Prepositions after "puzzled"

"puzzled by" or "puzzled as"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases puzzled by is used

I am puzzled by your criticism.

I'd puzzled by your logic here.

As I am puzzled by certain things.

Puzzled by this move, the officers boarded the train and carefully watched the NCO's.

But I am puzzled by the inclusion, with no explanation, of Lincoln in the Holy Trinity.

I wish you could read this one and for sure I am puzzled by the Lords doing in my life.

Even Joel, a Christian, was puzzled by the behaviour of some of the more fanatical supporters of City Harvest (27).

People seemed puzzled by which stations were open, which buses were running, and were moving from one to the other.

Others are equally puzzled by the enigma of Kibwetere's transformation from solid citizen to alleged mass murderer.

During her studies at school, she was puzzled by events of history that unfolded in ways that seemed unpredictable.

In 16% of cases puzzled as is used

I'd puzzled as to why it's that big.

I am therefore puzzled as to why Brig.

I am a bit puzzled as to why I should.

Moreover, I am just puzzled as to why all of a sudden polls are favoring Mitt Romney.

I'd puzzled as to why people think God of War would need to change in the first place.

I'd puzzled as to why your life is as empty as it has ever been, but I don't want to pry.

I am puzzled as to how the net outflows from funds in the US are continuing whilst the market pushes ever higher! 6.

As for Bangladesh, well, we can still read this news and be a bit puzzled as to why people pay to get a few cuddles.

I am puzzled as to the magnitude of suffering on earth and it proves that the creator God is absent or non-existent.

I'd puzzled as to what this is suppose to accomplish (other than making things look worse to the public &; parents).

In 13% of cases puzzled about is used

I'd puzzled about how to do It.

The women are puzzled about this.

He was puzzled about it as were we.

Riddle me this: Why am I the only person puzzled about the knife wound?! Why?! 11.

Should you still be puzzled about the calculation you can look up loan calculators.

I'd just puzzled about one thing - we think they've run their lights 24 hours a day.

I too have been puzzled about how hard it is to interest people in what I see as a tool with tremendous potential.

I think he still was puzzled about the fact that he didn't just catch the ball with his hands but went to it with.

We were puzzled about the intention behind the move, which occurred before the new management took over the estate.

In 9% of cases puzzled at is used

The dog puzzled at the cat's scent.

Dean, somewhat puzzled at my speech.

So I was a bit puzzled at the firmness.

As the interview proceeded, I became increasingly puzzled at the tone of the questions.

This independentista Scot is puzzled at why Flanders doesn't push for outright independence.

The French, puzzled at receiving no intelligence, continued to pass on the keys nevertheless.

The place where I shop always changes the brand they are selling, so get puzzled at the ingredients and the quality.

He was puzzled at how countless young girls would go euphoric by screaming out their lungs at the sight of rock stars.

I am glad that the WP won Aljunied and Hougang, but I am puzzled at your glowing praise for Lina Chiam and Tan Jee Say.

He said during a press briefing at the time that he was ' puzzled at the degree to which this thing just keeps going on.

In 3% of cases puzzled with is used

I am a little puzzled with the N9.

Yes, I used to be puzzled with those terms too.

I am little puzzled with this coming out of the blue.

I don't know, I'd puzzled with this kind of play also with him playing well overseas.

The ordinary citizen is feeling puzzled with the new development of events relating Dr.

Kyrie is puzzled with how Shinjou is behaving but she played along,? It? s fine, I guess.

Everyone is always curious about new technologies but most frequently are puzzled with regards to how it operates.

I am sure some of you will be puzzled with this dish calling for a bought-in cooked duck, moreover a Chinese roast duck.

Political commentators and diplomats are puzzled with the speed and unpredictability of the unfolding events in the region.

I was puzzled with this situation, who should be positioned in those two positions, particularly the Operation Section Head.

In 2% of cases puzzled for is used

The boys were puzzled for a moment.

We found everything so puzzled for a while.

The Chinese lady looks puzzled for a second.

Puzzled for the moment by saint John at the Latin gate.

She looked puzzled for a moment on seeing the blood on me.

Both men were puzzled for years because their supply of grain never dwindled.

Kind of puzzled for a moment re your accusation of my using ' bombastic ' words.

Since the guy has done this countless times, he is genuinely puzzled for the last few seconds of his life.

The young one was puzzled for it wasn't an occasion to cry was it? She was going to meet her maternal uncles after all.

With Regards, Mohammad Birth QUESTION: I have been puzzled for quite a few years now regarding the evolution of mankind.

In 2% of cases puzzled over is used

Whatever, I'd delightedly puzzled over it.

The samurai staggered back and puzzled over this.

Many people are puzzled over payday loans and are unsure of how they work.

If you're still puzzled over Jane's picture, you might want to consider Mrs Christie's books.

This was in the days before the dementia had been described, and I was puzzled over what was wrong.

During that time she's puzzled over which seismic sensing system elephants use most often in locating the source of a call.

Clint Eastwood's bizarre debate with an empty chair at the Republican National Convention left many puzzled over the actor's legacy.

The French puzzled over this information, then consulted with the British, who agreed that it was insufficient to be of any practical use.

I called out to the kids to just walk up to the door, but the kids remained huddled behind their parents looking somewhat frightened and puzzled over the entire tradition.

Being a simple soul, he was merely annoyed with those logs that turned over beneath him; and he was puzzled over the logs that went to the End of the World and back again.

In 1% of cases puzzled in is used

When puzzled in Dai Lisi, Aotian in her side.

And now I'd still puzzled in spite of your answer.

When puzzled in talking, he had a peculiar stammer on the page 141 first word of a sentence.

This is certainly a great review posts for those still puzzled in which smartphones they will buy.

Whether or not they mean the name of a level, an excellent or perhaps crazy brief way of a term or term, you can be usually puzzled in the situation of all of these smaller types.

In 1% of cases puzzled on is used

At first we were puzzled on his statement.

Jin Sheng was puzzled on why he got the role of Pigsy.

I'd still puzzled on this one, so I welcome your advice on the.

There are several clues to follow when you are seriously puzzled on what to wear to an event.

Stop the fixation on 2 smalls bigs or Curry+Jack+Klay Also I was puzzled on the lineup of **31;1716;TOOLONG.

My parents have all but disowned me, but are quite puzzled on how I am doing well and how I could be so happy.

The sitting senators, who had been active and at the forefront during last four years of senate's tenure, seemed puzzled on Friday.

WHAT type of SKIN they MADE OF!!!! Im puzzled on why the top ppl in Government like MOF still trying to cover up for the whole thing.

Iwuji is obviously puzzled on why groups keeps abandoning or rather disowning the Igbo ethnic-group as theirs and honestly seeks to know the reason behind this.

I am puzzled on why WP is using all these desperate DEVILISH means that we have been criticising PAP all along to try to influence the residents ' voting preferences.

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