Prepositions after "protect"

"protect by" or "protect from"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases protect by is used

The Waratah is protected by law.

They were just protected by MI6.

This right shall be protected by law.

It is a right, which, if not protected by an interdict, would be irreparably harmed.

The species is protected by law by the Australian government and most of their range.

The main objective of such weapons, the fight with the enemy, protected by body armor.

The vessel is being protected by nine armed members of an anti-piracy unit of the Italian navy, the company said.

The trademarks appearing on this Website are protected by the laws of England and by international trademark laws.

In 27% of cases protect from is used

Protected from itself, it would seem.

Firstly no one is protected from any future trauma.

You have the right to be protected from kidnapping.

I believe the central nervous system needs to be protected from over-stimulation.

Because the entire model is raised, it is protected from tidal surges and storms.

The drafters made sure the Board was protected from any litigations in the courts.

People normally bring hats, glasses, and thick long sleeved tops that serve to protect from the flying sparklers.

Chilli is a warm season fruit which likes to grow in a sunny spot where it is protected from strong cold winds.

Booking a surf lesson with us is easy, just call us on 087 8768549 or 021 4778884 being protected from spambots.

Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound Vendryes at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.

In 18% of cases protect against is used

The minipill does not protect against STIs.

It can also protect against cysts on the ovaries.

It's a brilliant, gamer-friendly way to protect against piracy.

Fact: Milk may actually protect against the formation of kidney stones (NHS, 1990).

Their rights should be protected against these life endangering pleasure jaunters.

In Kempsey, new 1m water pumps intended to protect against flooding failed overnight.

Pumpkin and carrot These are some of the richest sources of alpha carotene, which protect against lung cancer.

By understanding cognitive biases, you can both protect against them, and sometimes use them to your advantage.

Encrypting data on the computer is one way to protect against it, though that still leaves the file on the phone.

Breastfeeding at the time gluten is introduced to an infant, for instance, may protect against developing disease.

In 6% of cases protect in is used

Are American Mink protected in Ireland? Mink are not protected in Ireland.

The only way for the unborn to be protected in law is for Roe to be overturned.

This is why they are protected in New Zealand and keeping them as pets is illegal.

All these scientific findings prove that the world is protected in a very particular way.

So, to be protected in the future, it is extremely important to obtain and receive cheap insurance quotes, as quick as possible.

Forest and wetland cover -- like those protected in the Greenbelt -- are essential to cleaner rivers, streams, lakes and beaches.

In 3% of cases protect under is used

This right is protected under section 76.

This Website is protected under local trademark law.

No government can guarantee these lands will be protected under these.

Geographical indications are protected under separate statutory provisions.

This web site and all its contents is protected under international copyright law.

Contact Legal This site and its contents are protected under international copyright law.

But Ban took a further step, opining that the video itself doesn't deserve to be protected under the free expression umbrella.

The images are protected under a creativity common license or I personally got the permission to use the images from their owners.

With 78% of the budget going to pay and pensions protected under the Croke Park deal, the hit will have to come from somewhere else.

I often wondered why the media would be for taking away the one amendment that protects the others (2A) when they are protected under the 1st Amend.

In 2% of cases protect for is used

It is a Muslim ideology that must be protected for time to come.

One would have thought that crayfish, already protected for twenty years at the Poor Knights, would have come back, but they have not.

And today we have Lord Glasman, the Blue Labour chap saying UK needs to suspend free movement of people so that jobs can be protected for British people.

Even if a person can not travel to a state park, there is value in knowing that these special places exist and will be protected for future generations to experience.

In 2% of cases protect with is used

Or market identified to be worldwide can be protected with a few places.

But these things would be protected with keys much stronger than a password.

You think life begins at conception? You think a fetus is protected with liberty? Stupidity.

Ruoxi never knew that he loved her as much as she loved him; this love that she protected with her life.

These articles explain how governments and international organizations like UNICEF will work to ensure children are protected with their rights.

You can buy one here: USB Wireless Network Device A target network protected with WPA / WPA2 Obviously the network your attacking must have WPS running.

Put simply, there are so many different ways a virus can mess up your computer, and if your system isn't already protected with good antivirus software, then it could already be infected.

In 1% of cases protect as is used

Murder is not protected as a freedom of expression.

The CD-ROM is a copyright work protected as a compilation.

All content in this blog is protected as All Rights Reserved, unless otherwise stated.

WE BELIEVE our women should be respected and protected as the women of other nationalities are respected and protected.

In 1% of cases protect at is used

The life and dignity of every person must be respected and protected at every stage and in every condition.

Hole 18 - Oasis - Par 4 (Men 289m Ladies 289m) Green slopes back to front that is protected at the front on both sides by bunkers.

However, it is also essential to ensure that ecosystem services such as recreation and biological diversity are protected at the same time.

Captive hawks and falcons must be protected at all times from cats, dogs, and other predators, including humans, as well as extremes of heat and cold, wind, and dampness.

In 1% of cases protect on is used

I don't feel protected on the streets.

They have anti slip soles (that conform to International requirements) so you are protected on your feet all of the time wet or dry, no predicament.

This time they were able to meet and come to an agreement allowing the US to be protected on the seas in exchange for granting France special trading privileges.

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