Prepositions after "question"

"question by", "question in" or "question about"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases question by is used

Hunter was then questioned by Mr.

Yet none of this was questioned by the Review Team.

As expected, the choice was questioned by the Visayans.

Morrison was questioned by reporters after he appeared again before the committee.

Lord Patten believes his future will be questioned by one area of the media in particular.

Amongst the list were also thousands of British customers who were picked up and questioned by Operation Ore.

And I went back after a month, knowing I'd be arrested, knowing I'd be questioned by the counterterrorism police.

If the show remains popular, then the ethnicity of the leads won't be questioned by anyone other than a minority.

Unfortunately simple, basic facts are being questioned by the left in a desperate act to conceal Obama's ineligibility.

During his five month long custody, source said, he was even questioned by Indian security agencies once in Saudi Arabia.

In 22% of cases question about is used

Asking everyone questions about me watching My little girl.

She was also questioned about the description of the weapon.

Each respondent would have to be questioned about more than 1,000 ties.

Iseme was closely questioned about her employment record and her high net worth.

Mathur was also questioned about the implementation of the first-come-first-serve policy.

They don't like to be questioned about stuff all the time, most guys are like that period.

Although Tacitus is questioned about the way he reproduced the speech of Emperor Claudius, in The Annals (11.

But if they are older, they could be tortured or left to starve, and I wouldn't be questioned about the death.

When questioned about these issues by members of his sports council Ismail had no answers and resigned as chairperson.

Per the agreement Stephens must agree to recant the statement whenever questioned about the relationship regarding Clash.

In 15% of cases question in is used

We were not taught to question in school.

He should not be questioned in the LEAST BIT.

So to answer you question in a nutshell, no there is no justice in this world.

He said the Comelec-DOJ move against Arroyo had also been questioned in the high court.

The maker of the video was hauled in for questioning in the middle of the night in Los Angeles.

The revelations came as police confirmed Savile was questioned in 2007 about claims of sexual assault.

A man who saw his tactical abilities questioned in the last two years easily won the battle with Cesare Prandelli.

Too bad the USA is not so aggressive to see that all alleged rape perps are questioned in places like Africa or UAE.

But when questioned in the House by Mr Hughes, Energy Minister Phil Heatley showed no signs there would be a change.

The pirates were being questioned in police custody, he added, and would face a long list of charges when they appeared in court.

In 8% of cases question on is used

He was never questioned on that one.

They will be questioned on day of judgement about that.

Maybe they don't wish to be questioned on Lawwell's bonus again at this year's meeting.

A California man convicted of bank fraud was taken in for questioning on Saturday by U.

They have all, it seems, been less-than-honest with the local police when questioned on the scene.

Several candidates have been questioned on the challenges facing the NAO, and whether they had looked at any VFM reports.

In accordance to local police say, has questioned on adriano, in purchase to make clear some surveys the uncertain details.

Hunter was questioned on his retainer and the scope of what he was asked to undertake to prepare his testimony before the Board.

Until this week, a layman in the Fens had little more than his own laughter-induced belly trembles and a bit of projectile spittle to point to when questioned on the subject.

Now that the movement has taken a political turn, they will just not be questioned on jan lokpal bill and as a political party they have to open up on several other issue and make their stand clear.

In 7% of cases question for is used

I was strip searched and questioned for two hours in Tel Aviv airport.

In particular, the regime governing Best Execution is being questioned for its effectiveness and scope.

Recently, Mr Noonan questioned for the first time whether the ESM was the best mechanism for saving the banks.

A photographer (from the group) was visited unannounced by Australian military security and questioned for putting movements onto an international web site.

These purposes however should not be mindless, indeed they should be questioned for meaning as early on as possible in the life-cycle of a company and in people relationships.

While mine was chosen and therefore more reasonable to question, I have more compassion with others now because I know what it's like to be questioned for something, often because of pure ignorance.

In 4% of cases question as is used

He can not be questioned as to what He does, while they will be questioned.

A jury should not be questioned as to the basis of its guilty verdict, for example where manslaughter has been left on different bases, see 8-020 at 4.

It has been narrated on the authority of Abu Zubair who heard Jabir being questioned as to how many people were there on the Day of Hudaibiya He replied: We wore fourteen hundred.

In 2% of cases question at is used

This was not the first time accounting has been questioned at Olam.

When they were questioned at the Appointment Committee they said they lied.

In 2% of cases question to is used

I suggest you take this questions to the forums.

Instead, Wyile does well in each single instance to adapt his line of questioning to the works under discussion.

I can imagine somehow bringing in Ricky Carandang for questioning to the truth behind the Benigno Aquino Defense Against cyber Space Sickos (B.

In 1% of cases question before is used

Terry made that point again as he was questioned before the court Tuesday.

In 1% of cases question concerning is used

Basic questions have been questioned concerning Church growth, questions just like how people might be attracted to be arrive church members willingly, not only to increase the typical attendants.

In 1% of cases question of is used

The judge has to decide the question of law and the jury to question of fact.

There are genuine reasons to be fairly questioning of the advisability for Africa of taking up GM crops, of whether the promised benefits will more than make up for the very real potential pitfalls.

In 1% of cases question over is used

Scotland Yard confirmed a man and woman held at the airport last night after flying in from Egypt will be questioned over the kidnapping of a British photojournalist in Syria.

He made the comments after emerging from the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) headquarters, where he was questioned over his suspected involvement in the alleged corruption in the ambitious project.

In 1% of cases question regarding is used

In France, 64 women with schizophrenia and 26 women with bipolar disorder were carefully questioned regarding their sexual histories.

In 1% of cases question with is used

Beware, every one of you is a guardian and every one of shall be questioned with regard to his trust.

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