Prepositions after "promising"

promising for, in, to, of or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases promising for is used

Looks promising for Riise then.

This is promising for the future.

Things look promising for Swansea.

Early studies of alefacept look promising for the treatment of psoriatic arthritis.

That's not very promising for your sweet, sweet flesh, and the zombies know it too.

However, things are looking much more promising for the impending BioShock Infinite.

In addition, areas that are promising for investment need to be as accessible to major roadways as Park City is.

The outlook for wine quality from Margaret River is in good shape and looks promising for another amazing vintage.

Job satisfaction during pregnancy can be achieved with a job that can be promising for the family benefit as well.

In 15% of cases promising in is used

Signs are already more promising in the Sahel.

So I actually consider this promising in some ways.

Production from coal beds is promising in Russia as well.

Just basing from these results, Li Jiawei looks more promising in the Women Singles.

However some artists start off so promising in their career and then fail to deliver.

The bid still wasn't looking too promising in 2004, when Coe became Locog's chairman.

But even though silk and cotton production looked promising in the beginning, these crops failed, as did tobacco.

On the face of it, flour, seabeet, seasalt and water isn't that promising in the absence of butter, lemon, cheese.

There are certainly elements to like, and this is promising in many ways, but itTs debatable whether the time for.

This is promising in terms of the potential for technology to render trade more efficient and development friendly.

In 9% of cases promising of is used

Others are promising of Rajanna Rajyam.

The future looks even more promising of the MNPS.

The latter they consider promising of personality change.

He pouted; this had been the most promising of the headings, and it was not applicable.

Minus the strong play of Kubel, the once promising OF is now languishing in mediocrity.

All looks promising of a fulfilling and life-giving ministry for us in the Land of the Holy One.

The last of the five fighters in this group is both the biggest question mark and the most promising of the bunch.

Noel doesn't seem to be the most promising of fathers but despite everything, he could well be Frankie's best hope.

Perhaps the most researched and the most promising of apple cider vinegar's benefits are in the area of type 2 diabetes.

The New York Knickerbockers ' epic summer of shopping, beginning on July 1, 2010, isn't off to the most promising of starts.

In 9% of cases promising to is used

Coke Kahani seems promising too.

And both look very promising to me.

It's looking really promising to me.

Tonight doesn't look too promising to me, given the previous encounter and absences.

How exciting!!! This sounds pretty promising to me and I'd so ready to try this juice cleanse.

The second film, which, to be frank, sounds a lot more promising to me, is being described as.

While the former approach dominates the study of West Bengal politics, the latter looks far more promising to us.

Guatemalan president and retired General Otto Perez took office in January promising to crackdown on violent drug.

Plus, maybe this habit of promising to post things on a certain date and letting the date roll by runs in the family.

But being outed as a heterosexual man also opens up avenues of escape, nooks of concealment, that look promising to me.

In 6% of cases promising with is used

It didn't seem promising with the unknown server message.

The global economic outlook has turned more promising with the U.

Now this song is rather promising with sublime verses and a powerful chorus.

While the stall seemed promising with their PRC staff, the food was disappointing.

And I just downloaded Firefox mobile and it looks promising with the usual Add-Ons.

This could be made promising with correct SEO or Search Engine Optimization methods.

Although, the next episode looks promising with sweet smiles and all, at least at one point prior to that screaming.

It looked promising with the early signings we made but there has been so much speculation and little action of late.

Bush made his capture a national priority, infamously promising with a Wild West flourish to take him ' dead or alive '.

In 5% of cases promising as is used

It is very promising as a takeover target.

A young life as bright and promising as the sunrise of a new day.

Doesn't seem promising as the Premiership is different from La Liga.

Do share your future plans/updates Business looks promising as well as challenging.

This does sound promising as the setup for a novel, but I found it distractingly boring.

The betrothal of young lovers sounds promising as a romantic story bit, in fact it wasn't.

Both fights look good on paper, although the Chavez-Martinez tiff looks more promising as the two are legitimate middleweights.

The output presented so far is very promising as a tool and will most probably assure replicability of the full outcomes of the project.

So far it seems very promising as the Circles aspect of G+ does give you an easy choice to make regarding what you want to share with whom.

I'd not directly in the field, but with something this promising as a potential CURE, it surprises me that we're not hearing more about it.

In 4% of cases promising at is used

Overall, it seems to be promising at this point.

Thanks for answering, looks promising at first glance.

Mutombo's presentation must have sounded promising at the time.

Sometimes the whole doing a show thing is so disheartening and promising at the same time.

The numbers get much more promising at prevailing gold prices, however; as a US$1,716 per oz.

This Christmas period, as well as the winter season in general, is looking promising at this point.

I thought he was very promising at Rovers and certainly proved his capabilities in some of the Europa games that season.

The very general plea for winning/winning interactions in family, school, organisations etcetera seems promising at first sight.

Keep an eye on what the quacks are saying, and you have an idea of what might be promising at the Wild West frontier of medicine.

Most effects that seem promising at the basic science or preliminary level do not pan out when tested in rigorous clinical trials.

In 4% of cases promising on is used

Things certainly looked promising on paper.

Promising on what he has shown on the racetrack.

I will probably try and make part 3 of this but ain't promising on part 4.

Still, Romney's background makes him more promising on foreign policy than most realize.

In short, the long-term viability of coal does not look promising on a national or international scale.

He had a new baby, a mortgage and two car payments to make and nothing looked promising on his musical horizon.

While these claims may have looked promising on the outside, they didn't do anything for us but make us skeptical.

The Sunline Siglon fluoro has been very promising on it's first outing, and was easy to use on the baitcaster outfit.

She can also says she has quit Raila side because she thinks pasture might be more greener n promising on Uhuru/Ruto side.

The blast wasn't looking nearly as promising on the Sunday after my Saturday transfer, so it didn't make the freezer grade after all.

In 3% of cases promising from is used

The night looked anything but promising from the start.

What a shame, it certainly looked promising from the outset.

But it does look incedibly promising from the last trailer i saw.

Nice vignette! So, get your point and agree that he looks promising from this one clip.

Since their refreshments looked promising from the menu, we decided to give them a shot.

The goodie bags were already placed on each chair and looked really promising from the outside.

Thus, the investment prospects of single ownership serviced apartments should remain promising from a landlord's perspective.

QPR's next 6 games include visits from Southampton, Aston Villa and Fulham which all appear promising from an attacking perspective.

This method seemed quite promising from the start, and as early as the summer of 1948 it was added to the devices to be tested in the Greenhouse series.

In 2% of cases promising by is used

Visual Treat: EK THA TIGER has been shot in most striking countries and it's a great promising by ETT.

Shoot like an underwater photographer! I found one option that looks very promising by SUBSPACE PICTURES.

The high enrolment rates are made even more promising by the fact that 90% of the children who start school stay on to complete their primary education.

Though expressing is not always conversing and promising by speaking; instead, expressions are your deeds and actions that signifies how much you love and care.

If I say John promises to do that ' I am simply reporting John's action of promising; but if I say I promise to do that ' I am actually doing the promising by saying so.

Has the Australian's given it their all or did they have a cunning plan in finishing second? The United States continued to look promising by winning the other semifinal.

Proposed reactions in the ' metabolism-first ' model, which assumes metabolism, not genes, at the origin of life, have also been rendered more promising by recent findings.

In 1% of cases promising about is used

What is really promising about your proposal is that you are giving it sufficient lead up.

To find the reasons, let us individually glance over certain popular projects and see what is so promising about them.

What I find fresh and promising about Shanker's perspective is its refusal to heap blame -- or too much praise -- on a child.

Better to happen here than in the tundra! This training was already promising about the adventure I'll encounter and people I'll meet.

Although the show seems like an obvious product of recycling Mutchnick and Kohan's 90s hit Will &; Grace, there is still something quite promising about the show.

In 1% of cases promising after is used

Mixed martial arts in the Philippines has never looked so promising after the spectacular showing of the lakay wushu team.

The performance of Vickers Meta Fund, which includes some of the above investments, is looking promising after the estimated 14x return on the investment in Cambridge Real Estate.

Dr Allan Gelber, of Johns Hopkins University, Maryland, and Dr Daniel Solomon, of Harvard University, Boston, described the findings as promising after reviewing them for the journal.

In 1% of cases promising among is used

Be the most promising among an a because they diet is procedure herbal.

How do you rate the players and the facilities in the sub-continent and which team is the most promising among the lot in the sub-continent? I'd not impressed with them.

In 1% of cases promising due is used

The future of the industry is very promising due to strength of local currency and strong GDP growth.

Upon starting the school, Sule says the market response was quite promising due to their training approach which he says was totally different.

This is the first mainstream feature for Daniel Espinosa and he comes forth as promising due to his skillful camera work with the action scenes.

In 1% of cases promising without is used

I wish all sides would provide some assurance that they can do what they are promising without slashing and burning.

That Romney can not cut taxes like he is promising without losing revenue, thus making the deficit even worse than it already is.

In Summary while the past handful of a long time have not been the finest for the green sector in India, the potential appears extremely promising without a doubt.

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