Prepositions after "quote"

"quote from" or "quote in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases quote from is used

I think he quoted from the Qur'an.

To quote from the 60's no justice, no peace.

I quite often quote from his work in these emails.

The article you quote from the FBI is just a guess on their part based on Milne's book.

A quote from from the late 1950s from an inspection report for a Dorset grammar school.

From my knowledge, you're quoting from the Old Testament which is what the Jews follow.

The truth is that all the religious zealots had to do was simply quote from SV for anger, shame and hurt to be felt.

PS: this information were Quoted from more than one topic &; Merged in one by me &; i added some information to it.

The narrative shifts from the author's reflections, and quotes from MG's papers, to reminiscenses by peers and academics.

As I lack notes and quotes from the meeting, I refer to the Irish Catholic feature on the support speaker, Gerry McGeough.

In 33% of cases quote in is used

Quoted in The Man and His Message, pg.

Earle, as quoted in the book Rose Garden Memories.

Quoted in Sunday Times (London, December 27, 1987).

Leonid's meteor I did a web search on the astronomer quoted in the article, Leonid Sokolov.

RATES All rates are quoted in PHP and converted to Australian Dollars at the time of transaction.

That's the comment made by Rachel Mills, a spokeswoman for the retiring congressman as quoted in U.

You can also use these quote in determining which particular auto Transport Company provides the best deal out there.

A Rg Vedic hymn to the Asvins (Mercury and Venus ), quoted in the Mahabharata, also refers to the twelve zodiacal signs.

It is quoted in another Hadith that those who beat their head and scream out and rip their clothes, I am unhappy with them.

In 14% of cases quote by is used

As a writer quoted by Guillaume on p.

Instruments quoted by Customer price request 4.

Instruments quoted by Customer price request 3.

These tweets may contradict those quoted by the Guardian above or may simply be later.

The validity of my assessment has been proved by the prices quoted by the registered suppliers.

He was recently quoted by Steinberg, makers of one of the world's best music software for pianos on their website Steinberg.

He said Nanjing quoted the price of 5 million dollars, against the prices quoted by various bidders ranging from highs of 23.

This Chilean perception of a stagnant political class matches a Giro Pa-s opinion poll from early this year, quoted by Velasco.

In 5% of cases quote on is used

Back to the number quoted on my dispatch note.

Not one of the awusa elite quotes on which Prof.

As for those Roberto Martinez quotes on Victor Moses.

It probably should not surprise me that I had a hard time finding quotes on endurance.

While it didn't have any answers I could quickly &; easily forward to you, it did have your post quoted on it.

Intellectual property rights are asserted for all authors quoted on this site, and for the selection of material.

Communicate, communicate and communicate again! If you can not come and quote on my job for three weeks, tell me that.

I was asked to quote on a feature and after I sent it in I was challenged that the feature shouldn't take as long as I quoted.

But that overstated the value of these small benefits when advisers are quoting on higher sums - $500k, $1m, and $2m are common.

In 4% of cases quote for is used

I quote for time allowed, excess is billable.

Developer reserves the right to quote for any updates as separate work.

And the figures you quote for benefit fraud are figures that originate from the Labour Party.

Please note that in each case the specified rate quoted for the investment period will still apply.

I have been asked often enough at craft fairs if I would take less than the price I've marked or quoted for a handcrafted item.

The tenacity with which the conventional view is held results in few items of reference that can be quoted for a possible alternative.

What Jayawardena has conveniently forgotten is that this is not a short-term, single cargo supply -- which is what the registered suppliers would quote for.

The figure of 12 million is always quoted for Samba, but with Blackburn cash rich following the P Jones transfer we maybe fortunate to get him at that price.

He was quoted for saying he would return to the squad in the latter stages of this year but this writer's checks revealed that Gyan was on the touchlines warming up for a return soon.

In 3% of cases quote at is used

If gold quotes at $1,600 per ounce (around 31.

The bonds performed well in the secondary market and were quoted at 100.

A doorman, quoted at the blog of Rob Fisher, occasional commenter over these parts.

The only figure I can find in the contract is for Ali Cat, quoted at 28 gallons per hour.

But a bank with a solid reputation -- like HDFC Bank -- is quoted at five times book value.

Oil then had one of its sharpest reversals on record as the leverage was unwound, closing the year quoted at $45.

Alexander Smit, one of Maharaj's prominent Western disciples, has a nice way of looking at the paradox of needing a guru vs going it alone, quoted at http: **39;9164;TOOLONG.

Alexander Smit, one of Maharaj's prominent Western disciples, has a nice way of looking at the paradox of needing a guru vs going it alone, quoted at http: **39;9242;TOOLONG.

However, as we have seen in the verse quoted at the beginning of this chapter, Allah Almighty has promised to continually renew the challenge of the Qur'an throughout the ages.

Chanka was faithful to liberal principles enunciated by all significant liberal thinkers but particularly so to those of John Stuart Mill whom he was quite fond of quoting at the drop of a hat.

In 2% of cases quote to is used

One reason is that intrade prices are quoted to 3 digit precision -- viz.

Spread the word amongst your brethren, don't go bible quoting to PZ's blog.

Perhaps she may also quote to him virtues of tolerance, even as he fumes at the injustice of being attacked by strangers.

Generally when you ask the price of something, the price initially quoted to you is 30% to 50% higher than what the seller will accept.

In 1% of cases quote as is used

Nowadays he is quoted as an expert.

A figure of US$90 million has been quoted as the nest egg, or close to RM300 million.

It is often quoted as a measure of repeatability for biochemical assays, when an assay is carried out on several occasions on the same sample.

In 1% of cases quote of is used

And there are numerous examples I can quote of strange English idioms.

Numerous other examples could be quoted of how tourism is working as part of the solution for threatened ecosystems.

In 1% of cases quote out is used

Hah! And now, paradoxically, you are saying that verse above is quoted out of context.

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