Prepositions after "promise"

"promise to", "promise by" or "promise in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases promise to is used

Although both are promised to others.

Okay you both shall promise to uncle for keep your mother.

Now, he waits to see if the justice promised to him will be delivered.

In October 2012 he once again promised to half rice imports within one year or resign.

David spent 14 years before he took the throne of Israel that had been promised to him.

Besides, I promised to myself and Sirius that I'd do what I could to live my life to the fullest.

Maybe I expect too much from them, but please, it was promised to ME!! Not that I asked on top of what's promised.

This year's Football Manager promises to yet again steal your social life and separate you from friends and family.

And the low wages promised to teachers, some say, is telling of the government's true commitment to improving education.

And as he looks down from the palaces and gardens promised to him; I pray that his prayers along with the Prophet's are with Imran.

In 22% of cases promise in is used

It's been promised in ' 42 to Stalin.

Labour promised in 1997 to renationalise the railways.

A delightful evening is promised in a great atmosphere.

In sum, Sergey Radchenko has delivered on much of what he promised in his introduction.

As the Mayor promised in March, the reconstruction would be fulfilled by the end of 2012.

Our hope is that God will bless the people of this country as He promised in Genesis 12:1-3.

Whoever wins, we might reasonably expect to count the usual list of broken election promises in a few years ' time.

He did after all promise in his maiden speech as PM that he would conduct a comprehensive study of these laws and the Police Act.

Frustratingly, Tower Hamlets council lawyers failed to include that promise in the governing arrangements and the legal agreement.

We also need to see urgent progress on an ' early access ' scheme, promised in the Government's life sciences strategy late last year.

In 20% of cases promise by is used

They claimed that military support promised by the Ministry of Defence had never arrived in Brak.

They were promised by John Key that this year New Zealand would emerge aggressively out of recession.

As to the first requirement, release of the brigade was promised by CincFE and the bad news communicated to General Walker.

Only in Madrid, under siege and fearful of the massacre promised by the rebels, did Republican violence outmatch that of Franco's rebels.

The environment supports life and the electorate would have to live before they can enjoy the economic well-being promised by politicians.

The one-time premium policy promised by the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) in their 2008 manifesto appears to be a limbo barely.

But despite these and all the benefits being promised by affiliate programs, many people are still hesitant to get into affiliate marketing.

The ' ' would be bomber ' ' was confirmed to be the minister's niece and was to leave the country soon for further studies as promised by the late minister.

The truth is that with a few exceptions the private sector has not filled the gap in infrastructural investment promised by structural adjustment programmes.

In 8% of cases promise for is used

His manifesto promises for 2012 are as appealing as ever.

After this, the Government gave back some of the land they had been promising for such a long time.

The central bank has been promising for months it will be able to meet the government's 2011 inflation target of 4.

Such people will not be exempted from the rewards Allah has promised for those who are considered good-doers (muhsinun).

Its economy is still one of the poorest in Asia, and has never received the reparations promised for the terrible damage done by the U.

Front-runner Paul Martin has won the support of most Liberal MPs for his leadership campaign with, among other things, promises for increased influence to backbenchers.

Nor is it the responsibility of the newly formed Town Council, who all made strong campaign promises for improved focus, and policy on rental properties and landlord standards.

Part of the country gets multi-billion pound bridges free to use, with annual maintenance cost that probably dwarf the one off cost of supplying the vehicle ferries that were promised for Dunoon.

In 5% of cases promise on is used

Do not promise on what you can not deliver.

We received all that you promised on your web site and more.

No stone unturned -- no angle unexamined, Writing For The Fashion Business will teach the reader exactly what it promises on the cover.

We visit the villas that we offer personally to make sure that both property and service are indeed as promised on the website and we know if they are suitable for your needs.

In 2% of cases promise before is used

The BJP had promised before the elections that a new plan would be formed after considering people's objections.

Having promised before the head of his mother's church, that very day, to love her to the exclusion of all others, till death they did part.

In 1% of cases promise after is used

The Situation Today Today, Taranaki iwi have still not received the land that was promised after the war.

Missing reconciliation process The resettlement of all the internally displaced persons (IDPs) in their habitats has also not been effected as promised after the end of the war.

In 1% of cases promise at is used

No wonder the bread that was promised at Rs3/50 is now Rs35 giving due allowance to inflation, exchange flucturation etc So it was with Petroleum, Gas and Milk Powder prices.

In 1% of cases promise because is used

But, he almost did not receive the licence he was promised because of a last minute policy shift by the then Minister in charge.

In 1% of cases promise from is used

The NHL's proposal also includes a deferred salary plan that will make sure players are given all the money promised from existing contracts.

In 1% of cases promise including is used

There's a host of free entertainment promised including penalty shoot outs, a Brazilian soccer school and celebrity teams.

In 1% of cases promise under is used

But when the thing promised under oath is possible and right, then wantonly to neglect the doing of it is to disrespect God's name.

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