Prepositions after "profitable"

"profitable for" or "profitable in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases profitable for is used

Profitable for all involved payers, i.

They want farming to be profitable for them.

That would be much more profitable for them.

Australian familiy visits to Bali would increase and be more profitable for them.

This increases their support costs and makes the device less profitable for them.

Look it up this Canadian company could become very profitable for it's investors.

Rather, globalisation has made it both possible and profitable for them to abandon any national responsibility.

We get sick because our lack of health is economical-ly profitable for a lot of big companies and shareholders.

This is the real rub as content providers want far more per sub than is reasonably profitable for the Telecoms.

If you are able to score a prime business location, it may be profitable for you to have a storefront location.

In 17% of cases profitable in is used

He made it profitable in 14 months.

KLIA2 to be profitable in the first year.

Banking sector turned profitable in 2002.

Here are a few themes that I think could be very profitable in the future: Banking.

But it proved to be a very profitable industry, so people stopped asking questions.

Morale of the story, it is perfectly OK to make money and be profitable in business.

Profitable in its first year of business, the New York -- based agency has doubled its revenue every year since.

For firewood vendors like Ndlovu, participating in reforestation efforts could prove profitable in the long run.

We are the most profitable in only 20 years, compared to others who have been here for maybe more that 100 years.

Profile away from the TV business, the adjustment of such a strategy is not to Philips profitable in fiscal 2011.

In 12% of cases profitable to is used

But all were not so much profitable to me.

These things are good and profitable to men.

Your association may prove profitable to them.

Having found something profitable to capitalists, it has set it up as a principle.

Foreclosure happens to be more profitable to them than routine servicing of a loan.

For He nowhere considers His own dignity, but always what will be profitable to us.

Meanwhile, they will go on producing in whatever way is the most profitable to them and pass ANY taxes on to us.

Another is high-grade underground mines that are deeper but have high grades which make them profitable to mine.

My dream is to come back and use my experience and knowledge in whatever capacity found profitable to the nation.

I know not which is most profitable to me, health or sickness, wealth or poverty, nor anything else in the world.

In 4% of cases profitable with is used

Doubt it can be profitable with that number.

The company is profitable with EPS of 20 sen.

Anybody can be profitable with those kinds of terms.

Medical testing for money can be profitable with some trials paying up to 2000 each.

Expertise and firm are a pair of the key parts should be profitable with discount use.

Right now, onshore wind is profitable with a 8c/kWh tariff; offshore require 12-15c/kWh.

I'd like to see any company attempt to be profitable with all of its employees making less than 30 hours a week.

Kolkata is a small office but is very profitable with businesses like ITC, Marico Bangladesh and ABP to name a few.

They're going to present you with everything you are going to need to be able to become profitable with this system.

Nevertheless, an astute trader who understands the market he is trading can be profitable with this simple strategy.

In 3% of cases profitable at is used

SHARON CADDY: Well I'd say profitable at what cost.

Everyone can do it and also be profitable at it, too.

Colonizing Mars would not be profitable at this time.

Bear in mind, it can take too much time in becoming profitable at affiliate marketing.

On the 55? the odds remained still profitable at the SAME LEVEL as it was on Half Time.

The company was profitable at the time of purchase and was accretive to earnings in 2001.

It was reportedly profitable at the time of the valuation even though most of its users don't pay for the service.

First, Fiachra, figuring out which film is going to be profitable at the point of funding is not an exact science.

The cost of extracting oil from Canada's sands is quite profitable at current world prices and has been for some time.

How many companies can be profitable at these current prices? JH: At $1,600/oz gold, most existing mines are very profitable.

In 3% of cases profitable by is used

We hope to be profitable by the end of the year.

The condition: it has to turn profitable by 2018.

You can be more profitable by being more efficient.

He says Mr Hickson has proven you can be small but profitable by choosing to specialise.

If it is not profitable, then let us make it even less profitable by boycotting their coffee shops.

Make your internet marketing via affiliate promotion profitable by using the information given here.

A stay at home mom or college student can become profitable by only working when they can, around their busy schedule.

Instead, BMW is looking to make the Mini brand more profitable by sharing platforms with other models under the Roundel.

In 2006 Don Garber, MLS Commissioner, expressed his expectations for the league's clubs to be profitable by 2010 overall.

Wholesaling is profitable by maintaining low costs with high turnover, with typical FMCG product margins anywhere from 4-5%.

In 3% of cases profitable on is used

And it can make us more profitable on this business.

Almost no business is profitable on the very first day.

That is to say ER is profitable on a variable cost basis.

Keep an eye on which idea is financially viable or most profitable on a sustained basis.

Toll roads and airports also cost money to build and are only profitable on the operating level.

Black Friday got its name because retailers traditionally turned profitable on the day following Thanksgiving.

But: it's sold for a hack of a lot above gold's price and that makes it less profitable on the short and mid term.

Sesame Street is profitable on its own yet our gov't subsidizes PBS to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

Liz Tomey also feels offended, which is why she is ready to expose exactly how she goes about being profitable on the internet.

In 2% of cases profitable as is used

The firm was more profitable as a result.

It is profitable as well as pleasing; it brings blessings numerous as the drops of dew.

But it will be profitable as an index of the impact decades of doublethink can leave on a.

This is profitable as well as necessary, as pigs are difficult to get without muskets and powder.

It becomes more profitable as a result of devaluation, but does not necessarily generate more volume.

Investing into Canadian companies is rather profitable as the inflation rates in this country are rather low.

The study? s author found that the ecological farms were just as productive and profitable as the chemical ones.

You will have seized an opportunity and found a market niche that will become more and more profitable as the economy recovers.

Though it wasn't profitable as of last year, the $100M IPO it filed for earlier this year gave us insight into the company's finances.

But it will be profitable as an index of the impact decades of doublethink can leave on a good mind, as well as as an interpretation of history.

In 2% of cases profitable from is used

The company has been profitable from day one.

He says the company has been profitable from day 1.

And the Feed-in tarrif is profitable from day 1 on.

There may well be all those that have dropped and began profitable from then on.

So while service company can remain profitable from day one, it has growth limitations.

Startups can be particularly expensive and most businesses are not profitable from day one.

The reason was clear: despite its strong sales growth, Green Mountain was not profitable from a cash flow perspective.

Unsurprisingly, they have directed it into the types of lending that are most profitable from their perspective, such as mortgage lending.

Which means U must have a thriving private sector that is doing economically relevant things that are also profitable from a business perspective.

It has been the busiest and most profitable from day one and it hasn't taken Auckland long to see that they are now also loved by their fellow JAFAs.

In 1% of cases profitable during is used

Teashop - very profitable during summer; dead during winter.

Mombasa rental houses are usually very profitable during the high tourism season.

But of the others, only Samsung has been profitable during the course of that graph.

One confounding factor is that fundraising will be more profitable during times of economic growth.

Saying the lines were profitable during this time period is like saying eToys was profitable in the 90's.

For example, a corporation in a highly cyclical industry may look very profitable during boom years but lose substantial amounts during bust years.

But according to another former AOL employee with close knowledge of the business, just 12 of the 863 Patch sites were actually profitable during that time.

Both Percival and my late grandfather were headmasters of English schools in Vietnam, which became highly profitable during the era of American influence in that country.

In 1% of cases profitable of is used

But it's not the most profitable of hobbies.

Profits: Giant African Snail Farming: This is by far the most profitable of all.

But the most profitable of all, the style that I use, is to invest in small caps.

The agency claims to be the fastest growing and most profitable of the WPP agencies.

Already, the more profitable of the two, Royal Stag, is poised to overtake its rival USL brand in volumes next year.

Ironically the one I had the longest (8 years) was the least profitable of all but offered great personal satisfaction.

Apple's last quarter was the most profitable of any company in history: it made $13 billion in profits on $46 billion in sales.

Too many people think you should just throw them away in most situations, but these types of starting hands can be the most profitable of all.

Dunn has driven 72 winners for the Kentuckianna Lodge stable this season, the most profitable of those being Texican who he has combined with for nine wins.

In this sense it is the most sublime of the realms of being and the most profitable of worlds for the lovers of God and the wayfarers of the path of the Hereafter.

In 1% of cases profitable despite is used

Under such conditions, a company can be profitable despite poor leadership.

Our businesses in France and Spain remain marginally profitable despite very tough trading conditions.

Ford was profitable despite industry woes in the first part of 2008 and did not require government assistance.

The high volume sales of the market leader enable them to be profitable despite the need to invest heavily in their brand.

The magazine noted that African banks are among the world's most profitable despite the fact that they are generally small.

Symrise remained highly profitable despite high raw materials prices and start-up costs for its new menthol production plant.

Put it differently, if an insurer manages to be profitable despite all these costs, it's because they charge you indecent premiums.

They have been profitable despite the embargo and, should Saddam survive the current crisis, they would become much more so in the future.

He has ensured that Air New Zealand has remained profitable despite the backdrop of turbulent economic times that have seen airlines lose billions globally.

In 1% of cases profitable over is used

Outsourcing contracts are designed to be profitable over their life.

An Expert Advisor has very little chance of being profitable over a long period of time due to normal market dynamics.

In other words, MSFT has gotten far less profitable over that period, in large part due to the massive increase in headcount.

Not only that, they are going to find it very hard to return margins to a level that will make then profitable over the longer term.

The firm has struggled to be profitable over the past year due to its cripplingly-high level of corporate debt amid a cooling Asian market.

There are also several qualities that make a good financial situation profitable over the long term such as commitment, knowledge and responsibility.

Despite many law firms still being highly profitable over the last couple of years there's been about a 10% cut in jobs from partner level downwards.

We have been profitable over the last while, but in the run-up to a market story we need to demonstrate that all this revenue growth will be profitable.

Dr O'Reagain says lower stocking rates, which place less pressure on the land and feed reserves, are proving to be much more profitable over the long term.

In 1% of cases profitable through is used

You should be able to make these more profitable through lower costs.

There are certainly ways of making conferences more profitable through digital solutions.

It's going to become profitable through innovation, risk-taking by entrepreneurs, and supply and demand.

We also know that they will continue to put mercury in vaccines as long as it remains profitable through forced vaccinations.

Despite recurrent promises that the nuclear industry will become profitable through domestic and export reactor sales, it continues to be a drain on the public purse.

In 1% of cases profitable because is used

Good article, while Arsenal remains profitable because of player sales.

First crosses have often proved to be more profitable because of a hybrid vigour.

I mean, we were minuscule and it was not profitable because of the very expensive billing costs.

It is a result of persuing ventures that are only profitable BECAUSE of the lowered interest rate.

Trading at other banks only appeared profitable because of the implicit (later explicit) taxpayer guarantee.

Unhealthy commodities are highly profitable because of their low production cost, long shelf-life, and high retail value.

Even if animals were not encountered, a stop at one of these sites could have been profitable because of the vegetative food resources available.

By Ekow Quandzie Comments 1 Comment Investments made in Africa becomes profitable because of the many flaws offered by African governments administrative system.

And so therefore if a company becomes very profitable because of commodity price fluctuations - which was the case in coking coal - well therefore they can pay more to the national wealth.

In 1% of cases profitable unto is used

These things are good and profitable unto men.

In a word, whatsoever may be doubtful in religion, yet this at least is certain, that no religion which I believe not to be true can be either true or profitable unto me.

In 1% of cases profitable after is used

This business is the most profitable after all.

Giant African Snail Farming: This hot business is the most profitable after all.

Firstly, we can see that the Enterprise Systems was suddenly profitable after a few years of poor performance.

Taib said the big players undertook projects which had long gestation period including some which had yet to be profitable after 10 years despite having to service bank loans.

All that money and nothing to show for it! Within the next five years, this club will be so profitable after settling all its debts and renegotiating its sponsorship with Nike and Emirates.

In 1% of cases profitable within is used

That the business will be profitable within the first year 5.

We project that the company will be profitable within two years.

Its pilot plants were profitable within six months, so its model is sustainable.

I argued at the AGM if they can't be profitable within the restriction of treating.

The result: we are certainly expecting to be profitable within three years, and not five.

Most franchises are profitable within a few months, as soon as they recruit on average 100 members.

With today's IP-RC exchange rate hovering around 120, she hoped to be profitable within half an hour.

When you find yourself profitable within these demands, you'll have no issue to get the personal loan.

TIP! Just because a site is one of the most profitable within that industry, does not mean it is the best.

These extra applications would be essential to making the company profitable within an acceptable time frame.

In 1% of cases profitable without is used

This is a great way to see if your stock selections are profitable without risking any money.

The higher discount makes it more conducive to being profitable without relying on mass sales.

Three industries that could not possibly be profitable without government subsidies, funded by us.

Southport and Bluff would struggle to remain profitable without the shipping and then Bluff would die.

This was the only way of keeping plantations profitable without transforming the structure of production.

Furthermore, we know that these ships were not profitable without the subsidy, or they would have been built.

Nuclear? Debatable if it is profitable without defence force subsidies and not very useful for personal transport.

It remains unclear whether the stadium proposal would be profitable without a big increase in convention business.

There are plenty of profit-sharing or fee systems that would enable banking to be profitable without relying on interest.

Prospective Customers No restaurant is profitable without customers, and they won't show up in the numbers you need unless you know how to attract them.

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