Prepositions after "raw"

"raw in", "raw for" or "raw with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 22% of cases raw in is used

The salmon was mostly raw in the center.

The last crash is too raw in their minds.

It is lovely and harsh and raw in my north.

How to go raw in practical terms -- what food?, what recipes?, what equipment? and so on.

Lee Soon-ok reported that prisoners even killed rats and ate them raw in order to survive.

The pidgin used for the local characters was raw in a way that allowed you to live the novel.

In recent years, Army intelligence has assumed a more significant role than the RAW in external intelligence collection.

Even the straw in the stable they regarded with suspicion, and thought it would be just as well not to bed anybody there.

If Aperture don't support X-pro1 raw in the near future and LR's raw conversion gets better, I may get tempted to switch.

There's only hubby and me but we get through 2 large caulis every week: steamed, baked, rice, raw in salads and now hummus.

In 14% of cases raw with is used

So it's still a bit raw with me.

It's even brilliant raw with salad cream.

I love to eat them raw with a bit of salt.

Apples are best eaten raw with the skin as most nutrients are concentrated on the skin.

Yes, the situation is still raw with us and it was emotional tonight and it will be again.

Summers's voice is raw with emotion and utterly right for the impending zombie apocalypse.

When I met the bereaved couple this week at their small flat, they were still raw with grief about their baby's death.

What's happening in SL is starting to feel like an itch in the crotch, which will get increasingly raw with scratching.

There is no poem for this fight, for watching the mild mannered lose their voices from screaming chants, feet raw with marching.

My wife's passing is still very raw with me and I go down regular to spend some time with her and this can get emotional at times.

In 13% of cases raw for is used

His stories are too raw for me.

Things are still so raw for you.

I have shot in raw for years now.

It has to be raw for maximal benefit, but boy does it make a mess -- especially in my hands.

At Michigan this tool was casually referred to as the raw or cooked carrots test (raw for me).

Thankyou for such an honest post, particularly when the emotions are all still very raw for you.

When you get tired of plain rice and crave vitamins, eat nothing but a head of cauliflower or 5 carrots raw for dinner.

For myself, even though I was eating mostly raw for 2 years, my detox symptoms came only 3 weeks after I turned 100% raw.

Of course I realise the events of 1972 are raw for many people in Derry, but it's a bit depressing if McClean's one of them.

I started on living food at age 36 and I've been eating raw for about 32 months so I'd almost there! Be patient with yourself.

In 7% of cases raw from is used

I would love to see a RAW from this thing.

Maybe I'd still a little raw from the sting of that.

Mu slim M iddle Easterners d raw from varied sources o f inspiration and knowledge.

And her male companion looked on as she munched away on the small animals raw from the sea.

They look at RAW from Monday, Impact from Thursday, and preview Hell In The Cell this coming Sunday.

If the landowners believe it is so great then I invite them to drink a glass of it, raw from the tap.

I haven't really gotten up the courage to read through the entire thread, because I'd still raw from writing what I did.

And also I am playing wrestling games named WWE Smack down vs Raw from 10 years and when I play I write all the matches.

In sum it looks so unappetizing that a whole live octopus raw from a Korean market (sannakji) would have been preferable.

Converting back to RAW from JPG after Photomatix has done its business accomplishes nothing but a change in file extension.

In 7% of cases raw on is used

He ate some of the man's flesh raw on his way home.

It is perfect for a dessert or just raw on its own.

Red Raw on Wednesdays gives you ten acts for only 2.

The pizza came back browner on the top but still raw on the bottom (thin crust, not thick).

The wound is still pretty raw on this subject but its somewhat pulling the family a bit closer.

If he shows up on RAW on 11/26 still as the WWE Champion he will have seventh place to himself.

I am very impressed with its abilities, I shoot RAW on not just M but also A and S modes, something I never do on the SLR.

Give it too much gas, too quickly? The coffee equivalent of cooking a frozen turkey; roasted on the outside and raw on the inside.

Next time McCain and Graham go out to Arlington National Cemetery, they deserve to have their noses rubbed raw on those grave stones.

It was followed in 1963 by A Little Raw on Monday Mornings and in 1965 by Take Me Where the Good Times Are, also critically acclaimed.

In 6% of cases raw to is used

Anyhow, it is fresh and raw to me but.

I'd raw to the point of bleeding, still trembling from shock and pain-echoes.

If added raw to a batter or dough, they don't have enough moisture to cook through.

But I refuse the petal-scented water of devotion, and make my compassion raw to the bone.

In this context, CIA also got the services Mossad and RAW to fuel sectarian violence in Iraq.

The conch has many uses that ranges from eating it raw to cooking it in soups, stews or fried.

Tiger (Salman Khan) is an Indian intelligence officer who's sent by RAW to Dublin to keep an eye on a science professor.

I use Canon Digital Photo Professional for white balance and exposure adjustments, and convert froM RAW to JPG conversion.

In the kitchen Salmonella may be transferred from raw to cooked food by hands, contact with kitchen surfaces and equipment.

Cooking is my very own way of distressing me as it is so therapeutic when I see the food transforms from raw to edible one.

In 4% of cases raw as is used

They can be cooked, dried or eaten raw as a snack.

Import duty on raw as well as refined sugar is 10%.

Vahanian's wrists were raw as the obstinate ropes frayed.

The fleshy seeds can be eating raw as a snack or make a great addition to salads and soups.

It is nearly always eaten raw as a fruit here -- I have never seen it cooked or baked in any dish.

The roots of the sweetest varieties are sometimes eaten raw as a between-meals snack or thirst quencher.

You food plate should include both raw as well as cooked food like it should include both salads as well as the main meals.

But again try to focus on the fact that these feelings will lessen over time and will feel less raw as the days and weeks pass.

The dried Mopane caterpillars are either eaten raw as a nice, crispy snack, or rehydrated and cooked with vegetables and spices.

Kohlrabi can be eaten raw as well as cooked and is best used in fresh salads or steamed or boioled and served with your favourite meat.

In 4% of cases raw at is used

Try RAW at any ISO and the XP1 is cleaner.

Improving, but still quite raw at this level.

Aubry is still filling out his frame and is very raw at this point.

Personally I think Marincin is a little more raw at this point in his development though.

I guess the ratings werent good since even Raw at that time wasnt pulling in good numbers.

Stevan Jovetic is out for the season and his stand-in Adem Ljajic is still a bit raw at this level.

Although I recovered from the flu on time for our conference, my voice was still a little raw at the start of this week.

A 0-0 draw at Genoa was still a decent result but then Lazio crashed to a 2-1 defeat against relegation-bound Lecce at the Olimpico.

Cultural Olympiad Dance -- Don't miss Streb: RAW at the Roundhouse Community Center January 22 nd to 24 th for five performances only.

By adding garlic raw at the end of your recipe, instead of cooking with it, you'll preserve all the anti-cancer properties, says Modem.

In 4% of cases raw of is used

And with it comes the final RAW of the Bush administration.

We footage from RAW of Miz ' involvement with Team Hell No.

So people who are saying this will be best raw of all time.

The main export from Saxon London was wool, either raw of woven.

Raw of India were tryingto outwith CIA then but now they are partners.

Music is country only when it touches the deepest and rawest of emotions.

I'd proud to show originality; to share with you people the raw of my thoughts.

There sure is reason to be wary, lest the people once again get the raw of the deal.

I skimmed through a raw of the movie but never really cared to find a translated version.

By virtue of a storage miscalculation I only have DNxHD from a Black Magic Hyperdeck Shuttle of one angle and RAW of another.

In 2% of cases raw after is used

Our emotions are raw after two difficult losses.

Most are eaten raw after having been thoroughly washed.

Feelings were still raw after the end of 30 years of conflict.

His wrist is going to be raw after all his snapping, I thought.

It is fried, steamed, stewed, grilled or eaten raw after being dressed in vinegar and limejuice.

On the Raw after the St Valentines Day Massacre, X-Pac and Triple H faced off against Kane and Shane.

The problem is that on the Raw after Hell in a Cell they spent three hours telling us it would be Team Punk vs.

How long can celery be kept in the fridge? Is it still safe to eat raw after one month? Recommended storage time for celery in the refrigerator is 2 weeks.

Addie and Mo run down the show start to finish and give their thoughts on all the outcomes of the matches and what may be in store for RAW after the post main event hijinks.

I'd pretty confident in the kitchen but my slow cooker scares me a bit, which was exacerbated by my first attempt at using being a total disaster and it coming our more or less raw after 7 hours.

In 2% of cases raw about is used

Even now, a day later, and I'd still feeling raw about it.

There is something very real and raw about rustic small towns and villages.

There's something very raw about tilting your face up towards the sky as it pours.

I've been very honest and raw about my experience throughout this journey and Christina's journey to recovery.

The only reason anyone should be raw about L4D is the fact it shipped without half the Versus levels, and the length of time it took to finally release them.

However the fact that a human being, might feel a little raw about someone mocking them with the death of their father - its not only possible but far more plausible.

Y'know, Adele is undeniably a pop star, but there's something very real and quite raw about her, and that's refreshing and there's no reason why that can't be the case.

I love biographies and memoirs, I don't read them often, but there is something so rare and raw about them that I can't help but simply adore the ones that I come across.

In 2% of cases raw by is used

So many people here seem rubbed raw by their anxiety.

It's back-breaking work and my hands are red raw by the time I've finished.

Sugar cane was used to sweeten dried fruit and was also chewed raw by the crew.

A large spot with 6 umbrae can receive a value of 15 raw by Locarno, compared to 16 raw by Catania.

He's a super-conservative Republican whose moral sensibilities are rubbed raw by the mere mention of the word ' abortion '.

Most of their nuts are exported raw by Indian traders who process them in their country and on-export the final product from there.

Mark Rowe reports The classic view of desertification is of wind-battered landscapes, denuded and rubbed raw by sand, with towns and villages transformed into dustbowls.

I have always been prone to chilblains and at this stage had them burning away not only on my fingers and toes, but also up the backs of both legs where they had been rubbed raw by my boots.

In 2% of cases raw vs is used

Well, we're going to sort through this mess on Saturday at our oopoomoo Talk, Raw vs.

Best wishes, Hi, new to this site, and have to agree with Dave above with RAW vs Jpeg.

Most photographers have no clue, and instead waste their creativity fretting about lens sharpness, raw vs.

They also look at Raw vs Smackdown right now and answer some mailbag questions on their favorite JR moments and their favorite songs in wrestling history.

The ratio of the good-vs-bad sites in its extreme (rural, non-airport, raw vs urban, airport, adjusted) being 1:10 is an indictment of the fundamental procedures.

Garbage in is garbage out no matter what format you orginally started with! Finally, there are very different considerations to be made in the field when shooting in raw vs.

In 1% of cases raw without is used

We need find a way to be raw without being boring as glue or being being animals.

Also part of me wants the opportunity to go raw without any moral anchors in the form of other characters.

Ghanian bloggers will even eat their chlidren raw without cooking the flesh once it has anything to do with nigeria.

Ghanian bloggers will even eat their chlidren raw without cooking the flesh was they have anything to do with nigeria.

I do fluctuate and still can't drink milk, not even raw without digestive upset but I can for example eat pizza or cheesecake.

Thanks for any suggestions! * It's better to shoot in JPEG than in RAW if you don't have enough space to shoot RAW without offloading until the whole day is done.

In 1% of cases raw over is used

When eating nuts, go for raw over roasted.

The amount of control you gain shooting RAW over jpeg can not be overstated.

The health benefits of drinking raw over pasturised milk are clear if you look into it.

Aftermath: Rumors swirled that a strike could happen the next night on Raw over the Screwjob.

The Italians are smarting from having lost their prime minister and the Greeks are a bit raw over the sado-austerity.

But anger is still raw over forced evictions that took place in 2007 when the mine was owned by Canadian company Skye Resources (since acquired by HudBay).

I find in nutritional practice and through observation of people on raw diets that they have a considerable measure of health and that people find they can be more raw over time.

In 1% of cases raw like is used

When the whalemeat is dry you chew it raw like chewing gum '.

The Apes preferred things that people eat raw like lettuce raw as well.

There was a bruise on his chin and his knuckles were red raw like meat.

It must have been a really hard time for you and even now in this post I get the feeling the emotions are still raw like it was yesterday.

The very same Neneh Cherry who, after her post-punk years in The Slits and Rip, Rig And Panic, invented the very notion of ' girl power ' on her 1989 solo album ' Raw Like Sushi '.

This would include having to win the 1998 Royal Rumble and taking part in various angles and matches on Raw like Austin's real life matches in this period against Kane and the Road Dogg.

Continue reading This week we will be featuring something really different and it will be dishes where meat is served or consumed raw like the Japanese Tataki and Raw Steak served on a Hot Lava Rock.

In 1% of cases raw into is used

Don't assume that data can be fed raw into the search engine.

Calcutta dumps close to 400 million tonnes of raw into Hooghly Estuary (Hinrichsen, 1990).

In the ectomorphic long body line of classic flapper proportions, this streetwear overhaul puts the raw into the Twenties ' roar.

Scenario 2 is very usefull in case you have converted many raw files to JPG/TIFF and you know, that your raw converter doesn't copy all metadata from raw into resulting JPG/TIF files.

In 1% of cases raw before is used

Last Raw Before WrestleMania Tickets Go on Sale Michael N.

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I watch it raw before the big Feast today.

It would require decoding of the stream, while the video already was raw before encoding.

Many boys would start eating their leek raw before morning break giving them an authentic welsh dragon breath by lunch time.

It seems like I predict it every month (you can laugh at me if you want ), but I think they will hold off possibly until TLC next month or maybe on Raw before the end of the year.

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