Prepositions after "prohibit"

prohibit from, by, in, without or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases prohibit from is used

Should she have been prohibited from wearing it? No.

Women have been prohibited from shaving their heads.

Experts were prohibited from addressing the ultimate issue in insanity cases.

Civil service and security force employees were legally prohibited from forming unions.

If the mailbox size reaches 45 megabytes, the user will be prohibited from sending mail.

However, she is still prohibited from leaving the home or entering into another marriage.

All floats and entries are prohibited from throwing out candy, pamphlets or any handouts this year onto the street.

Americans are prohibited from importing prescription drugs from countries where they are less expensive, most notably Canada.

Limitation 147(7) Nothing in this section gives a registrant the right to vote shares that he is otherwise prohibited from voting.

These parties are contractually prohibited from using the personal information for any purpose other than those specified by IHCL.

In 20% of cases prohibit by is used

Yes, victimisation is prohibited by the legislation.

Sending cash in the post is prohibited by New Zealand Post.

It is prohibited by law to erect any buildings near the banks of tanks.

Any unauthorized use is expressly prohibited by law and violators will be prosecuted.

But we had not even left the city yet when it was prohibited by the Messenger of Allah.

Myers, the US military can't do anything about it, is prohibited by law from doing anything about it.

Minors must have parental consent to participate in this program, and is void where prohibited by local governing laws.

These Terms of Use are void where prohibited by law and the right to access the Sites is revoked in such jurisdictions.

Because of the far-reaching ramifications of sexual relations outside of marriage, Muslims are prohibited by God from such behavior.

Once the safe harbors currently prohibited by such policies are restored, then people can constructively interact or not interact as they see fit.

In 15% of cases prohibit in is used

Photography is prohibited in the museum.

However, interest is prohibited in Islam.

H arm: That which is unlawful or prohibited in Islam.

Smoking -- Smoking is legally prohibited in many public buildings but not at hotels, businesses, and restaurants.

Mobile Phones The use of mobile phones is prohibited in the Hospital, as they interfere with our monitoring equipment.

For Muslims, the most common product that is allowed in Jewish law but prohibited in Islamic law are alcoholic beverages.

This is something explicitly prohibited in Islam and was never practiced by the Prophet of Mercy, upon him be prayers and peace.

This means your web site might be prohibited in particular places or by a number of users due to the articles provide in the server you share.

In 15% of cases prohibit without is used

XX-Notice: Duplication and redistribution prohibited without consent of X the author.

Republication or re-dissemination of the contents of this screen are expressly prohibited without the written consent of Saanj.

Any use of these images outside of for your own personal use as a desktop wallpaper image is prohibited without permission from the author of the image.

It is important to note that foreign currency remittance for the purpose of purchasing real estate is prohibited without the approval of the Bank of Jamaica.

Any use of these materials on any other website or networked computer environment for any purpose is prohibited without the prior written consent of THATRE OUTREMONT.

In 4% of cases prohibit for is used

Hot drinks are not prohibited for safety reasons.

This means that backing up or engaging in fair dealing would be prohibited for 98% of DVDs (see DVDs and TPMs.

Special attention, without the consent of the manufacturer, it is prohibited for the the consequence is proud.

Carnevale became an outlet for all that had been prohibited for centuries by the strong and sober arm of the doge.

But here is a thing: according to Shariah law, it is prohibited for Muslims to invest in things such as the arms trade.

It is strictly prohibited for hanging objects to move over or stay above the head, the objects should move along the lifting safety passage 6.

Other examples of items that are prohibited for Jews but allowed for Muslims include: - Sharks, shellfish and crustaceans (lobster, crabs, etc.

Reproducing, redistributing, or creating derivative works from it, in whole or in part, without expressed written permission from the author is prohibited for any purpose whatsoever.

In 4% of cases prohibit under is used

Local content regulations are an example of what is prohibited under TRIMs.

Such an arrangement can not be equated to transfer the land, which is prohibited under the Act.

In 3% of cases prohibit on is used

Smoking is prohibited on coaches.

Automobiles and motorized traffic are prohibited on the islands, so the preferred method of transportation is bicycle or the horse-drawn carriage.

In a way it was a bold show that had extra-marital affairs, a woman sipping beer on screen and a few taboo things that were strictly prohibited on Doordarshan.

In 1% of cases prohibit at is used

This includes Public Theater There's not much that's prohibited at Prohibition -- in fact, the bar is nicely set up to accommodate a lot of drinking.

In 1% of cases prohibit other is used

Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited other than the following.

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