Prepositions after "pure"

"pure in" or "pure of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases pure in is used

The pure in heart will see God.

They aren't pure in the least bit.

It was subtle and pure in the book.

The pure in heart are those whose vision is totally free of any distortion or prejudice.

The brook was pure in its mountain source, But away from the mountain its waters darken.

Neverending Story surely are the best example of what was once good and pure in America.

Experience the Serengeti at it's purest in combination with culture and and interaction with the people of the land.

In Matthew 5:8 also the word of God reveals more openly that ' blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God '.

This public case proves that the state of mind of inconceivable wisdom and enlightenment is clear and pure in essence.

All Buddhists, by this observance of morality, become pure in body and speech, which is the main function of morality.

In 22% of cases pure of is used

It's the purest of all bubbles.

Well, that is the purest of baloney.

And purest of all joys, he loves me.

RedRedhead If Obama can't possibly win we should just go with the most pure of the pure.

He may cull himself out of the international health process because he is pure of heart.

Simple and pure of fun - This Christmas Village game bring the joy in the holiday season.

Only the pure of heart, to whom the user interface would open like a blushing rose, could activate the picture viewer.

It is difficult to say that they were not made with the purest of intentions and really expecting nothing in return.

Remember, the purest of waters become dirty when collected and the dirtiest of waters become pure when made to flow.

Few lakes have a lovelier or more commanding setting than this, the highest and purest of all the Rift Valley lakes.

In 10% of cases pure for is used

That is better and purer for you.

That is more virtuous and purer for you.

This is more pious and purer for our Lord.

Yeah, keep it pure for those who show the kind of opinion that needs be stoutly defended.

And if you are told, ' Return, ' return; that is purer for you; and God knows the things you do.

For that, it is like a religious ritual for PR to form demonstrations, it is something pure for them.

One kind of GMO wheat would have been easier to farm with no-till methods and easier to keep pure for specialty uses.

It is completely pure for a individual suffering from cancer to grieve and regret that their old way of life is gone.

There is a bit of responsibility with that, but I can't let that interfere with what I do to keep it pure for myself.

While I could of course have made use of a receiver, my experience was all the more pure for the lack of abstractions.

In 7% of cases pure from is used

However GOD is Pure from such accusations.

Maintain the concern to become pure from impure.

I was sent to give you a pious child who is pure from sins.

If pure and impure clothes are mixed then one is required to discern the pure from the.

And (made him) sympathetic to men as a mercy (or a grant) from Us, and pure from sins i.

In conclusion, one must have the Aqidah that Allah Most High is pure from space and time.

And had it not been for the Grace of Allah and His Mercy on you, not one of you would ever have been pure from sins.

If a woman becomes pure from her haid or nifaas during the night, she should not leave out fasting the following day.

And had it not been for the Grace of Allaah and His Mercy on you, not one of you would ever have been pure from sins.

The essence is to become virtuous from being vicious -- become pure from impure, become satopradhan from tamopradhan.

In 5% of cases pure at is used

He is pure at heart and such a clean filmmaker.

I call it the Khalsa, the brotherhood of the pure at heart.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart play Clockenflap on Saturday.

It has a The Pains of Being Pure at Heart-playing Dinosaur Jr/Smashing Pumpkins-tinged punk.

So far this week I have had two notices about Pains of Being Pure At Heart and Rodrigo y Gabriela.

It is heart wrenching to see and know what is going on in this land of pure at the name of religion.

Not all corporations or executives or those well-off are filled with deviance, and not all Occupiers are pure at heart.

It means to be ritually pure at all times by performing ablution (wudhu) and ghusl (major ablution) whenever necessary.

From London, UK, the band Flowers, who will start touring with The Pains of Being Pure at Heart shortly, all over Europe.

Root them out and blacklist - keep Ravenwood for the pure at heart, let the rest go back to the war games where they belong.

In 4% of cases pure as is used

They should be pure as the prices.

Pure as the driven snow, those Germans.

I mean, he is clean and pure as the wind-driven snow.

Sunstorm: 04 Mar 2012 10:38:29pm Yes, Lynne, all gay people are pure as the driven snow.

A gleaming engagement ring sat inside with diamonds pure as the sun and shaped like a flower.

One who is pure as a piece of refined gold of the Jambu River, is praised by the gods, even by Brahman.

There is quite a bit of holding on any given play, so let's not play dumb like the offensive line is pure as the driven snow.

Basically- what I am saying is EVERY SEO should know all the tools available not just the ones that are pure as the drive snow.

Even if all his decisions are pure as the driven snow, his way of implementing them is totally lacking the grace that is needed.

As Savarkar describes, he heard them recite the Quran with great concentration and after keeping his mind clean and pure as a devout Muslim.

In 4% of cases pure by is used

If the thing is impure by nature, eg.

You get pure by chanting, then you see Him.

When you are saved you are made pure by God.

Certain ' ayn najis things can become ritually pure by changes in its location or place.

A single wash can purify the hand and the clothes that have become impure by licking of a dog.

Sunny Bum wala wants to create a product which will once again take our Land of Pure by storm.

If the mind is not rendered pure by Sadhana, mere mortification of the external senses will not produce the desired effect.

We should make tap water more pure by implying simple techniques that make water better after it has been poured from the tap.

A proud soul will stay pure by, in fact, AVOIDING the world, just to say that he is not involved in the impurities of the world.

Until recently the majority of food was pure by nature because there was very little that people could do to food to contaminate it.

In 3% of cases pure to is used

Heat the peach pure to a temperature of no more than 40C.

All things in the sky are pure to those who have no telescopes.

Work is always pure to me, when it is pursued freely and single-mindedly.

Try adding 3/4 cup of pumpkin pure to a custard for French toast and sub pumpkin pie spice for the cinnamon.

Then an announcement was made that? O Ibrahim! This extra favour was bestowed on you because you came pure to me.

David: How did you find the bearded men? Jonathan: The project was quite pure to the ' street photography ' concept.

Star Wars grew as a result of Lucas holding the reins and keeping it pure to what he wanted the star wars universe to be.

The choices made for her had lasted though more than half of the set providing so many moods, from pure to very provocative.

The ice was hacked into small pieces for sampling - it tasted wonderfully clear and pure to me, with barely traces of minerality.

Anon Too Pure to Stay At the loss of a dear sweet child words can not explain, how much the heart is broken, or how awful is the pain.

In 3% of cases pure with is used

I have seen the Pure with my own eyes.

His love is pure with no hidden meaning or agenda.

Blend the peach flesh to a pure with the lemon juice.

Wines are often very elegant, seamless and pure with a savoury vein through the fruit profile.

Dear future husband, I want to be absolutely pure with you, and you have to be pure with me too.

John Spencer seemingly captures the essence of all that's good and pure with venturing into space.

The likes of Pure with its Jongo and Logitech's UE speaker have both been bringing wireless audio to the Pocket-lint labs.

You've got to stay pure with your boss and protect your integrity by never allowing your credibility to be put to question.

We're working on the basis that they will be successful and we are associating 100% Pure with Middle-earth for a period of time.

As the principle of mind closest to purusha, its nature is sattvic: luminous and pure with the reflected radiance of pure consciousness.

In 2% of cases pure before is used

Keep your heart pure before the Lord daily.

You have the Holy Spirit to help you stay pure Before Marriage.

God will help us judge what is right, if our hearts are pure before him.

When we are sincere, and pure before the Lord, we can walk in the power of the Lord.

This is the last days my brothers and sisters! We must keep our hearts pure before God.

I totally believe God has called me to stay pure before marriage and know what scripture says.

If she becomes pure before the ninth of Dhul-Hijjah and she has the ability to complete the Umrah, she should do so.

If our motives are pure before God, we can, in fear and trembling, engage in tough-love conversation and survive unscathed.

I believe the issue is up to what extent MUST we be pure, not up to what extent CAN we still be considered pure before God.

Only the Blood of Jesus can remove sin from our lives and cause us to stand Holy and pure before God (Hebrews 9:12-15; 10:1-22; Isaiah 1:18-20).

In 2% of cases pure like is used

The mind's nature is to remain pure like ether.

You have to be absolutely pure like the innocent little ones.

Your intellect can help you to keep your mind pure like a crystal.

If anything is thin and pure like water, it can also be used to wash off any impurity.

That Buddha's eyes, with blues and whites distinct, are pure like the water in four great oceans.

In this verse the teacher defines the effulgent nature of the Soul, whose light is pure like a flame without smoke.

God used their troubles to make them pure like refined gold, which has been tested by the refiners fire (1 Pet 1:7).

Although our minds are not pure like an enlightened being 's, we must do things without imposing conditions and selectiveness for self gratification.

Keep it Biblical and keep it pure like Jesus and the Bible so others can place their trust in Him and have true faith in the Word of God to endure the difficult days ahead.

In 1% of cases pure about is used

There is nothing pure about it.

There was something very pure about her, something clean and honest.

There is something pure about it, training hard, being one on one in the ring.

So from just about any angle you slice this, there wasn't a lot pure about the Puritans.

There is something very pure about working solely for the love of it and not for any financial reward.

For more than half a century, Paterno stood out as the epitome of everything that's good and pure about college football.

Who knows? Still, I think there's something kindof pure about writing - yeah, you miss nonverbal communication (facial expression, voice tone etc.

There's just something forever purer about amateur boxing and if I had to do it all again, I'd have stayed in the amateurs but I don't regret having gone pro.

So if we're going to go down this voucher path, why not be pure about it and think about using the voucher for medical care directly rather than for insurance.

In 1% of cases pure after is used

Then when she becomes pure after that second period, he may either keep her or he may divorce her.

If a woman becomes pure after dawn, it will not be permissible for her to make the intention of fasting.

Similarly, it tells us how to become ceremonially pure after having an intimate relationship with one? s wife.

A Brahmana shall be pure after ten days, a Kshatriya after twelve, a Vaisya after fifteen, and a Sudra is purified after a month.

For example, it tells us that the extent of cleanliness required to become ceremonially pure after urinating or passing a wind is to do Wudu.

For a priest to become ritually pure after defilement with a dead body, one needed to offer sacrifices of a red heifer at the Temple, which no longer existed.

A pupil who performs the Pitrimedha for his deceased teacher, becomes also pure after ten days, just like those who carry the corpse out (to the burial-ground).

If an infant (that has not teethed ), or a (grownup relative who is) not a Sapinda, die in a distant country, one becomes at once pure after bathing in one's clothes.

A Brahmana, having carried out a dead Brahmana who is not a Sapinda, as (if he were) a (near) relative, or a near relative of his mother, becomes pure after three days; 102.

That is, one could be ritually pure by obeying god (in this case by avoiding dead bodies) or by sacrifices that would make you pure after defilement, and that god preferred obedience.

In 1% of cases pure on is used

Mind you, I am pure on this issue.

He doesn't seem to be too happy today, a three for Pure On Raw.

An offering is neither pure on the side of the donor, nor the receiver.

I am the Lord of the Universe, and whoever thinks of Me is the purest on earth.

These drops are pure on condition that there are no traces of that impurity on the person.

Who among us -- even when speaking truth on the one hand -- is pure on the other? I'd not, I know that.

Your patience will be tested when your baby goes back to the TV knobs for the 100th time, or tips the vegetable pure on the floor.

Sand and dust that is on top of some impurity is pure on condition that the dampness of the impurity does not make them damp as well.

Even if we convince ourselves that we are pure on the inside, God sees us as we are, with all the ugliness of the evil and sin that is in us.

The grassland is known locally as the purest on earth because it's scarcely populated and the green grass stretches endlessly into the horizon.

In 1% of cases pure without is used

That red must be pure without mixing any other colour.

One can not be pure without being humble, because there is no greater impurity than ego '.

Passion is something that has motivated me my whole life and I truly believe that nothing can be pure without it.

No one is made pure without personal intention or effort -- any more than one becomes accomplished or learned without personal exertion.

You can not remain pure without an intuitive mind, that intensive caliber of your own in which you can see the Unseen, hear the Unheard, know the Unknown.

He has the opportunity to commit sin, just like any other apostle, but for the sake of the saints He could not do it, He kept Himself pure without defilement.

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