serotonin.

Third, the Abkhaz government, whose policies have been entirely defensive and reactive for fifteen years, must show more determination to wriggle out of its international cage.

In 1% of cases reactive like is used

So now the opposition leader has to be a very proactive instead of reactive like Ranil.

Just because we have trouble picking up on social cues doesn't mean we're reactive like this.

In 1% of cases reactive of is used

Therefore, acid chlorides are the most reactive of the series since the chloride ion leaving group is the very weak conjugate base of a strong acid HCl.

Gold is also used sometimes for electrical contacts not because it is the best electrical conductor but because it is perhaps the least chemically reactive of metals.

Soon after mixing, the (C 3 A) phase (the most reactive of the four main clinker minerals) reacts with the water to form an aluminate-rich gel (Stage I on the heat evolution curve above).

In 1% of cases reactive towards is used

Appoint a team, social media marketing manager or a department to monitor your brand proactive and reactive towards any customer service issues.

Caesium hydroxide and hydrogen are formed Summary of the trend in reactivity The Group 1 metals become more reactive towards water as you go down the Group.

At 8 months Tyson started barking and lunging at people, at 10 months he became leash reactive towards dogs, by 1 year he had full out aggression towards puppies.

They are reactive towards electron pair accepting electrophiles because of the high density of negative electron charge associated with the? electrons of the double bond.

In 1% of cases reactive vs is used

Distinguish Between Reactive vs.

You might be interested in a post I did elsewhere about being reactive vs being responsible.

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