Prepositions after "rare"

"rare in" or "rare for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases rare in is used

Deficiencies are rare in the U.

Freedom is rare in the universe.

This is rare in the marketplace.

It is a dense forest dweller, found in Liberia and is considered to be rare in the wild.

Second, feeders and gainers are rare, but one is not more rare in relation to the other.

Madness is rare in individuals-but in groups, parties, nations, and ages it is the rule.

Cooking Kangaroo Minma has killed a large kangaroo-an animal that is becoming increasingly rare in the central desert.

Carnivores are rare in the forest, making Gombe the ideal place for a walking safari, or a swim in one of the streams.

Mourning rituals are rare in the animal kingdom, but have also been observed in whales, elephants, chimps and gorillas.

Other species are so rare in the wild that captive breeding is the only way to source sufficient numbers for release (e.

In 30% of cases rare for is used

It is rare for a diner waitress.

Rare for the Telegraph these days.

EXTREMELY RARE for sale on the Internet.

It should be fairly rare for a site to be missing as our index is pretty comprehensive.

It is rare for the PSC to receive allegations regarding political influence in staffing.

It is rare for the house to be so calm and to get the chance to focus on just one thing.

Geezer with the Tache, bit rare for a london skinhead to have a tache in those days wern't it? Great color photos Ed.

Wells had seen tight budgets before -- it was not rare for a family to drop by with $20 to stretch for a whole month.

It's quite rare for a cricket-crazy nation that is used to having near capacity stadiums during international matches.

Your condition is quite rare for the general population of HIV-positive people and perhaps hence the lack of much info.

In 9% of cases rare of is used

Pandas are the rarest of bears.

This is the rarest of occurrences.

The rarest of all are red diamonds.

Most of the time we hear about scam and corruption but punishment is rare of the rarest.

Add to the list the rarest of intellectuals, Prof Ralston Rex Nettleford, among others.

Fortunately, it is rare of the incompetence of a poorly-trained librarian to kill people.

The local and the high court had passed the death sentence on the alleged killer citing the rarest of the rare case.

The Rum Diary has been one of those rarest of Hollywood projects: a film completed with no interference by committee.

Or so says HTC, which has introduced that most rare of creatures -- a budget ' droid that doesn't taste of Gingerbread.

And for what purpose? We have a justice-delivery system where capital punishment to be given in rarest of rare cases.

In 4% of cases rare among is used

Joe Moser is rare among veterans.

Not only is hunger relatively rare among U.

Dancing joyously, quite rare among Swiss people.

In any case men with ' educated ' accents, though rare among tramps, are not unknown.

Unity is relatively rare among the political leadership and the population in general.

Let's assume that this is very rare among planets and rate it at only one in a million.

Such opulence, poise and technological sophistication make a combination that is rare among luxury Auckland hotels.

Ewing's tumors occur most frequently in the white population and is rare among African-Americans and Asian-Americans.

Image quality As well as JPEG shots the FZ200 also offers raw capture, a feature that's rare among superzoom cameras.

Atheism and agnosticism are believed to be rare among Malians, most of whom practice their religion on a daily basis.

In 2% of cases rare at is used

Laughter is rare at Norad since Sept.

By no means are they rare at hockey games.

Family oriented films were rare at that time.

I clearly experienced a warm feeling among people, which is so rare at the present time.

Despite this display of sagacity so rare at PEP meetings, the contract was approved 8-3.

You are so right, except I don't think it is that rare at Apple since the comeback began.

The place also included a refrigerated glass display case and air-conditioning, which were both very rare at the time.

One of the best things about the game, and rare at the time, were just how these henchmen worked with you in real time.

And can we blame him? Sure, people like Joe are extremely rare at this point -- the lost Amazonian tribe of mall-goers.

What they did in directly was actually make halal Chinese food, something that was considerably rare at that point in time.

In 2% of cases rare on is used

Such cases are rare on the whole.

Teenagers are fairly rare on the U.

Liberia fans are rare on the Internet.

But critics say breakthroughs that alter industry dynamics are rare on Sinofsky's watch.

Despite some stories to the contrary, silver and gold were extremely rare on the island.

Unfortunately this thread has been another example of how that can sometimes be rare on HP.

Enameled surfaces are rare on musical instruments, but the nameplates of Viennese fortepianos are often enameled metal.

One or two crossbars, sometimes removable, may be inside the frame, but this is increasingly rare on modern instruments.

Its metabolism is extraordinary and each pad produces a compound which is very rare on Bromonia, silicon dioxide -- sand.

In 1% of cases rare as is used

Birth is rare as a human being.

Continuity was a rare as a lunar eclipse.

Domination That's rare as a handful is often lost to the NHL.

And JC has that former-wingnut viewpoint that is still rare as a front-line commentator.

Hold the penalties rare as well as simple choice when choosing submissions are easy to understand.

This dish is healthy and rare as the nuts are only available during the months of July and August.

A mall this deserted is a sight that will grow increasingly rare as the money-driven spectacle that is Christmas approaches.

In most Western societies, immunisation is offered to all schoolchildren and congenital rubella is extremely rare as a result.

We have taken families with babies and young toddlers but this is rare as the trip to Nanga Sumpa involves a 1 hour longboat ride.

Although you can trigger player runs, if the CPU is left to its own devices an intelligent run is a rare as a genuinely humble footballer.

In 1% of cases rare from is used

Letters are so rare from Don that they are framed by the receivers.

Such behaviour is rare from African women, and is provocative and challenging.

I scoffed at the idea of people running the border, since it was fairly rare from my experience.

Shawwa says feedback from pros and peers is indispensable, yet increasingly rare from ever-busier publishers.

You will hear loads of stories of the chavs and virus approaching players/agents directly, but rare from our club.

Clinton's blunt language toward Israel was rare from an American administration, and that she was relaying the anger of Mr.

DuPont and Honeywell are also big consumers of fluorspar TCMR: Explain to me why fluorspar is so rare from a geological perspective.

The best solar eclipses are total or annular, but those are very rare from a particular location; from most places, you see a partial eclipse.

It was his magical performance that underlined France's grand win over England, an outcome which was considered rare from the European perspective.

Indeed it is rare from someone to go straight into this area at entrant level, so my advice is to get the solid grounding of a professional qualification first.

In 1% of cases rare to is used

We like to cook our steaks rare to medium-rare.

Not rare to you as you have access to tonnes of it.

Having no pain is a blessing as it is so rare to me.

It should be there in rare to rare cases like we have for example Ajmal Amir Kasab case.

Liver should be cooked medium rare to medium with just a little bit of pink in the middle.

It is rare to pre-divide the food for individuals in the table as it express a sense of discrimination.

A good fat piece of steak from sirloin upwards, cooked rare to medium-rare, has always been the best food man can eat.

Examples of these behaviors being criticized or condemned by Bush Republican leaders are extremely rare to non-existent.

His ability to take pride in his failures and accomplishments takes courage, dignity, and integrity (virtues rare to many).

The typical econ experience seems to be the following: 5-7 year PhD and finish with 0-1 publications (2 seems pretty rare to me).

In 1% of cases rare with is used

Problems are rare with new wells.

Happily such times were rare with him.

However, such deaths were rare with either policy.

Divorce is very rare with the Kikuyu's in spite of all the problems that women endure.

Any helpful interactions going on is by all odds super rare with the astronomic amount.

They are rarer with a higher degree of craftsmanship as they come from one distillery only.

The bar broke with a tremendous snap which is quite rare with white chocolate, which is often ' waxy ' and rather limp.

The ultimate culprit would be that the egg had been fertilised - very rare with cheap battery eggs but can still happen.

Conclusion Changes to the parliamentary voting system in New Zealand have been rare with just three changes in 158 years.

Once in a blue moon I feel 25 -- usually when I've had eight hours ' sleep, which is rare with three children under seven.

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