Prepositions after "qualify"

qualify for, as, in, by or from?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 72% of cases qualify for is used

If your Child does not qualify for U.

Yes, you do qualify for family assistance.

And he probably qualifies for hell too +0.

If you have full time employment, you will almost definitely qualify for a Roth IRA.

I would urge patients to contact the NTPF to find out if they qualify for treatment.

To qualify for housing benefit you must make a valid claim and be an eligible person.

Funeral cover would be ideal for you if you: 1) If you do not qualify for life insurance due to health conditions.

YOU THINK YOU ARE TOUGH ENOUGH? Here's one way to find out whether you qualify for work as a wildland firefighter.

Farm machinery, livestock and bloodstock physically situated on agricultural land qualify for agricultural relief.

This guide explains what transactions qualify for OSR and IPR, how these reliefs work, and how you can claim them.

In 12% of cases qualify as is used

He then qualified as a Civil Engineer.

Apparently, 49-19 didn't qualify as such.

Only the first qualifies as a democracy.

It's business, no reason to get upset over something that doesn't even qualify as news.

Crucially, trainees are guaranteed the breath of experience necessary to qualify as a CA.

Truthfull attended the Norman Manley High School and later qualified as a certified chef.

He needs to determine if he can qualify as a resident of WA; otherwise he will be out-of-state and pay higher tuition.

I am currently going through the process to qualify as an NVQ assesor with the purpose being to qualify people as coaches.

It was about how a local brand can become a global brand like Jollibee assuming that Jollibee qualifies as a global brand.

Paul qualified as a chartered accountant with Ernst &; Young, having graduated from York University with an economics degree.

In 4% of cases qualify in is used

About half the 1% qualify in both categories.

Suarez and Gerrard certainly qualify in that sense.

Dr Wilson qualified in the University of Leicester Medical School in 2004.

Tarmoh didn't qualify in the 200, but is eligible to run in the Olympic 400-metre relay.

Failing to qualify in Australia was not unexpected but since then HRT has made progress.

Qualified in the essence that he has the know how and the zeal to serve in that capacity and not the zeal minus the know how.

We are also blessed with a reasonably sane concealed carry permit (you can qualify in one day of training) and self-defense laws.

Candidates would have to be sufficiently independent to qualify in principle for the remuneration panels of their local authorities.

In 2% of cases qualify by is used

You can also qualify by combining your experience and education.

This was qualified by saying that he thought the revolution would be peaceful.

Let me qualify by saying Giggs has been a great player and a great servant of the club.

Many of them are committed management who will jump at to be able to be qualified by you.

Whatever roles men and women share in common are always qualified by their masculinity and femininity respectively.

After the training 5 participants who really excelled were deemed qualified by the trainers to go on and conduct the OJT.

If there are more than one child with that name, an XML List is returned, which can be further qualified by an index or other qualifier.

Im sayin reduce the number of teams to qualify by 2/3 teams from the pro12 and 1 from France and England each, then give them to new nations.

He was qualified by the CIA to battle Communist impacts in the area, but converted exacerbated against The united states when their assistance influenced towards Eastern Timor.

In 2% of cases qualify from is used

I read all the fine print and I didn't qualify from the outset.

Ireland will beat Spain and draw with Italy to qualify from this group.

I would dearly like both England and Ukraine to qualify from this group.

South Africa were the first host nation not to qualify from the group stages.

A series of four semi-finals began on February 4th with three entries qualifying from each semi.

ISRAEL: 2011 saw Dana International become the first former Eurovision winner to fail to qualify from the semi-final.

Why don't we offer out some British passports to brilliant young foreign players that qualify from British decendants.

If they win in Belgium tonight, and Maritimo lose in Bordeaux, Newcastle will have qualified from Group D with two games remaining.

On all the interviews and reports on T V and radio, and even by Kev the Ed, we were reminded that we had qualified from the group stages for 13 years in a row.

Despite reaching the quarterfinals in the 2010-2011 edition where they lost to Barcelona, last season, they failed to qualify from a group that included Porto, Zenit St.

In 2% of cases qualify under is used

If your insurance is self pay, it may not qualify under new IRS guidelines, starting in 2014.

Units, to qualify under this category, must give a guarantee to export 50% or more of their total output.

To qualify under this option, the applicant must be a Qualified Adult Dependent (for the required qualifying period i.

So, would someone please tell me why there is not a plain language version of Foucault's work? He defintely qualifies under no.

Gerard Malouf &; Partners have a significant number of catastrophically injured clients who have qualified under the Lifetime Care Authority and who receive ongoing benefits.

The requirement for participation was supposed to protect those people who were too well off to qualify under medicaid guidelines NOW, but also weren't well off enough to afford insurance.

In its en-banc session this week, the high court ruled that the status quo ante order (SQA) it had issued would also cover party-lists that even to non-lawyers clearly do not qualify under R.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Feral Hop Hog and Epic Pale Ale would all struggle to qualify under that description even though each is the epitome of what I consider craft beer in their home nation.

In 1% of cases qualify at is used

After a minimum amount of practice in the car he qualified at 166.

Schedule: First practice begins at 0800 BST on Friday, Qualifying at 1200 BST on Saturday, Race at 1300 BST.

After winning promotion from the old EuroBasket Division B without losing a game, Montenegro qualified at the first attempt for the EuroBasket in 2011, which was held in Lithuania.

In 1% of cases qualify on is used

Certain fields qualify on that score -- e.

And looking back, only about one of those elections actually qualified on that score.

Can Ireland still qualify on four points if Croatia lose one or both of their games? It depends.

Distressed Terms: They can fees that the hotel's General Employee features qualified on frustrated occupancy situations.

To qualify on the list the batsmen must have batted atleast 24 innings against the four teams (ie six innings/3 matches against each team although this may not be exact).

However, the Celtic nations will not accept plans from the English and French clubs to reduce the number of teams in the Heineken Cup and force all PRO12 teams to qualify on merit.

In 1% of cases qualify to is used

But I believe the boys will have an equal chance to qualify to the world finals.

Australia and Pakistan are qualified to the semifinals based on the run rate from Group 2.

But I was already qualified to Las Vegas (basically my main goal this year) so I did not need points.

Ladd is qualified to practice in both Jamaica and the USA and is admitted to the Bars of Georgia (1988 ), Washington D.

I just don't feel like doing anything, except hoping to enlighten some idiots who have not, and will never qualify to, become a teacher.

Osteopaths are not licensed physicians and are not qualified to practice the full scope of medicine like American-trained osteopathic physicians.

Osteopaths undergo four years of medical school, complete three years of residency and are fully qualified to practice medicine and perform surgery.

Coming back from the international break, the Czech, now qualified to EURO 2012, spoke about the importance of having time to get to know new-comers.

France, Italy (and perhaps Brazil) and the African teams (apart from Ghana ), on the other hand, were the biggest disappointments as they failed to qualify to the knock-out stages.

In 1% of cases qualify with is used

Can Ireland still qualify with four points? Yes, it's still possible.

In the case of a mechanic, one might qualify with a certificate after a 6, 9 or 12-month course.

The striker's double secured Champions League victory this week, with United seeking to qualify with games to spare.

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