Prepositions after "rampant"

rampant in, among, with, on or throughout?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 56% of cases rampant in is used

They're RAMPANT in Mitsumete Knight.

Poverty is also rampant in the country.

They believed it was rampant in the West.

Instability is still rampant in the north, where Islamists reign largely uncontested.

Poverty is rampant in this province, and with it, its accompanying twin evil, hunger.

And the sentiments of racism and classism, elitism are very rampant in that community.

Anyone, raised catholic, who is honest and aware, can tell you that guilt and repression are rampant in the church.

Why have ethno-religious crises been so rampant in the country in the last few years? It has a political dimension.

Don't forget, Librano indoctrination is rampant in the universities, and soon, coming to a daycare centre near you.

This was based on frequent observations that child labour is rampant in the tourism industry along the Kenyan coast.

In 6% of cases rampant among is used

These types of stories were rampant among us.

He said drug consumption is rampant among celebrities.

Cholera was also rampant among people of other age groups.

That's hypocrisy, something very rampant among the Left, as much as in Christianity.

The failure to mourn power that is crumbling is rampant among the Catholic monarchy.

The pollution levels mean that waterborne diseases run rampant among many villages that use water from the river.

In the modern world, cheating is very rampant among couples and has been proven to be the number one home wrecker.

As for the cricket administration, it is a known fact that corruption and mismanagement is rampant among the ranks.

Suicide, alcoholism, divorce, and unemployment were more rampant among veterans of Vietnam than of any other war in U.

In 5% of cases rampant with is used

Stress is rampant with my co-workers.

HATE IS RAMPANT with most Liberals tho '.

Facebook is rampant with such self-aggrandizement.

The electoral college is a good ' ol boy system rampant with bribes and corruption.

Villa's heads went down and City ran rampant with three further goals in 10 minutes.

The sence of deja vu is rampant with scenes and sections ripped from the original movie.

But look at our public hospitals, S*itholes run by public service administrators rampant with inefficiency and MRSA.

My sympathy is with the journalists who try to do their job, in a time rampant with lies, spin, myth and propaganda.

I have a hard time seeing how watching some perverse, R-rated comedy that is rampant with sex jokes couldn't be a sin.

Mob justice still remain rampant with society taking law into own hands due to lack of confidence in the judicial system.

In 5% of cases rampant on is used

Corruption is rampant on all levels.

The mindset is rampant on this ' site.

This is rampant on the internet in general.

For some reason, despite spelling checkers, bad spelling runs rampant on the Internet.

You can see into them as you walk past, while kids and pigs run rampant on the grounds.

It talks a big game about freedom of speech, but censorship is rampant on the radio and tv.

How can countries address large scale problems that amount to the same kinds of troubles that still run rampant on the.

That to me is just one example of how devastating the myths and misinformation, that is rampant on the Internet, can be.

Back in the 1980s, when the city was full of graffiti artists and squeegee men, crime ran rampant on the streets of New York.

I think I'll stick with Rush, Dick Morris, and Rasmussen and not buy into the eeyorism that is rampant on our side of the aisle.

In 4% of cases rampant throughout is used

FGM is rampant throughout the Somali community.

Black on Black crimes are rampant throughout the world.

This issue is rampant throughout the osCommerce 3 codebase.

Racism in different shapes and forms is still rampant throughout the Caribbean.

Gays and other perversions are rampant throughout most major Muslim metropolises.

This is to say nothing of the myriad principal-agent problems with incentives rampant throughout the system.

The worship of wine infused deities such as Osiris and Dionysius was also rampant throughout the ancient world.

We look forward to proving the criminal misconduct rampant throughout our government and economic system in court.

In 3% of cases rampant at is used

Graft and corruption are rampant at every level of government.

We had played some great stuff swashbuckling and rampant at times.

Sexual harassment is not rampant at TAM and the people that claim it is are dishonest.

Hazard was the next one to be kept out by De Gea and Chelsea were rampant at this point.

We also know that affirmative action grading has been rampant at Harvard for many decades.

Looking at the list above, we see that acne, bad air days, and psychiatric illnesses should be rampant at the equator.

Corruption was also rampant at the sub registrar's office related to land transactions in the peripheral areas of the city.

Caste system is quite rampant at the village level (there are several villages in TN which still use the two tumbler system i agree here.

In 2% of cases rampant across is used

This is rampant across the internet.

Mosolov, rampant across the peninsula.

Church planting is rampant across Qld too.

They think that GM plants are running rampant across the US and killing people as we speak.

As most Nigerians know, corruption in Nigeria is entrenched, endemic and rampant across the land.

I believe that Romney lost this election due to voter fraud, which was rampant across the country.

Note that segregation and racial prejudice were still rampant across the land in 1954, when his statement was made.

Brian said that that there are two diseases running rampant across America and much of the industrialized world today.

Geoengineering is more than rampant across New Zealand and all the deniers in the world won't stop folk understanding that.

There are a myriad of armed factions that continue to run rampant across the nation nearly a year after the end of the civil war.

In 2% of cases rampant through is used

Must be some sort of mass delusion that is running rampant through Housewives.

I couldn't believe the racism that ran rampant through Haskell and even still.

It was a practice running rampant through the colleges/universities by young women.

Plagiarism is a problem that is running rampant through universities and colleges today.

There were dangerous diseases about, but they were not running rampant through the population.

All this, mind you, with speculation of a Jason Spezza trade running rampant through the city.

Not one of them has done anything to correct the corruption that runs rampant through the public sector.

Given the good faith and extremely real compassion running rampant through both parties, this was surprising.

Locking people up, punishing with fines, and letting gangsters run rampant through the streets doesn't seem to be working.

In 2% of cases rampant for is used

Malpractice is rampant for a reason.

A common perception is that nepotism is rampant for this particular show.

The global economic chaos that started in 2008 had run rampant for almost 4 years.

River blindness has been rampant for years in Northern Uganda in areas along riverbanks.

Rumors about bin Laden's suffering from kidney-related afflictions had been rampant for years.

Plus, from my observation, there is a stigma running rampant for those who just don't understand.

Herpes has been rampant for a very long time, and I suspect you've mixed it up with HPV in causing cervical cancer.

Thus no evidence of Jesus has ever existed and this explains why the manufacture of fake relics has been necessary and rampant for the last 2000 years.

I also thought the Level 5 guys would be running rampant for awhile, too, but I'd sure they'll get into zany adventures with the captured Hiro and Ando.

Malaysian public intellectual believes that propagating fear and hatred of Muslims is not a new phenomenon and has been rampant for more than a thousand years.

In 1% of cases rampant within is used

This problem is absolutely rampant within the U.

Sexually transmitted disease is rampant within the country.

Sabotage was rampant within BN in 2008 -- this is a cancer in progress.

Wang Ming's line represented bourgeois thinking which was once rampant within our Party.

This would cut down on wastage that is rampant within the supply management approach currently under public provision.

Its manifestation set precedents for much of the double-dealing and covert activities that run so rampant within United States Government political system today.

P's and the Health and Disability Commissioner's Office work hand in hand to cover up the deceit, ommissions, and fabrications rampant within the NZ medical profession.

Urban legends about police torture and even disappearances, while in custody are rampant within the community and most people would do almost anything to avoid that fate.

No wonder then, the proposed election of Commissioners this very week has been ignored by the majority of voters, the apathy and general mistrust of MPs and MEPs is rampant within the UK.

In 1% of cases rampant about is used

I'd not quite as rampant about things like this as some people.

The jokes have been running rampant about lonely housewives kick starting their sex lives after reading this book.

The rulers have set the monks rampant about some mosques just to take him out of the prominence he is getting from the media after his release.

The company reportedly receives around 7 percent of the US military budget on its own -- and with that, my imagination runs rampant about what I'd likely to see.

With rumors running rampant about a new iPad mini, and perhaps even a refresh of its smallest MacBook Pro, it's clear that Apple's next event will focus on the small things.

Almost since the minute that The Amazing Spider-Man arrived in theaters this past July, speculation has been rampant about whether director Marc Webb would return for the sequel.

Rumors have been running rampant about the possibility of AMD releasing a dual GPU HD 7990 sometime this year so this announcement was expected, albeit in a slightly different fashion.

In 1% of cases rampant over is used

But the practice has been rampant over the years.

More still run rampant over the Dragon Throne, while above it a painted dragon plays with a giant mock pearl.

Incidents of theft of cargo at the port of Dar es Salaam have been rampant over the years forcing local and foreign traders.

Furthermore inadequate town and urban planning, squatting as well as rampant over development all contribute to this current water crisis.

It strikes me as a dangerous idea that we all have to pay for the mistakes of the industries which have ridden rampant over finite resources.

As they see no one defending their ability to save and increase their standard of living while the rich run rampant over the derivatives mkt.

Unfortunately it was drawn alongside Japan, who rode rampant over the hosts 47-0 in the quarterfinals to earn a berth against the Philippines who defeated China 14-7.

Many great people are fighting this gay agenda, that is running rampant over all of us and our families, they need support in their effort, as this is affecting all of us.

Unfortunately, they were drawn alongside Japan, who rode rampant over the hosts 47-0 in the quarter-finals to earn a berth against the Philippines, who defeated China, 14-7.

In 1% of cases rampant during is used

The Merseybeat was rampant during the 1960s.

Violence was rampant during those wartime days.

The lack of birth certificate was very rampant during those days.

Pyramid-schemes, Get-Rich-Quick schemes is especially rampant during a recession.

In Russia, on the other hand, corruption has run rampant during the past 20 years.

That's hardly surprising: risk aversion and fear run rampant during times of change.

That is the main trying aspect of the insane shopping extravaganza that is rampant during this season of the year.

The Black Death is the name given to a disease called the bubonic plague which was rampant during the Fourteenth Century.

Apart from the rips in the club's fabric caused by the factionalism that ran rampant during Hasler's departure, he has left another unwanted legacy.

In 1% of cases rampant because is used

Communalism is rampant because of it.

Child abuse is not rampant because of an absence of laws to protect children.

Even suicide has become so rampant because of extreme hardships the people are facing in his era.

In Uttar Pradesh, the situation is terrible -- corruption is rampant because of NRHM (National Rural Health Mission).

The practice of infanticide can not, however, be seen as irrevocably rampant because of their dire need for male children to guard themselves against their enemies.

I believe the bits in Halo 3 where she spouts weird stuff in the screen flashes is because she is starting to go rampant because of the Gravemind trying to hack into her.

In 1% of cases rampant as is used

The ' bears ' are rampant as the Dow Jones drops to 7,539 - down 512 points or more than 6%.

There'll be passion rampant as the week turns round so enjoy a round of horizontal folk-dancing.

Since the introduction of the system, speculation has been rampant as to exactly how much advantage Honda's gearbox confers.

Speculation is now running rampant as to whether the iPhone will be to the mobile phone market what the iPod is to the digital music market.

Unfairness, cheating had been so rampant as the Republican National Convention (RNC) approached, it was if I already knew it would be painful.

PLAYER RATING YAYA TOURE Left completely isolated early on by Mancini's formation and the tag-team of Modric and Khedira ran rampant as a result.

Speculation remains rampant as to what factors caused the shift in the regime's direction and what the regime's motivations really are in opening Burma now.

OR the reverse happens: Piracy becomes even more rampant as the requirements for legitimate gaming become even more expensive or exclusive to rich countries and people.

Such security breaches have amounted to significant financial losses and are becoming rampant as to seriously threaten industries, businesses, government offices and private citizens.

In the meantime, however, speculation over the state of their affairs (Kristen 's, in particular) continues to run rampant as the cast stomps all over the world on their global premiere slog.

In 1% of cases rampant around is used

Our financial system is failing and social unrest and instability is rampant around the world.

Reportedly, Gabriele acted to root out corruption which he saw as rampant around him at the Vatican.

The lock is for their own safety so you don't have a toddler running rampant around the house at night.

While these idiots run rampant around the system, there's always the ones that keep them in line and have a lot of fun doing it.

Six years later, it's still running rampant around the world, in new ' stealth ' versions that are ever more difficult to detect.

Here local Maori and sealers formed a community, and around 100 years later fennel was reportedly growing rampant around the island.

We're joined in the studio by Lindsay McGrail and Stephanie McNeal about Love Never Fails, an organization that helps fight this unspeakable crime, rampant around the world and in the U.

It would have made him a responsible human being with no lust, no greed and no easy-profit making engine through exploitation of others by using fraudulent trade practices that are rampant around us.

In 1% of cases rampant amongst is used

It is rampant amongst politicians.

Factionalism is rampant amongst political groups of all types.

As always, double standards and hypocrisy are rampant amongst the left.

Oh Lord, please save us from the madness that is rampant amongst those who purport to lead us.

Drug addiction is rampant amongst the lumpen youths, in major cities in the north, particularly Kano.

The drug can be accessed by people of all ages and its usage is rampant amongst senior high teens and college pupils.

It was a horrific experiment overseen by the US Public Health Service in which the disease to run rampant amongst poor black men.

The above situation was not only rampant amongst drivers but also within the circles of police officers who got posted round the country.

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