Prepositions after "pull"

pull out, in, on, from or into?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 20% of cases pull out is used

He's hopeful that we'll pull out of the recession.

THey nearly pulled out of NYSE for same reasons.

BATA AND KPLC Main rivals pulled out of the market.

On top of it, Iraq's largest Sunni political party has decided to pull out of the race.

It DOES N'T! In fact Israeli pulled out of Gaza and let the Palestinians have it 100%.

I pulled out of the conversation the minute they took me to their windowsonlinesupport.

And the only reason why Gillard wants to pull out is because war is expensive and she wants a surplus to be reelected.

Conclusion Often, when people face complex and uncertain situations, they stop action, and pull out of decision making.

They also had a scheduled game against NSD-Sons of Chaos which hasn't happened due to them pulling out of the league.

On Wednesday the British embassy in Tripoli said that after the attack in June UK diplomats were pulled out of Benghazi.

In 16% of cases pull in is used

I get pulled in different directions.

Also it still pulls in networks close by from the 2.

They're both pulling in incomes in the low six figures.

PC and server CPUs are estimated to pull in a combined $41 billion (26 billion) in 2012.

There are so many powers pulling in different directions, each with its own interests.

Animals hide in shells, trees pull in branches, and grass retracts into the soilless ground.

It's as if both a rooting and a soaring take place and I'd pulled in every direction in such an indescribably good way.

It seemed impossible to continue without falling over or falling apart as I was being pulled in so many different directions.

I have found Ginnie Mae site listing their auctions but every CUSIP if find will not pull in the free CUSIP look-ups I have found.

I'd not pulling in a huge audience, I'd not getting paid in any way to do this -- my motivations aren't extrinsic, they're intrinsic.

In 11% of cases pull on is used

And that is no punches pulled on it either.

But I have warned you o (pulling on my ears).

That all changed once they pulled on the Blue shirt.

The extractor wheels are driven hydraulically so there is hardly any pull on the bag itself.

During a new or full moon phase, the sun and moon are in line, pulling on the earth's surface.

The ' embarrassed ' actress has since decided to pull herself together by pulling on some clothes.

She pulled on a caftan styled dress and then slipped off her panties and turning she threw them at the police woman.

Now we are back to reality -- from this perspective it's time to take off the Borland shirt and pull on the EMB shirt.

Nowhere in my body can I produce any noteworthy pull on any popularly stretched muscle without moving the joint it crosses.

In the mean time, this was a waste of time that you could have been weaving hats, because you did not pull on my heartstrings.

In 10% of cases pull from is used

That equals to a gravity pull from 5 storeys high.

He said no city buses have been pulled from service.

If you pull from the floor heavy once, that's probably enough.

Oliver, 28, was pulled from the tangled wreckage and rushed to hospital but could not be saved.

It's a few choice songs pulled from YouTube that are on the VALENTINE soundtrack I use to write.

Top 25 Charts Below are a few charts pulled from today's report: the top 25 Sunday and weekday U.

Lorna Braham, acting manager at the home, explained that the children were pulled from school for various reasons.

They pull from all sources of inspiration, write about it and then get on stage and talk at conferences, meetups and barcamps.

If you are going faster and want to stop, gradually keep turning upwind and feel the lines tension increase as they pull from behind.

I'll still buy one because I have tons of video I'd rather watch on my plasma pulled from my iMac rather than wasting CDs and DVDs.

In 9% of cases pull into is used

I pulled into a petrol station in shock.

We pulled into the hotel driveway at around 9 p.

I got pulled into going to this karokee dive bar.

Years earlier, they're all pulled into a mystery more dangerous than they ever imagined.

A poster at Cruise Critic reports while pulling into Half Moon Cay a man went overboard.

Present thoughts are that crankcase oil is being pulled into air inlet maniflod tubing due to poor piston ring condition.

I pull into my Aunt's house as the sun was setting and saw her tutoring a teenage girl who clearly was not from our family.

The reality is that these activists are blinded by their own rage, their idol is self and they need pulling into line now.

When pulling into camp I like to maneuver into position so that I can roll in for a stop on a short straight downwind tack.

In 4% of cases pull at is used

He was armed and pulled at her hand.

He'd been pulling at his hair almost constantly since they sat down.

An old fellow elbows through the mob and pulls at the bakery's blue doors.

At last Ali went towards the door and pulled at it by all of his might and threw it aside.

It is very sluggish when you 1st pull off then its like it gets a boost and pulls at propery speed.

Ian leaned across him to the large pocket on the left hand side of his coat and pulled at the greasy edge.

It pulled at the camera and could have done damage to it, but recalling Kim Westerskov's experience, I went along with it.

Fegan stood with his hands locked behind his head as a cop pulled at his clothes, probed his pockets, felt between his legs.

For us born in the twilight before the technological overachievement, the ghost of Malgudi still haunts and taunts and pulls at our heart-strings.

It would not pull at anything below 1,800 rpm which meant that at roundabouts I had to change down into first gear despite the fact that I was still rolling.

In 4% of cases pull away is used

Such allies also could pull away from the U.

The bus pulls away from the lights with the three of us still chuckling.

We pulled away ever so slowiy, gradually pulled away from him and got onto his line.

Trust evaporates and people pull away from each other, disabling larger scale endeavours.

Unfortunately Arthur crashed out, causing Brad and Antonelli to pull away from the others.

Hackathons are great as they solve problems or challenges and pull away from conventional thinking.

We need to pull away from the insurance companies quicker than we're pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

There are two things at work there -- one is that we didn't want to pull away from the singleplayer experience.

Strangely, at that moment Terri's sandal broke, the thong pulling away from the sole, and rain began to fall.

The 28-year-old Commonwealth champion was still pulling away from her flagging rivals as she crossed the line in 50.

In 4% of cases pull to is used

Learners are pulled to informal learning.

The pilots were pulled to safety by residents.

Early afternoon, and we pulled to a halt in Banff.

The kite is flying in about 24+ mph of apparent wind and pulling to the side pretty hard.

Pulling to a stop with the wind at your back makes an exit from the buggy easier and safer.

The closing of the door behind him, gently as it had been pulled to, roused Tess from her stupor.

When the flag is flown at half-staff, it should be pulled to the top for a moment, and then lowered to the half-staff position.

Then of course, sell the drinks at discounted rates, all these people who watch EPL in bars and restaurant will be pulled to stadiums.

Attention, to do the action exactly, the main method is to handle the centripetal motion should be pulled to a few centimeters above the navel.

If the bar is pulled to the right, the bow of the boat will turn left, and if the bar is pulled to the left, the bow of the boat will turn right.

In 3% of cases pull by is used

Women at taxi ranks groped and pulled by men.

Suppose there was a cart being pulled by an ox.

Pictured is one of many carts which were loaded up and pulled by hand.

Being pulled by Brits or cops came with shaving and he was well used to it.

Pulled by steel cables, the Peak Tram climbs 373 metres (about 1,200 feet).

Especially judging from the stints pulled by both J-Lo and Katy Perry in recent days.

The balsa was tied from one end of the lake to the other and was just pulled by the kids.

Stunts like the ones pulled by Hungry Beast are different, because the evidence is there to be found with a small amount of effort.

In the late 1700s, however, teamsters in France and the United States began hauling farm products in big wagons pulled by several pairs of horses.

Sand was pulled by one trolley from the face and then transferred to another trolley at the halfway house, which was pulled to the base of the shaft.

In 2% of cases pull of is used

I am using the video camera to pull of audio recordings until my minidiskman gets repaired.

Unfortunately, the 13,000 voters purged in LaPorte County could be just the margin Ritz needs to pull of this race.

For users who can pull of MITM (Man in the Middle) Attacks this is a sure way to rake in data from a public network.

Shoulder charges are almost impossible to pull of now with out been charged and one on one hits like Bird on Cronk are penalised.

Their plight serves as a stark reminder of the uphill task before the State government to pull of its ambitious Right to Service Act.

So give up on your favourite characters and choose the ones which you look like or can pull off with some makeup, face paint, masks or armor.

As we are not born Japanese we have to compromise with makeup and other stuff to pull off a certain look and that is not possible with some characters.

Speaking of: that problem is rapidly disintegrating thanks to Pnut's hulking muscles, in pulling of handfuls of crumbling limestone from the top out.

In 2% of cases pull up is used

It was like pulling up to a giant dollhouse.

We pulled up to the hotel, parked the car, and headed inside.

He pulls up to a takeaway burger joint called Eat Mama Burgers.

Alternately, pull up the sides of your own mouth area as if you will be smiling and keep it there.

Why not pull up behind and wait your turn? Its not just about the law, its about what keeps you alive.

Once the parade pulled up to their final stop they had multiple people speak, including the fox himself.

You pull up to your house, from there you would be traveling down in one car, and see your mother packing the car along with your Dad.

Nafis was arrested on October 17 after pulling up to the Federal Reserve and attempting to detonate what he believed to be a van packed with explosives.

I think it really hit us when, instead of pulling up to a fabulous Select Registry bed and breakfast, we showed up to Amanda's new humble abode to find two boxes on the front porch (her bed).

In 2% of cases pull through is used

He pulled through it, though, and was soon back playing footie.

So there is hope that they could pull through this, reports USWeekly.

I have pulled through those years despite the thought of killing myself never really subsided.

The panels were unrolled and 27 tensioning cables, ranging from 5/16 to 7/8 inch in diameter, were pulled through channels in each panel.

In my time travel novel, which also assumes (at the start) a constant frame of reference, I use a system which pushes and PULLS through time.

Storms come, winds lash your boat, the waves thrash it from all sides, and you cling on to it in desperation, wondering if it'll pull through intact.

Once you learn the process to passing, then you are likely to be in ab muscles portion of guys who pull through her defenses and they are actually a sexual candidate.

Thanks to a wonderful paediatrician and timely help, Sriya survived, was put on treatment for her fits, and pulled through this major crisis of entering a new world.

The particular constellation of problems in the weaker euro zone economies means that it will be very difficult -- maybe impossible -- to pull through the crisis under current arrangements.

What happened at Singapore (never figured it until later) was that because the lines were wet, the Dyneema flying line pulled through its larks head rapidly enough to burn through the leash.

In 2% of cases pull over is used

So, this driver should have pulled over TBH.

She could have managed 50mph, or pulled over to let cars past.

He was walking back to his patrol car after pulling over two speeders.

The punishment hood was pulled over the leather one and I was basically blind.

Because the system obviously flags up incorrect plates as well (that's how my friend was pulled over).

The blue burka was pulled over my head and this cut my vision down even more, I could just make out shapes but not much else.

I don't - pointless maybe, but justified given that however nervous, she could have pulled over rather than hold everyone up for so long.

They leaned forward and kissed affectionately before the black hoods were pulled over their heads and nooses adjusted around their necks.

She could of pulled over I guess but if she didn't know the road well I doubt trying to find a safe place to stop was the first thing on her mind.

One of the cars was pulled over leaving the demo and Coby, then about 82 years old, was given a ticket for not wearing her seatbelt (it was broken, she couldn't wear it).

In 2% of cases pull for is used

But that curtain is pulled for us.

We're all pulling for him, and a lot of fans are, too.

As an animal-lover, I'd pulling for you, your daughter, and the dog.

There are currently strong demand pulls for new solutions in the fields of energy, health care, and security.

However, I'd a big believer in a real tough and physical 4th line so maybe I'll be pulling for him just a little bit.

In 1% of cases pull onto is used

I pull onto the ledge, haul the pack, put Evan on belay.

The forlorn white horse looked even more forlorn because of the decrepit straw hat which was pulled onto its head.

If I ever find myself doing 50mph at any point between Walsall to the Hilton Park services, I promise, I will pull onto the hard shoulder and eat the car.

From the start I ’ ve had a periodic problem with the engine stalling as I ’ ve slowed to a junction or pulling onto my drive or parking space.

Important papers went unsigned, staff and public servants would be pulled onto flights, in at least one case halfway around the world, on the off chance that he needed to consult them.

In 1% of cases pull ahead is used

They watch people they consider hacks pull ahead of them.

Overall, both candidates are media-savvy, but neither is doing enough to pull ahead of the other.

But she's pulled ahead of former governor Tommy Thompson (R) in recent months, with a November 3 poll by Public Policy Polling putting her three points ahead of her opponent.

In 1% of cases pull with is used

Don't simply pull with your biceps.

Then we would cart our order home, pulling with dad's hand on the shoulder.

Hey, Ron Maguire, if you've got any pull with A &W's; marketing department, how about seeing if you can get that commercial kicked out the front door.

The proper direction of turn for the kite is easy to remember if you just know to start pulling with the arm that is on the inside of the turn, in the direction you want to go.

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