Prepositions after "qualified"

qualified for, in, with, as or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 72% of cases qualified for is used

Feel qualified for more control.

Obama is unqualified for the job.

If undefined qualified for the grant.

Already Two teams have qualified for the next round as well as for the Semifinals.

It doesn't take a scholar to figure out she is not the most qualified for this job.

I just explained that I thought that I was over qualified for a particular position.

Brooks would immediately become their go-to scorer, and he is way more qualified for it than anyone on the team.

Those who have hired Gresham, can absolutely determine that these contractors are the most qualified for the job.

There were no sustained winds anywhere near land that qualified for the 33 meters per second hurricane threshold.

To make a long story short, I was notified (via email) that I qualified for several positions, but hired for none.

In 7% of cases qualified in is used

Eye-catchingly, no Russian or Cuban qualified in O'Neill's middleweight category.

You should qualified in Engineering Entrance Examination with good percentage of marks.

Despite being ethnic line, our nation still stands qualified in majority amongst other natives.

They will be overqualified in some respects but seriously underqualified and undertrained in others.

Hugh - Even with the arrival of ABS's etc, I would suggest you look into getting qualified in some way.

Ms Fitzpatrick is a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales and is dual qualified in Ireland.

Jamaicans are not the most qualified in the region per capita and definitely not the most certified skilled.

This is despite, in my case, being over qualified in terms of repayment ability, to borrow the amount I'd looking for.

She is very qualified in terms of experience and credentials and has real aspiration to help and teach ESL students like me.

Adams is also assuming the reins of the JTA at a time when classroom teachers may be the most qualified in the history of the profession.

In 3% of cases qualified as is used

His younger sister too qualified as a doctor.

Sc, later qualified as a textile technologist.

Of those, about one-fifth qualified as an employer.

So I would recommend that you focus on becoming qualified as a Canadian resident first.

My ultimate goal is to be a qualified as a Teaching Assistant by the time Eliza is at school.

Giles I qualified as a solicitor in 2008 specialising in matrimonial and residential conveyancing.

I've decided law is not for me (having qualified as a solicitor) but I am worried law is not seen as transferable.

Today, he is dual qualified as an English solicitor and Indian advocate, and an expert of mergers and acquisitions.

If you have already qualified as a lawyer overseas and wish to practise in England and Wales you can transfer under the SRA Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme Regulations 2011.

Here at Sheffield University we find that some of our law graduates look to find other law related positions that don't require them to be qualified as a solicitor and/or to take the LPC.

In 3% of cases qualified by is used

They should never by qualified by fear or prejudice.

He made a few mistakes, including being out qualified by Webber.

Once he got out qualified by Klien by a second, we knew he was nothing.

Alonso was out qualified by team-mate Brazilian Felipe Massa for only the second time this year.

We know the usual situation of mankind; that whoever turns towards anything becomes qualified by that thing.

He has been out qualified by Petrov, and this is merely the continuation of a trend established since his time with Kubica at BMW.

This is because they are considered to be over qualified by some companies, and more likely to look for a different job sooner rather than later.

And it all culminated with what's called jump school, where we all became airborne qualified by performing a certain number of jumps out of an airplane.

A ' segment ' is now a group of ' purchases/consumptions ' qualified by a certain context of purchasing or consuming a product plus a specific motivation.

Marussia Timo Glock -- Out-qualified by Pic but raced well, splitting the Caterhams, despite clipping his team mate on the first lap and damaging his front wing.

In 3% of cases qualified with is used

I am qualified with 5 CXC subjects all in 1s and 2s.

Get qualified with an online child care course and start your career.

One also gets qualified with work experience as they wrote on their eDv entry.

From his intro he seems ' super ' qualified with all the teaching he has done and lectures.

He is tertiary qualified with significant experience in recruitment in the Wellington market.

An academic qualified with a PhD from a foreign country can get a job there and lead a very good life.

I am NVQ Level 3 qualified with Paediatric First Aid and Safeguarding certificates amongst others which I work very hard to get.

These websites post jobs and I am VERY qualified with 15 years plus experience in an office environment, can do most ANYthing in an office and am very computer savvy.

In 2% of cases qualified of is used

She topped the list of scores of applicants who wanted her job because she was, without any doubt the most qualified of the lot.

I particularly told my friends that the then president who was in the contest was the least qualified of all the major candidates for the election.

When you have effectively set up an account, use the promotional code and prepared your first deposit you will get qualified of the massive rewards that the site can offer.

This unexpected problem surprised even the most qualified of viewers who were unable to explain how in such a costly project, one of the most essential elements could break down.

In 2% of cases qualified on is used

So for me this seemed like the fastes option to becoming qualified on paper.

For instance, a person may be most qualified on paper, but may still be wrong for the job.

Ribadu is bringing to the table, it is without doubt that he is perhaps one of the most qualified on account of his experience, his competence and his promise.

The manager could opt to select the person who is more qualified on a particular qualification, or alternatively, assess them against another merit criterion in order to make the selection.

In 2% of cases qualified to is used

He must depend on steps to confirm his qualified to the career.

And yet he certainly feels qualified to monkey with the control levers.

Correctly like transfer about qualified to you environment ensures comprehensive.

That made me qualified to practice as a Doctor in the United States and to train future Doctors here.

The departments of education, Cogta and agriculture improved from a qualified to an unqualified audit opinion.

Speedily send to be able to qualified to modern soil and Louis Vuitton purses have become paintball guns in regards to study course furthermore lavish.

In 1% of cases qualified at is used

Is there a way of training in a school whilst being paid but also becoming qualified at the same time.

The public sector is underfunded and staff are grossly under qualified at handling such a specialised area.

May I suggest an internship? You are never really too old for one, and it might get you a foot in the door and out of the catch 22 of simultaneously being over and under qualified at the same time.

In 1% of cases qualified because is used

But he would never be allowed to screen out the lesser qualified because of the One Vote of the illiterate counts as much as the 190 IQ at MIT.

On Wednesday, he said that DAP chairman Karpal Singh is the most qualified because of his legal background and the fact that he has been around so long.

In 1% of cases qualified within is used

For example, if leads are not getting qualified within the promoting process, you could be squandering time on unqualified and disinterested prospects.

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