Prepositions after "prudent"

"prudent for" or "prudent in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases prudent for is used

But mate is not prudent for that.

It may be prudent for him to sit this one.

I think it's prudent for people to prepare.

This is not enough to establish that it was prudent for her to continue with the file.

When considering that fact, proper protection is prudent for a long and happy LED life.

It would be prudent for Europe to close a few frustrating chapters from its early years.

As it turned out my skepticism was a prudent for this is exactly how decommissioning did happen a few years later.

It would have been prudent for Kingaby to abandon this sortie, but resolutely he decided to complete the operation.

So, it would be prudent for us Indians if we stay out of harm's way by keeping minimal contact with the Pakistanis.

In 22% of cases prudent in is used

We need to be prudent in our spending.

Be wary and be prudent in your choices.

Though I've been prudent in properly crediting.

I am like you describe and will be very prudent in any investment I decide to go into.

Its very important to be a person of principle, but please be prudent in your actions.

That being said, I think a priest should be prudent in introducing changes to a parish.

Tawnya at our micro finance meeting Lastly, we are trying to be cautious and prudent in setting up any new programs.

The actions of the Central Government can not be viewed as being prudent in allowing such a conference to take place.

A plain husbandman is more prudent in affairs of his own house than a Privy Counsellor in the affairs of another man.

The moral hazard argument is that if governments know they will be bailed out, they may be less prudent in the future.

In 9% of cases prudent with is used

Be prudent with the words you use.

Overall, be prudent with your investment.

We were very prudent with our money when we were jobless.

You can buy more pages if you like, but it's better to be prudent with your printing.

Sameer (name changed ), is a business man, who has always been prudent with his money.

Proper Use of Assets All employees and management are expected to be prudent with Company assets.

Growth and profits will come from being prudent with corporate spending while motivating everyone to do the same.

While waiting for positive changes to trickle down to us, it is best that we remain prudent with whatever we have.

Yes it can be a huge time-sucker if you allow it to be, so a word of caution is to be prudent with your time spent on it.

We will remain prudent with our fiscal resources but also ensure that the Nigerian economy keeps growing and creating jobs.

In 5% of cases prudent to is used

I am Prudent! It is prudent to stock up for lean times.

I thought it? s more prudent to 1st deal with the basics e.

It would have been prudent to over estimate the journey times.

Ben Bernanke has purposely transferred $400 billion from the prudent to the profligate.

Due to the nature and scale of this case it would be prudent to hand a deterrent sentence.

And if you have time, after all that, then it is also prudent to help your good neighbors.

It is just prudent to make sure that no matter what happens, you will be able to take care of yourself &; your family.

Does this sound prudent to you? If it does n't, write or call your Congresspersons and tell them to change the Fed mandates.

As the French armies approached, several leading citizens thought it prudent to arm the people to deter disorder and looting.

Unfortunately, it is not prudent to air some ideas publically, so if you'd like to drop a line here **25;2564;TOOLONG I can elaborate.

In 4% of cases prudent of is used

It would have been prudent of the provincial board to await resolution of these cases.

However, given I have not a shred of evidence it would be prudent of you to be sceptical.

However, it would have prudent of you to inform campus security of your impromptu lessons.

I am discrete and clever, so it's not likely I will violate any limit, but it is prudent of now.

However, even the most prudent of students may find that they graduate with a large debt on their account.

Against this background it would be prudent of Obama to seek a meticulous inquiry by the federal government.

I'd always right Bossy! I think it may also be prudent of us to find out which female vegetarians fall into the 53.

Not to the wise nor prudent of this world came the word of revelation, but to the child in simple trust with heart of faith.

Narine Posted by   on (October 16 2012, 18:58 PM GMT) Very prudent of Gayle for acknowledging The Tigers(Bangladesh) in that fashion.

Getting a confirmation between Jorge and Valentino on development maybe prudent of Yamaha with Honda at the moment looking they have some small advantage.

In 3% of cases prudent about is used

Renovating Be prudent about renovations.

So I think that we would be prudent about it.

TIP! L Be prudent about storing large movie files on your iphone.

Jamaicans could go solar and be more prudent about electrity for industrial use.

Choosing your partners is a really important thing; being prudent about those partnerships is essential, even if you're great friends.

It's become the way I am seen by the world, it's become a marketing tool and I've become more and more prudent about what I do and don't share.

Dosage and Administration While using Singulair for the indications mentioned earlier, you should be prudent about the dosage and administration of the drug.

The trap had been laid the previous years during the housing boom, when the banks (whose job it is to be prudent about lending remember) kept fuelling the mess.

We are extremely prudent about the current move and we have a very small short position on and we do not anticipate to change that in the coming weeks and months.

In 3% of cases prudent on is used

We are prudent on any expansion and are postponing long-term capital investments.

It is always prudent on the vehicle owner to request considerations and deductions.

I think we've always erred on the side of being prudent on a case of affiliates and shareholders.

The real issue is the science, and what actions would be prudent on our part to take in light of the science.

Although it would be prudent on her side to have a letter in case they question her about her pending divorce, its not at all necessary.

I say remove the subsidy on Petrol and let it be sold at market prices, be prudent on diesel for transportation and kerosene pricing for the poor.

One has to be prudent on the visa they come on board especially H4 visa from: Amar Posted on: Jul 29, 2012 at 03:19 IST You are focusing on the wrong problem here.

It would have been prudent on part of the President to present this appeal before the CEC and take a considered view on the matter, rather than again hastily issuing an arrogant retort.

On this new era playing field, marketers and businesses alike are tasked to be more prudent on where they spend, and the success of these efforts are measured closely with a stipulated ROI.

In 2% of cases prudent at is used

We think it is not prudent at this time, and you do.

One would ask, is it very necessary or prudent at all to scrutinize the players.

I think it's prudent at this point to take a look at what has happened and what we know at this point.

Seeing this Abu Bakr (R) instructed Umar(R) to be quiet and to show tolerance, as this would be prudent at this time.

It may be prudent at this juncture to give a succinct overview of what the FSA is, along with its roles and responsibilities.

Similarly, Buying a new car seems prudent at this juncture indicates that this purchase may not have been wise in the past and may not.

Avoiding subsequent influenza vaccination of persons known to have had GBS within eight weeks of a previous influenza vaccination appears prudent at this time.

I feel the arrest of daily Amar Desh acting editor Mahmudur Rahman is not prudent at all since it is not required even though governemnt shows the reason of arrest.

In 1% of cases prudent as is used

It is always prudent as a woman to be conversational.

Many people try to solve the issue at their own, but this is not very much prudent as the common people are naive of many clauses of the law which advocates know it from its roots.

In 1% of cases prudent before is used

They should have been more prudent before rolling out this policy.

Putting the old partisan politics aside seems prudent before the next crisis is upon our heads.

As such, I suck it up; take many deep breaths; find solutions that don't require as many upgrades; and hold off as long as is reasonable, safe and prudent before plunging into upgrades.

In 1% of cases prudent by is used

But you will still look prudent by bringing the issue up.

Australian lenders remained prudent by comparison and although writing loans in record numbers, generally maintained overall sensible parameters.

It is safe to say, however, that parental oversight over their children's moral development will generally meet or exceed any standard thought to be prudent by country people.

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