Prepositions after "quit"

quit in, on, as, after or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 21% of cases quit in is used

When the Who first called it quits in 1982, Pete Townshend was 37.

I quit in July 2011 when I realized I would be cheating myself if I didn't.

A second reason is the players who get into the national team not quit in a hurry.

He could not even facilitate communication between Laxman and Dhoni and the former had to quit in a huff.

I understand that two further No 10 advisers are quitting in the autumn, in despair at the general sense of drift.

Also, in Serbia, the head of the central bank quit in August over attempts by the government to exercise greater control.

Or even a percentage, since higher level games would then mean higher level players lose more than those quitting in early games.

When asked about their smoking behaviour at the time of the index call, 97% were smokers and 3% had quit in the week prior to calling the Quitline.

V Sumantran, who worked in Detroit with GM for 17 years, joined Tata Motors in November 2001 as executive director in charge of PVs; he quit in August 2005.

Instead, the minister responsible for the policy, Nick Herbert, quit in the recent reshuffle, while the rest of the Government seems to regard the whole process as a mild embarrassment.

In 15% of cases quit on is used

It would be nice if he quits on his own.

Wanna-be stars with poor leadership who quit on the team to play elsewhere.

The Eagles have quit on coach Reid and look ripe for the taking against a sneaky-good Dallas team tonight.

He was released from hospital less than a month afterwards, but Muamba was advised to quit on medical advice.

New NTB CEO Saliya Rajakaruna, CEO/Director at the Nations Trust Bank quit on 15th September at the end of his contract.

It's not just quitting on yourself, it's quitting on your country -- and this country needs and values the talents of every American.

Totti called it quits on his international career after the 2006 triumph, and no one should get to pick and choose when they are up for it again.

I, for one, am saddened, most of all, by the fact that, in 2001, he quit on me, you and every other Canadian when he chose another country over ours simply to receive a foreign honour.

In 8% of cases quit as is used

So just go quit as of this writing and draw attention away from your New Year's resolution alive, 7 day slimming pill reviews.

He quit as a trustee of Vermont's Middlebury College after Lehman went bankrupt in September 2008, upending credit markets worldwide.

Lygo? Thoughtful of Andy Duncan to quit as head of C4 ahead of the RTS conference in Cambridge last week, prompting much jostling to succeed him.

In 7% of cases quit after is used

He should have quit after the Cain beating.

She says she quit after her colleagues begged her to return to her job at a social agency that helps immigrant women in Nova Scotia.

I felt a bit better when I woke up on 15th July so decided to try an 8 mile run but I wanted to quit after 4 miles but managed to drag myself home.

In 7% of cases quit at is used

But the transmission quit at 68,000 miles, just before the warranty ran out.

These kinds of awning could be still quit at an office no matter the weather.

After a week my friend told the school he'd be quitting at the end of the following week.

I used to do martial artist (I quit at my black belt) and nothing ever happened to me and my glasses.

I was really in two minds whether to carry on, but my natural cowardliness won in the end and I quit at the end of the seventh lap (about 8.

Of the 35 people who had called again, reasons for doing so mainly related to seeking help in making another quit attempt (40%) or help to stay quit (20%).

The 3 week survey sought information about caller appraisal of the Quitline service, receipt and appraisal of the Quit book, any early quit attempts, and cessation.

Attempts to quit smoking occurred disproportionately in the first 3 weeks after the index call, although by the 12 month follow up 80% of callers had made a quit attempt.

In 7% of cases quit for is used

Of the cohort who were smoking at baseline, 28% reported they had quit smoking at a one year follow up and 5% had been quit for an entire year.

Not one personnel move has been made, unless you count hitting coach Gregg Ritchie quitting for a college job he?? d been plotting for months.

In 5% of cases quit without is used

Your child care provider phones in sick, or quits without a moment's notice.

You will also be bonded to the govt for 5 years (I think is 5) and you won't be able to quit without forking out lots of $$ (again) if you find that you detest the job.

In 5% of cases quit with is used

But right here is exactly where these anti-Santa individuals quit with the compliments.

If you like each other, just get it on already and quit with the adolescent note-passing.

By continually attributing addictions to economic and social environments, it is making it 10 times harder for those addicts to quit with their own strength for their own well-being.

In 3% of cases quit by is used

If you are quitting by yourself, it is recommended that you stop smoking completely on your quit date.

I experienced some insanely unrealistic goals, own goals, defender and goalkeeper movements that led to the occasional rage quit by yours truly.

There are also medicines available on prescription, such as varenicline (brand name Champix) that can help you quit by reducing withdrawal symptoms and the urge to smoke.

In 3% of cases quit due is used

Tonio Borg from Malta is up for the job after his predecessor John Dalli quit due to a lobbying scandal.

In 3% of cases quit over is used

Mr Entwistle quit over Newsnight's reporting of north Wales child abuse and a shelved report on abuse by ex-BBC DJ Jimmy Savile.

In 2% of cases quit within is used

To be eligible, callers had to be calling for themselves, aged 18 years or older, and had to be current smokers or recent quitters (defined as having quit within the past week).

In 2% of cases quit like is used

I have a good feeling that teachers are quitting like nobody's business nowadays.

In 1% of cases quit upon is used

They ought to not quit upon failure, that confidence inside them is needed.

In 1% of cases quit since is used

However, if you were a smoker and have quit since taking out your original policy,.

In 1% of cases quit prior is used

Had he quit prior to the election, then the Dems could have appointed someone to run in his place.

In 1% of cases quit other is used

His love of the sport and his money he had no reason to quit other than as mentioned in the article, his very visible reactions to getting hit.

In 1% of cases quit of is used

And could a man, while on earth, be wholly quit of self-will and ownership, and stand up free and at large in God's true light, and continue therein, he would be sure of the Kingdom of Heaven.

In 1% of cases quit from is used

This represents nearly one third of the total number of smokers, and a 200% increase on the number of smokers who are actively trying to quit from the previous year.

In 1% of cases quit ahead is used

He was the lead singer and guitarist of the John Smyth Band and toured small cities for two years before suddenly quitting ahead of the release of a first album in 1997.

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