Prepositions after "proud"

proud of, about, for, in or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 94% of cases proud of is used

I'd really proud of all of you.

Proud of myself, for something.

Proud of myself and my platoon.

Proud of this guy and even more proud of him when i see him doing so well in big games.

Proud of what I have been able to accomplish and achieve by simply believing in myself.

I can say one thing, I'd not proud of the way the media ia acting during this election.

My husband and I just became the proud of residents of a 1950s duplex with a pink tiled bathroom with white fixtures.

Is he proud of the hundreds of thousands of dead in Iraq and Afghanistan? That is also part of his legacy to Britain.

The Old East Village is especially proud of the London InterCommunity Health Centre, recognized for Community Impact.

Providing irrelevant personal information You may be very proud of your membership of the local Hell's Angels chapter.

In 1% of cases proud about is used

And I'd really proud about that.

I'll be proud about that forever.

I should say I am proud about you.

Thank you Doordarshan for making us feel proud about our country and uniting us all.

Feel honored, excited, and proud about the first official visit of US President, 45.

Our language is the oldest surviving language in the world and we are proud about it.

Similar sentiments were delivered about Darren Fletcher and now they pay tribute loud and proud about Fletchirino.

This is unacceptable!!! 11k is not something to be proud about and just reflects the horrible marketing by the FO.

The music is not as catchy as Rayman Origins ' or Super Mario 3D Land's but it has its own style to be proud about.

What was your challenge acting that role? Till today, that is one of the movies I? m probably the proudest about.

In 1% of cases proud for is used

And we really feel proud for that.

I feel very proud for you brother.

I'd proud for getting to know them.

Be proud for your weight loss, but if there was only 23 pounds between you and skinny.

That was half the battle and I was proud for getting the niche site ranked so quickly.

I am not publishing new article on that site everyday but I am proud for my daily views.

You are also responsible for choosing a design that will bring you joy and make you proud for the rest of your life.

But wouldn't the Chinese be too proud for their own good had there not been an European age of discovery? Thank you.

Obviously I am very proud for myself, getting to 100 caps and really pleased with the lads for large parts of the game.

During her reign the people of Mercia felt safe and proud for the first time in a long while, and were thankful to her.

In 1% of cases proud in is used

I felt so proud in wearing the ID card.

They've done themselves proud in many ways.

I think Kristen is proud in his film career.

He stepped out into the bright sunshine standing tall and proud in red and black robes.

Britain had certainly done us proud in living up to its reputation for summer washouts.

Garnet always do their writers in translation proud in the quality of books they produce.

Gradually I came to know the various wings of the ISC and become proud in sharing the Knowledge among the co-members.

I would spend most of my time down south and I was always proud in my life to tell everybody ' I am a down south girl.

That's one of the reasons we did ourselves proud in the Second World War and why we developed a flourishing high street.

Marie stands tall and proud in the journalistic community for her relentless effort to separate the wheat from the chaff.

In 1% of cases proud to is used

I am proud to a man and looked.

I felt proud to hand out my card.

It makes me fell proud to Kenyan.

This aggressive stance of HAMAS however makes the Arab street proud to their detriment.

Comments Right on, this makes me proud to part of the Cannabis Culture and Living in BC.

People are proud to have Irish roots and this idiot is just thrying to bismerch the country.

Not once in all the history that I have learned about this country can I say that it is made me proud to be American.

MOBO is proud to welcome Dionne as its guest of honour and present the leading lady with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

I am proud to participate in the NOH8 Campaign to help draw attention to this ongoing civil rights battle in our state.

She's proud to he firm's been running at a profit since its beginnings, enabling them to do a few FOC initiatives for karma.

In 1% of cases proud with is used

So very proud with the decision.

He's done me proud with my flat.

You should be proud with this James.

Hav dey not been making us proud with dia oda songs? Dey only gav may d a priviledge.

Proud with MACC and ICAC for struggle to investigate and find the truth of this case.

Running proud with our colors! Kilometer 13, people started to slow down and so did I.

Captain Jean de Villiers, who defended Steyn during the week, said he was proud with how the playmaker had responded.

It can be a trying task for any man to stand tall and proud with any measure of dignity wearing pink goalie equipment.

Borussia's coach, Danny Heister was very proud with his players while Preuss had comments with the game and Timo Boll.

In addition, the rich should not be proud with his wealth, nor neglect in his duties to his relatives and other people.

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