Prepositions after "rape"

"rape by" or "rape in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 62% of cases rape by is used

The lady was raped by 3 men and worse one of them was just 21.

Melbourne man Stephen Woods was 14 when he was raped by Ridsdale.

She was found guilty of adultery after she was raped by a relative.

Haboon, 56, said her neighbor's 17-year-old daughter had been raped by Ethiopian troops.

We have, for instance, cases of schoolgirls being raped by their teachers or older students.

A 13-year-old boy raped by a tourist, is taken off the streets by a woman but not sent to school.

Abused by her mother, raped by her father, she grows up poor, angry, illiterate, fat, unloved and generally unnoticed.

Last week, the 25-year-old restaurant worker alleged that she was raped by three policemen at the Prai police station.

How was she able to find a man willing to marry a girl, who had been repeatedly raped by a big hairy mormon wookie? I would.

One has more chance of getting justice from a phone throwing film star than from getting justice after being gang raped by an NRL player.

In 19% of cases rape in is used

My daughter was gang raped in 2000 by the Skaf gang.

Never mind the mountain is being raped in the process.

I was raped in the dark and held at knife point after by a total stranger.

Years ago traveling in Afghanistan I met a young Englishman who was raped in Kabul.

When the Penan women were raped in 2008, her ministry dragged their feet in the investigation.

There is a high number of women that report being sexually assaulted and raped in the military.

I mean, not just have an opinion that a raped woman should have to carry a child -- have her be raped in the future.

But who finds and organizes those programs? Self healing is a huge part of what is being done for women who were raped in the Congo area.

Nancy said, on May 24th, 2011 at 3:39 pm First, if you are afraid of being raped in prison and have to join a hate group that is survival, but DO NOT GO TO PRISON< DO THE CRIME DO THE TIME.

Just because YOU havent had that experience, does nt mean others are not having it right now, go ask the 50 or so women in jail for being raped in Pakistan ror the acid face victims of Saud and Iran.

In 4% of cases rape at is used

Women were also raped at gunpoint.

The girl unexpectedly revealed she was raped at age 12.

Now if we could just import some more indigenous people to rape at will and make it legal to shoot people over simple arguments.

The screams and pleading of a young, attractive girl, whom three soldiers were trying to rape at gun point, still echoes in my ears.

Hasecic, who was raped at the police station, has been refused permission to erect a plaque on the bridge to the memory of those who died.

In 3% of cases rape on is used

Girls were taken from an Approved School and raped on BBC property.

They said that they felt virtually every woman in TZ is raped on a regular basis, because it is not the woman's right to say no to sex.

In 3% of cases rape for is used

After all, no woman has yet been beaten up, imprisoned or raped for not wearing a bikini to the beach.

Description: A 14-year-old girl was allegedly gang-raped for more than seven months by four youths of her village.

NOW! 14 yr old gang raped for more than 7 months in Chandauli Action Taken: An FIR has been registered against all four accused and the girl has been sent for medical examination.

In 1% of cases rape with is used

We claim women are the pride and honour of the family and yet they are molested, assaulted and raped with impunity.

In 1% of cases rape before is used

I've had a woman claim to be raped before and it's really awful because once the word rape get into a conversation there's judgement before evidence.

In 1% of cases rape because is used

She is pronounced as raped because of her age.

Rape doesn't happen because of the stupidity/immaturity of the victim, If it did, all of us would be raped because we were immature and young once.

In 1% of cases rape as is used

I was raped as a young boy and it has taken me nearly 30 years to begin to deal with it.

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