Prepositions after "punish"

"punish for" or "punish by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases punish for is used

You won't be punished for your choice.

They feel punished for someone else's crime.

And we must be punished for our folly and lack of morals.

A dog shouldn't be punished for doing what is natural, but a big bite is unacceptable.

Forgive every splinter of you that you have been punishing for screwing up along the way.

The outage problem is a national problem and the Govt has to be severely punished for that.

The implication seemed to be that Penn State is being punished for the Jerry Sandusky scandal and NCAA probation.

If you're paranoid about a parent finding your journal, make sure not to write anything you can get punished for.

You never see EllRay punished for fighting (another rarity) and yet things wrap up due to some unexpected bonding.

No one is punished for believing whatever they want, they are free to worship when, how, where, and who they want.

In 26% of cases punish by is used

They should be punished by all means.

Political correctness was harshly punished by the crisis.

He told her:? O A? ishah, the people who will be most severely punished by Allah (S.

Bit of a schoolboy error in saying Rangers are being punished by being made to play in the 3rd division.

If the keywords used aren't relevant, there is a chance that your campaign will be punished by search engines.

We have various theories -- like reincarnation or being rewarded by a better rebirth or being punished by a worse birth.

He said that after a marathon 30-over spell by Rehman, he started to bowl a few loose deliveries that were punished by the.

Ernest is agonized at having to tell tales out of school, and after he returns to Roughborough, he is severely punished by Dr.

Because they had ignored the Lord's decrees, the Israelites were punished by being denied a direct approach to their Promised Land.

In 8% of cases punish in is used

So has he been punished in any way? No, of course not.

To frequently I've been witness to players being punished in practice due.

The perjurer and blasphemer have often been visibly punished in this world.

Believing that Obama is worried about Congressional Democrats being punished in 2014 is just silly.

In the third case, a person who does not believe in God will eternally be punished in the afterlife.

Violations committed prior to the effectivity of this Code shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of the laws then in force.

Criminal Liability: Criminal liability is the liability to be punished in a criminal proceeding Criminal liability also called penal liability.

Rockets or no rockets, Hamas has zero chance of defeating Israel militarily, yet it launches missiles knowing the Jewish state will be punishing in self-defense.

You work for them! Many more need to be punished in Councils around the country that gave planning permission with no infrastructure, sewerage facilities, schools etc.

On the other hand, if God does not exist, there is no eternal consequence at all- a soul will neither be rewarded nor punished in the afterlife because there would be no afterlife.

In 8% of cases punish with is used

All people want is for some mistakes to be punished with more than a couple of tenths lost.

Arius as well as the friends punished with him and the Meletians regained nearly all they had lost.

If we come with you we will be punished with Hellfire, and if we stay with Imam Husain then we will enter Paradise.

Section 5 The crimes which under the Criminal Code are punishable with penitentiary for life are to be punished with death: i.

If there are some host servers that have a bad reputation or they are in a bad neighborhood, they will be punished with a ban.

Individuals dodging tax or preventing VAT officers from carrying out their duties could be punished with six months of imprisonment or fine or both.

The Brit has been criticised for his overly aggressive driving style this year and has been punished with drive-through penalties in several races this season.

Sergei pleads with the bus driver to allow us to sit on the floor but he is too worried about the police stopping him as he pulls out of the city and being punished with a hefty fine.

A person who through culpable negligence illegitimately places or omits an act of ecclesiastical power, ministry, or function with harm to another is to be punished with a just penalty.

In 3% of cases punish according is used

People breaking the law should be punished according to the law.

He assured the nation that a proper investigation of Bangabandhu killing and jail killing would be done, and culprits would be punished according to law.

And to use it to harm others to intrude into the affairs of others is haraam and if there is an Islamic government, such a person will be punished according to Shariah.

The Watchtower has actually added to the word of God and will be punished according to the curses of Revelation for doing such! Meanwhile, thousands of Jehovah's Witnesses are also deceived.

In 2% of cases punish on is used

God punishes on jokey way dear.

As per law of the land, no body can be punished on the ground of perceived corruption conspiracy, not substantiated by proof.

In 2% of cases punish under is used

Traitors will always remain as traitors and they should be punished under civile law or militery law.

Lim also expressed that the state government was willing to assist the victim in any form to ensure the culprit will be punished under the law.

In 1% of cases punish as is used

Bang will be punished as the leader of the strike.

In 1% of cases punish without is used

Thus, it is as if the voice of the masses has taken the place reserved for the revelation from God in their life and subsequently, many people would be punished without any proof but only.

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