Prepositions after "productive"

"productive in", "productive of" or "productive for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases productive in is used

Just be productive in the time you have.

You will be productive in the mean time.

It's a more zen space to be productive in.

This is the moment in which discourse becomes productive in a fairly specific way.

You need to subscribe people today who will also be productive in the lengthy run.

They have also helped to make the older Irish mother the most productive in the EU.

Which of the following ecosystems will be more productive in terms of primary productivity? Justify your answer.

Even when you work on your own, you should always strive to remain productive in your freelance writing business.

In fact this type of learning provides you an opportunity to be more productive in your other regular activities.

The purpose is to make these officers more productive in terms of output and management to the **26;3375;TOOLONG.

In 14% of cases productive for is used

Hope MacDowell was productive for you.

Not productive for our progress as well.

You will be unexpectedly productive for it.

There is also no doubt that he can be productive for at least five or more years.

But, I don't think any human can be productive for 20 hrs a day, six days a week.

This way, you streamline the process, and you will only be more productive for it.

So what, you ask? Turns out sitting in circle can be very productive for you and your business or organization.

Support groups and counseling sessions may also be productive for patients and families directly affected by MS.

The best project managers ensure they are productive for most of their time and avoid time-wasters at all costs.

They might want to focus on actually fasting and praying instead, it will be a lot more productive for everyone.

In 11% of cases productive of is used

Even this evil is productive of good.

It is counter productive of a free enterprises system.

All human actions are productive of electrical currents.

They can only be meaningless (but possibly productive of a need for infant shoes).

The continental shelf which ends at about 100-200m, is the most productive of these.

The Pueblo was the most productive of all the claims, at one time employing 20 people.

There is no basis for the perception that cycling is an activity that is especially productive of head injuries.

Indeed, mental labour can be productive of surplus value under conditions discussed in Carchedi, 2011, chapter 2.

The non-elimination of the seminal secretion from the testes often is productive of great bodily and mental vigor.

In 9% of cases productive with is used

Stay productive with accessories.

I am not productive with my energy, AT ALL.

We are the most productive with what we use.

This enables you to be considerably more productive with all your business tasks.

I'd much more productive with Scrivener than I have been with any other software.

Before, almost every space was productive with plants and trees including animals.

Spain needs to get off it's fat arse and actually do something productive with all that EU money they receive.

He was most productive with the Jets and his best season came in 1984-85, when he had 32 goals and 44 assists.

Difference is this guy is on the federal payroll and is supposed to be doing something productive with his time.

One of the major reasons why people fail to do something really productive with their time is the lack of energy.

In 7% of cases productive at is used

He is productive at virtually every level.

I like to keep busy and productive at work.

I wanted to feel productive at my new full-time job.

Here are some tips to help you work smarter so you can be more productive at work.

No reason why he can't be productive at 35 on a decent team with line-up protection.

I just try to be happy in my personal life which in turn makes me productive at work.

A search for the car that the men were driving might have been very productive at the time; today it is useless.

In my best-functioning stage, when I was on Paxil, I was extraordinarily productive at work and happy with life.

Rastini, you and your fellow traders do not contribute to society, you are not productive at all -- you only take.

In 6% of cases productive to is used

That logic is incredibly productive to me.

That seems slightly counter productive to me.

That's counter productive to being a pack leader.

But I don't think it is productive to couch it in terms of who's head and who's not.

Furthermore, Government Health Care would be counter productive to economic recovery.

But the moves he made seem counter productive to the improvement of the organization.

Gaining all the oil in the West Philippine Sea will be counter productive to China's economy if she loses the U.

Taking away their livelihood or telling lies about them is counter productive to empowering them as human beings.

Attempts at ethnic cleansing with the support of the British state are counter productive to working class unity.

We are, unless we are productive to the economy - the ' City ' if you like, consumers, tax payers and commodities.

In 5% of cases productive on is used

Isles need to be more productive on the PP.

It shouldn't be so hard to be productive on a Mac.

Man being productive on the land was a key to the whole notion.

Coastal ecosystems count among the most ecologically dynamic and productive on Earth.

I suffer from terrible motion sickness but this really helps me be productive on flights.

At the very least, they should be able to be more productive on third-down moving forward.

Ontario FTE s are less productive than the average, while Qubec nursing FTE s are the most productive on average.

Why waste hours commuting when you can be more productive on the couch? Waste less time in meetings and on email.

Internationally Corporate executives estimate that employees are most productive on Tuesdays, a new survey shows.

He is a joy to live with as long as you understand the Virgo mans obsessive need to be productive on a daily basis.

In 3% of cases productive as is used

We are not productive as a society, uptown, downtown.

I have become Positively Stronger and more productive as a person.

This will make certain that your workouts are productive as well as safe.

To be fully and truly productive as a Muslim, it is best to find yourself entirely.

Although no one likes an earlier than usual start, you'll be more productive as a result.

Energy costs are increasingly productive as a finite supply of fossil fuels gets scarcer.

Now that it's back I'd seeing lot's of productive as well as fun group private messages come through my cliques.

In this post we will look at ways you can avoid information overload and become far more productive as a result.

It may appear smelly and threatening to whitefellas, but it is full of life and very productive as a food source.

The afternoons I wrote at the coffee shop with no wireless were twice as productive as the mornings I wrote at home.

In 3% of cases productive by is used

The busy outnumber the productive by a wide margin.

Stay productive by walking every evening for 25 moments.

And that agriculture can be more productive by doing so.

Deferring emails makes you more productive by corralling people into your schedule.

Computers have made manufacturers more productive by automating many routine tasks.

Programmers are significantly more productive by taking advantage of the Geocortex SDK.

Here I'd trying to explain how to make the Vim more productive by adding some extra features through Vim plugins.

You can also make weather-related harvest or planting delays productive by going out and pulling a soil sample or two.

Helping them to become more productive by improving their own skills and abilities has a diametrically opposite effect.

If you want to be more productive by taking action on your dreams, please subscribe below: 6 Responses That was a nice post.

In 2% of cases productive during is used

The doe is least productive during the dry period.

Thus, one can still be productive during the four days of work.

People must be productive during the panicking period of unemployment.

All the facilities are in place to allow you to remain productive during your stay.

Brian gives a list of new mines supposed to come productive during the coming years.

Sleep refreshes your mind and body, which makes you more productive during waking hours.

If you are a night person, you shouldn't expect yourself to be very productive during morning study session.

Morning yoga will help you to feel more energized and clear, helping you to be more productive during the day.

In her research, she discovered that people who did that actually became more productive during the day, not less.

If you can employ some of these techniques, you'll find that you actually get much more productive during your day.

In 1% of cases productive like is used

There must be something productive like that for her to do.

They must stop the 24/7 politics and be productive like him.

Nokia modified its s40 OS to make it more productive like smartphone.

I meant for example if someone less productive like Rambo had 9 fumbles he would be gone no doubt.

Let the late hero take advantage of free farm and have the other heroes use the time to do something productive like ganking or.

When he says ' more valuable ' he doesn't mean in terms of their overall usefulness to society or anything productive like that.

Next time you too get a gay tantrum take your meds and do something productive like shooting yourselves, no one here will care nor notice.

Anyway, it's nice to be posting something again and I hope you enjoy! Disclaimer: Not mine or I'd be doing something more productive like bringing back the Novaks.

And I bet most people who do aren't exactly adrenaline chasing, base jumping fanatics who fill every minute of their day with something productive like learning the guitar.

In 1% of cases productive without is used

I am so productive without a baby.

The employee may continue to be productive without the interruption after lunch.

I am a big corporate email user and couldn't imagine being productive without the keyboard.

To make my work day even more productive without my poochie pie I busted out my new slow cooker.

And the huge industrial farms will need massively more people to make them productive without oil.

I use these features all the time to get work done and I would be much less productive without them.

Sure, I could have been more productive without all the distractions manifesting on Twitter and Facebook.

ERRAND RUNNING AND PERSONAL SHOPPING Be productive without ever leaving your hotel room if you so please.

Many others are far more productive without the traditional interruptions and constraints of the workplace.

If the Saints are more productive without Bush, he can at least act like he wants to be a part of the Saints.

In 1% of cases productive within is used

So people were much more productive within their departments, thanks to computers and software.

I've been more productive within the first 30 minutes of installing than I ever have with Visio.

Showing that you care can squash any fear they may have for being productive within your company.

These meetings will help ensure that you are both feeling comfortable and productive within the team.

If you'd like to be productive within the long term, you ought to experiment with each the text and image formats.

You must be working at a job where you can still function and be productive within your set of physical limitations.

Most business owners understand that to be able to be productive within your organization, you can't do it all alone.

The program's clean-looking interface is logically laid out; you should become productive within just a few minutes of running it.

I managed to get home later the same day, log back in and be productive within hours of the most serious New Zealand earthquake in recent times.

Merely cutting budgets isn't going to automatically make people more efficient, or productive within the same time frame which is what productivity is.

In 1% of cases productive throughout is used

R &D; was productive throughout that period.

Be more productive throughout the day in ten minutes with the five tips below.

Only the best hitters manage to be consistently productive throughout the season.

United's attack is relying on Pontius to be extremely productive throughout the postseason.

They also ensure that the land is productive throughout the year regress of the prevailing local weather conditions.

I think this man is the real deal, with serious athleticism and a work ethic that will keep him productive throughout this contract.

Learn New Innovative and Productive Techniques -- Discover new ways to be productive throughout your day with these iPad tips and tricks.

If you ask me, it's usually a mixture of these factors that will stops nearly all providers through getting productive throughout luxury real-estate.

Also, with a field crew's constant remote whereabouts, a battery that can last the full shift is important to keep workers productive throughout the workday.

But considering the options available, there is no reason that even the most power-intensive devices can't be made to stay productive throughout the work day.

In 1% of cases productive through is used

Or at least made more productive through connectivity and technology.

A workforce that requires extrinsic factors to make them happy will be less productive through being less motivated by their work.

And Luzon coffee areas will have to be more productive through the help of NGOs, non-profits like the PCBI and government agencies.

In other words, it is as if everyone else in the city have themselves become more productive through the addition of each new person.

Well before you could be productive through Currency trading and thus earn actual capital, it is actually essential that you'll be knowledgeable.

I help small businesses be more productive through the use of technology; be it building or maintaining a website/blog or training people to be more productive while mobile.

The Future Is Here with Cisco TelePresence Cisco TelePresence powers the new way of working, where everyone, everywhere can be more productive through face-to-face collaboration.

In 1% of cases productive rather is used

In her spare time she enjoys being productive rather than to spend time on TV Soaps/movies.

Our means and our remedies will be productive rather than speculative or merely restrictive.

At the same time it would encourage investment in productive rather than non-productive assets (i.

The good city enables human aspirations to be productive rather than repressed or limited to self- indulgence.

If you focus your time on something productive rather than shopping, you'll save money, and your house won't look like a big mess.

The money lent to property could be far better used by small and medium sized businesses, with productive rather than destructive results.

So as a very hard-working national newspaper 12 journalist, you focus on what is productive rather than 13 banging your head against a wall.

This will deliver an enormous economic boost as people will hit the streets feeling refreshed and productive rather than cheated and grumpy.

The opportunity is to build new business models around this and for universities and schools to look on it as productive rather than threatening.

In 1% of cases productive over is used

Time will tell if he can make the adjustments necessary to be productive over the long run.

It is a very exciting time, and I have to be realistic and productive over these testing days.

Nevertheless, immunized cattle under Maasai management have survived and been productive over long periods.

Only those who remain on the top of innovations and changes will continue to be productive over the long term.

When you challenge yourself to yourself to get these new tricks, you will get faster and more productive over time.

But there is no doubt that they will need Bourn and Prado to prove much more productive over the remainder of the season.

The scientific journal says that there is already evidence that the lake has become less productive over the past 90 years.

In ecology the word describes how biological systems remain diverse and productive over time with due consideration for carrying capacity.

Appropriately, the material culture of this imagined nation suggests a preference for the aggressively productive over the idly pleasurable.

When the surf is up, beach fishing can be productive over the sandy patches for flounder, dab, plaice and the occasional bass and sea trout.

In 1% of cases productive about is used

There's just nothing good-willed or productive about this.

Quit your bellyache and do some productive about the problem.

It is your still your right to opt to not be productive about this issue if you so choose.

There's nothing productive about blame, and it often involves shaming someone or just being mean.

Yard function is an effortless way to remain active while performing something productive about the property.

Exhaustion erodes judgment and performance, and there's nothing productive about correcting mistakes later on.

There's something intimate and productive about being in a learning environment in which teacher and pupil are engaged in a.

I do have some questions but not quite sure what they are just yet! I need some distance from it before I can do anything productive about it.

In 1% of cases productive instead is used

I'd go one step further and say simply: Be productive instead of busy.

I used to use productive instead of busy but I'd gon na switch to full now.

Arrangement of equipments that is productive instead of wasting on fancy artworks.

Why bother? To get off your arse and do something productive instead of vegetating.

I rather do something productive instead of socializing at places where I shouldn't be.

Knowing how to keep your head in a fight will make it productive instead of destructive.

How about this: Why not read a darn book or do something productive instead of humping all the time.

Your mobile device could be put to better use doing something productive instead of breaking into some persons property or the other.

I like being able to wake up before 11am on a saturday and do something productive instead of lying in bed all weekend nursing myself back to health for next week.

I recently read this quotation by Tim Ferriss of 4-Hour Work Week fame and something inside me just went ' yesssss! ' He said: Focus on being productive instead of busy.

In 1% of cases productive from is used

They were productive from the get-go.

The last INELI day was very productive from a group project point of view.

There's no point in expecting yourself to be productive from the moment you arrive.

That's why the Japanese are different; they teach their kids to be productive from the onset.

I actually feel my biorhythms change in late afternoon, and am highly productive from that point on.

I know he's not the best defender but whatever side he plays that part of the pitch is always productive from a attacking sense.

With smart planning, and a little help from technology, you can be productive from just about anywhere, even the middle of cottage country.

Can you be productive from your couch? How about on a plane? In line? Learn how to maximize your productivity when you're not in the office.

I'd not saying Fields is an upgrade at this point, but we are at rock bottom with Uribe and anybody will be more productive from here on out.

I should note that, in addition to such exchanges serving to build up links, they would also be immensely productive from an educational standpoint.

In 1% of cases productive because is used

Some people are just much more productive because of their intelligence and efficiency.

A individual may feel more productive because of familiarity, but that doesn't make either of them objectively more efficient.

Recently I lost the use of my MacBook and although I miss it dearly, I am able to continue to be productive because of cloud computing.

It is less productive because of this, in terms of cloves per head, but fetches a premium because anyone who has cooked with it won't go back.

I've been bringing up a family and I've been enormously productive because of not touring and having a home studio -- it's really that simple.

Staying that connected can be pretty rough on you, and the Harvard Business Review notes that in the long-term you're actually less productive because of it.

Staying that connected can be pretty rough on you, and the Harvard Business Review notes that in the long-term, you're actually less productive because of it.

I agree that using drones to attack the Taliban are counter productive because of the of civilian casualties they cause The civilian casualties are propaganda.

We believe that everyone in an organization can become more productive because of SharePoint, its integration with Office and its power to transform websites into collaboration sites.

Best choice Of the three methods, the conditional formatting method is probably the least productive because of the potential to forget it; costs can run high with employing formatting tricks.

In 1% of cases productive after is used

This type of thinking becomes counter productive after a while.

More than one-in-four workers say they feel more productive after a holiday.

You'll find yourself bingeing less and becoming more productive after lunch too.

Set up your workstation so you're ready to go and are productive after 10 seconds.

Some guys are productive after 3-4 weeks, others take longer depending on their interest.

Thanks to the web portal, it's possible to be productive after the children have gone to bed.

I've tried taking walks at irregular intervals to see if I'd more productive after a bit of fresh air.

Trust me, you will get used to it and your work day will be far more productive after your early morning swim.

This is the reason; employees become less productive after a few years of their work, when they use unsuitable chairs.

I feel productive after using it, and I am grateful for the work that so many have put in to make it such a great program.

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