Prepositions after "proportional"

proportional to, in or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 98% of cases proportional to is used

It is inversely proportional to T.

Force is proportional to the mass.

Proportional to distance of course.

The area of each segment is proportional to the number of cases in that category.

In short the size of the cells is directly proportional to the rate and duration.

A resistive load is directly proportional to the amount of energy delivered to it.

If the rate is proportional to some power of the concentration greater than one In this case, you get a curve.

For example, you can define the thickness of the link line to be proportional to the size of the link's spans.

Taking the search giant to court, it asked for damages proportional to the revenue brought in by the mobile OS.

In 1% of cases proportional in is used

I do not though it would make Parliament less proportional in some cases.

But this means that the system is more proportional in NZ than in Australia.

It is easy to show that the edges are parallel to the original, and proportional in length.

You will find authorities use progressively stronger force directly proportional in response.

They are represented by a line of steel globes proportional in size to the actual sizes of the planets.

The presidency is archaic in its continued use of the Electoral College - this need to go, or become proportional in every state.

Yes, it's not proportional in the slightest, and I abhor the attempt to foist it on us as a real reform, but that wasn't his point.

STV asks voters to rank candidates according to preference and is seen as considerably more proportional in reflecting the preferences of voters.

It can happen that if this is not done, heavier components of the fuel like Catalytic fines, water and other solids will not be proportional in all three samples.

In 1% of cases proportional with is used

We see that B is inversely proportional with b.

The place of runner is proportional with the aid of circuit.

The day's fall was like a straight line which was proportional with time.

A person's weakness and poverty might not be directly proportional with needs.

Large established trees have a root system that tends to be proportional with the tree's canopy.

Your creative appeal is directly proportional with the number of visitors you will be able to retain.

The odds of said balloon popping increases at a rate proportional with the amount of pressure built up within the balloon.

There is basically just one rule to follow when choosing frame sizes, and that is simply to get one that is proportional with your face.

Eventually, the normal retirement age will have to become more proportional with the growing length of life, maybe 70 or even 75 over time within a few decades.

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