Prepositions after "reach"

reach for, by, at, to or into?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases reach for is used

Punk on the apron reaching for it.

You might reach for your own tinfoil.

When in trouble, reach for the shovel.

I was reaching for my work boots when suddenly I felt something ' tug ' in my back.

Then I used my short arms to bend to the right, desperately reaching for the handle.

I just reached for my seatbelt because seawater was flooding the inside of the plane.

We sat there, scratching our heads as to what to do with it and then Phil reached for his copy of the Muppet Album.

If she doesn't at least reach for her wallet half the time a cheque appears, don't waste money on her, you playa, you.

If your blood pressure is low chances are you will reach for the salt shaker and add when everyone else says it is ok.

I stood just in front of the closed door holding my cameras up so the man would see them before reaching for his gun.

In 11% of cases reach by is used

They can be reached by calling 541.

Reached by telephone in Florida, a representative of Mr.

So a compromise was reached by both parties to bye- pass Kufa and turn towards north.

This means that higher the page rank, the more chances of being reached by the surfer.

High scores are reached by not missing shots, not getting hit, and obtaining high combos.

Thailand The Thailand border is at Rantau Panjang (Sungai Golok on the Thai side ), reached by bus from Kota Bharu.

Agreement on an EU budget for the period up to 2020 must be reached by all member states and the European Parliament.

The Main Entrance to the Founder's Building of the museum is reached by a flight of 18 stone steps from street level.

And would you believe this conclusion is reached by no less an organisation than the American Psychological Association.

In 8% of cases reach at is used

I can be reached at **25;2456;TOOLONG.

He can be reached at **26;2291;TOOLONG.

The verdict was reached at 2:35PM today.

He can be reached at 403-887-7667 or check out **33;4948;TOOLONG for more information.

He may be reached at **25;1091;TOOLONG The Courtleigh Hotel and Suites in New Kingston.

He may be reached at **25;1037;TOOLONG Scotiabank Jamaica's impressive headquarters at the corner.

This can be expensive and protracted, and it often involves mounting costs until a settlement is reached at the door of the court.

From there it descends until South Place is reached at 1 in 131, and from South Place onwards to Park Road the gradient is 1 in 50.

Starting again at the Lordsmill Street end we find that the road rises until the centre of Hipper Street is reached at a gradient of 1 in 37.

In 7% of cases reach to is used

You reach to it through no-mind, the mind drops.

India has reached to a stage of political stability.

Our intelligence and brain can never reach to that extent.

Expressions of interest were invited in May 2009 but no agreement has been reached to date.

We reach to the top of a mountain at 2,900m where our camp will be set for staying overnight.

Jayamini &; her healing/coaching work, I reached to her and she already knew I was in need.

But truth can not be expressed because the very reaching to it is through silence, soundlessness, thoughtlessness.

The members of this team will reach to any spot of accident within 10 to 15 minutes after getting the news and signal.

Interestingly, substantially large number of people who were evacuated, could not reach to the government relief camps.

Now the thing is that I have reached to the 22nd level in the game and I have placed nearly 3 headquarter buildings in my city.

In 7% of cases reach into is used

Words, after speech, reach Into the silence.

I reached into my pockets to find it empty.

She reached into her bag and pulled out a photo.

People sitting at the bar could see the hand coming out and reaching into the candy box.

He reached into his pocket, wanting to take a video of his wife, who had jumped after him.

Emeka never blinked but reached into his pocket and handed her fifty pieces of N1,000 notes.

In fact we could nearly shorten the whole process by getting her to reach into her handbag for 500 and hand it to him.

But most of all, I hate it when our government flexes its muscles and reaches into other countries just to be a bully.

He's cooking, hands a bit dirty, needs something, reaches into that cabinet or drawer -- without rinsing or wiping his hands off.

She later told Peter that when she got on the platform and reached into her bag for her car keys, she found her Kit-Kat in there.

In 7% of cases reach in is used

The stage reached in each case need not always be the same.

One of them reached in the victim's pocket and pulled his wallet.

The Port Antonio 54 mile extension from Bog Walk was reached in 1896.

Even four years after the ICAljudgement, a conclusion was reached in Charan Lal Sahu v.

But its potential is not being reached in primary schools, and it's not much better in secondary schools.

You should know what was promised and where the government has reached in implementing projects set at your places.

Reach in the barrel and grab some crackers, I will cut you a slab of cheese and top it off with a hunk of Bean's ham.

And for Newsweek, it kind of opened them up to this whole new audience that they hadn't reached in probably decades.

The club's chairman, Ismail Aden Rage, said that the moves were reached in an executive committee meeting on Thursday night.

In 4% of cases reach with is used

I love SilverEfex -- because of the speed you will reach with this tool.

These two types of decisions can not be reached with the same degree of certainty.

Subsequently, respondents were reached with the reference of the previous respondent interviewed.

Nor did he know much about the agreements Roosevelt had reached with the Russians and British at Yalta.

Evander Kane may enter into contract limbo soon if a new deal can not be reached with the Winnipeg Jets.

He smiled broadly as he shook the President's hand and then reached with both hands to grasp Michelle Obama's.

Consent on the determination was reached with the four shire councils, 15 pastoralists, Ergon Energy and two mining companies.

There was also another spread in the SBP on the agreement that was reached with pharma which is expected to generate savings of 400m.

Easily reached with car rental from Thessaloniki airport and lying beside the sea, it has a hot sub-tropical climate in summer and a.

In addition there are over fifty islands and islets within Singaporean waters, all of which can be reached with varying degrees of ease.

In 4% of cases reach on is used

Thus no conclusion was reached on this day.

The cap was reached on August 22, 2011, according to their website.

An undisclosed settlement has been reached on the issue of liability and.

Reached on Thursday, Reber said he thought he gave that information to the dispatcher.

All sets must be completed as fluidly as possible and muscular failure must be reached on each.

For lawyers, decisions have to be reached on incomplete and at times artificially restricted data.

Final decisions are due to be reached on the size, shape and scope of a permanent financial rescue system being set up for January 1, 2013.

Looking back in time at the evolved consensus of the scholars, it could be concluded that an ijma of scholars had been reached on this issue.

Mountains in the Southern Alps towering 3,000 meters in the sky, massive glaciers that can be reached on foot and even the world's largest swing.

However, under section 146(2), if no consensus is reached on that matter, th e court records the issues on which the right decision of the case appears to depend.

In 3% of cases reach across is used

Technology will allow people to reach across them.

If Obama is doing this to reach across the aisle, then it's bad.

As a result, the GMEI does not establish the basis for a clear dialogue for reform that reaches across the secular-Islamist divide.

This multi-cultural celebration reached across every demographic in the region and for one hour or more, we were neither Americans nor Ghanians.

Reaching across the aisle limits your downside to about the same as your administration; but there's no real upside to it, not in this situation.

A heated exchange occurred into which a number of other issues intruded and eventually Lee lost his temper, and reportedly reached across the table and slapped Dhanabalan across the face.

As I'd staring, attempting to muster enough courage to look at the time, he reached across me, kissed the curve of my neck, grabbed the phone and said he couldn't believe we've slept so late.

In 3% of cases reach beyond is used

Number two, I must dare to reach beyond MY world.

TIP! Internet marketing can reach beyond the Internet.

What's next for Lisa Hype? Crazy singles, I am heading to reach beyond the stars.

Our job is to set a bar high and work with and encourage them to reach beyond that.

It spends most of its time in the outer solar system, reaching beyond the orbit of Pluto.

He is an actor who is able to reach beyond the film screen, and the screen that we wear over our deepest.

Through the ages, people have reached beyond their own borders to obtain essential, valued, or exotic materials.

From its earliest days, OUP has reached beyond the shores of Britain to other parts of the world, carrying its values and ideals with it.

In attempting to reach beyond the perceived theoretical best practice, one perspective is to look for ways to reach large multiples of that practice.

Swiss civil law does not reach beyond Switzerland and Landis will not find himself wearing an orange jumpsuit and handcuffs and extradited to the Vevey courthouse.

In 2% of cases reach from is used

At present it encircles the world and reaches from pole to pole.

The Picton Terminal This terminal can be reached from either Auckland Street or London Quay.

Bingo! We had another room in the flat, an outdoor one which was reached from the tiny kitchen.

The wine table sits at the perfect height to rest your glass without over reaching from your lounge chair.

Nonetheless, the best way to reach from Nagpur to Pune is by air as there are direct flights operating between the two cities.

Gaza threatens Sderot and Ashkelon but rockets can not, as yet, reach from Gaza to the main centres of population in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv.

How to get there Huhunya where the falls is located can be reached from both Koforidua and Accra directly or from Somanya, the Yilo Krobo District capital.

It seems to be a cultural phenomenon most prevalent in an area reaching from Eastern Turkey through the Arab countries of the Middle East to Central Asia, Pakistan and Northern India.

In 2% of cases reach between is used

All the while the majority of Tamils were hoping that some compromise would be reached between the T.

Hours after Stephens recanted his story of the underage sex allegation a settlement was reached between the two parties.

A new chapter has also been opened by the understanding reached between the Islamic Republic of Mauritania and the Kingdom of Morocco.

If no agreement is reached between Democrats and Republicans then around $7 trillion of tax rises and spending cuts will automatically go into effect.

In 2% of cases reach through is used

She can be reached through her website.

Apart from that, it can be reached through email or phone.

Silver market can be reached through paper investments also.

Dialogic truth is that reached through interaction, and this truth precedes restorative truth.

The DoE officials can also be reached through phone or could be written about any environmental issues.

This, according to the different stakeholders present, can be reached through content partnerships with authentic content generators.

Thin streams of moon light reached through the gap and she felt the cool and crisp night air on her skin, raising goose bumps on her thin body.

The online portal offers a reliable directory of competent Construction Advisors, which can be effortlessly reached through the easy-to-find listings in the site.

The processing of genetic data must be indispensable, so that the same purposes can not be reached through the utilisation of anonymous genetic data or other kinds of personal information.

In 1% of cases reach before is used

It is most likely that the talks will be over and an agreement will be reached before the end of 2012.

The funding agreement specified the milestones that PWR must reach before the department makes each payment.

Often, a settlement between all the parties is reached before the trial date or sometimes on the day of the trial.

So you would need to move more to cover terrain that has been decimated by you, in addition to the areas you need to reach before a relationship could manifest.

In 1% of cases reach out is used

It's amazing how the driver could reach out of the machine and plug the cable in.

He then reached out of the car and handed me paper that was laminated; it had many perfumes on it.

In 1% of cases reach over is used

No official of Tazreen reached over the phone for their comments.

The two major political parties reach over each other to court a 12 million strong illegal, mostly uneducated group from Mexico.

Our events have reached over one million people, 10,000 people have watched our videos on YouTube, and over 8,000 people have joined our network.

This is why the Campaign to Fix the Debt and the rest of the deficit hawk industry will be operating at full speed at least until a budget deal is reached over the current impasse.

In 1% of cases reach after is used

I received a letter stating that my case is being returned because my application reached after the cap was full.

As with every occasion when women have resorted to this tactic, the decision was reached after profound frustration with other methods.

Start the climb with lunch packets passing through montane rain forest to Umbwe Cave camp (2,850m) which is reached after 3 -- 4 hours of hiking.

This is a resolution reached after consideration of the report of the auditor general of the federation on the activities of the federal ministry of works.

Reduction of the intraocular pressure in man starts about three to four hours after administration and maximum effect is reached after eight to twelve hours.

Philosophy is not dry intellectual gymnastics; it is the wisdom of life reached after careful reflection and investigation, without which life is but a dismal failure.

Day 7: An early wake up at around 01:00 hours for preparation and light breakfast before starting the final ascent to the crater rim (5,560m) which is reached after about 6 hrs.

Day 5: An early wake up at around 01:00 hours for preparation and light breakfast before starting the final ascent to the crater rim (5,560m) which is reached after about 6 hours.

Day 4: After breakfast at 08:00 hours, start the steep climb across rocky cliffs, stones and travel to Arrow Glacier camp (4,900m) which is reached after 2 -- 3 hours where hot lunch is served.

OR Day 5: ALTERNTIVE TWO - BARANCO TO LAVA TOWER After breakfast start the climb by crossing steep rocky cliffs heading North West towards the Lava Tower camp (4,600m) which is reached after 3 hrs.

In 1% of cases reach under is used

They both then reached under their coats and withdrew automatic weapons.

It was like there were arms reaching under my armpits and trying to push up and move my arms with it.

She then described how she had reached under the mattress for the same pistol she had used to kill her ex-husband, loaded it, and shot him in his sleep.

In 1% of cases reach up is used

The engineer reached up to a shelf and took down a bottle of whiskey.

I can say that i do nt reach up to every requriements cuz i only use Sony vegas.

I refer to the jackpot prize of the lottery in the Philippines reaching up to P 741 million (around US$ 16 million).

The server starts out as a two-socket system aimed at business customers but can reach up to four-sockets with an add-on module.

Upon closer inspections, I could see that it really is grapevines dangling within a tree near me, as I reach up and try to pull it out.

Tall varieties should always be chosen for agroforestry systems, because they can reach up to the upper levels intended for them, and thus fully develop.

Temperatures around the country can reach up to 40C in the height of the hot and rainy season (May to September ), but the northern highlands and Hanoi can often seem chilly and damp in the winter.

In 1% of cases reach via is used

Robison can be reached via his Gmail.

He can be reached via his website at www.

Access to information that is reached via hyperlinks from austria.

Kuching can be reached via the budget airlines flying from Singapore.

This family-friendly destination can be reached via a 45-minute ferry trip from Singapore's Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.

The cape is reached via a signed turnoff at the northern tip of the Cabot Trail, after you descend into the Aspy Valley.

Is it safe? As one is being operated from the back of the chest, not all the structures of the heart can be reached via this operation.

The research also found that users reached via paid media were more likely to purchase goods and services than the average Facebook user.

At the top of the mountain, which you can reach via a 20-minute, not too challenging walk, is a large bronze statue of Deng Xiaoping striding out over the city.

There are two peaks, Lesser Wutong where the Shenzhen TV Company has its handsome transmission tower, and Greater Wutong which is reached via the notoriously difficult Hao Han Slope.

In 1% of cases reach about is used

However, the best hard drives reach about 200MB/s (or 1.

By 2016, the average gas retail price will have reached about USD 6.

During the day, the temperature inside the pharmacy reaches about 40-45C.

Firstly, the conclusions reached about later abortion are not entirely accurate.

Likewise, I suspect that the conclusions that people reach about David Cameron and News International will not, primarily, be shaped by his decision to spend two days in Africa.

In 1% of cases reach within is used

The peak BAC is generally reached within 30 to 90 minutes after the peak BAC is achieved.

Maybe the work of hackers or simply a condition to the February 2005 deal reached within the dancehall industry and gay organisations.

Conveniently, once a bonfire is reached within this new realm, an entry is added to the list of warp destinations in your menu as well, making life a bit easier.

If the prize is not claimed within this time period, or if the winner can not be reached within fourteen (14) calendar days, a new draw will take place until a winner is confirmed.

Humayun Ahmed had reached within the aura of any Bangladeshi nationals who read his books, in ways others would not understand unless fathoming nuances of Bangladesh's voicing and intensity.

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