Prepositions after "process"

"process in" or "process by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 24% of cases process in is used

Each will get theirs, but they can't all be processed in one day.

They still do, especially after processing in the latest software.

The Commands MUST be processed in the order specified by this attribute.

My prayer is that you will use your 2nd term to help the #peace process in #Zimbabwe.

The Obama team was right to wind down the war in Iraq and begin that process in Afghanistan.

Sweet Water Valley Dairy located in Philadelphia, TN began on-farm cheese processing in 1998.

No one over exposed The infusion of new blood is a must do process in terms of looking at the bigger, long term picture.

Causes of diabetes- The cause of diabetes can be understood after understanding how glucose is normally processed in the body.

As regards import of books, there will be usual Customs Bill of Entry/certified invoice which will be processed in the normal course.

In 20% of cases process by is used

These charges were never processed by the Tunisian police.

Interest accrues on balance transfers from the date the transfer is processed by ANZ.

Processing of Handia According to indigenous conceptions, Handia is processed by women.

As soon as your return has been processed by our warehouse, we'll email you to let you know.

If the rabbit is later chosen for adoption, all adoption procedures will be processed by the HKRS.

Most of the equipment processed by specialist recyclers in this country comes from the commercial sector.

Credit card payments can not be processed by New Zealand Embassies, High Commissions or Consulate offices.

New accounts will not be set up until payment has been received and processed by our Accounting Department.

Your husband's sponsorship application will be processed by the relevant Case Processing Centre (CPC) in Canada.

The indirect values, are than processed by electronic circuits into a measuring result expressed in grams or kilograms.

In 8% of cases process for is used

The opercula were processed for AMS dating.

The standard claims process for all other claims.

The procedure works by processing formatting objects.

That's when the nominations process for elected police and crime commissioners (PCCs) closes.

The UK has implemented a very thorough assessment process for new reactor designs and their siting.

Nodes are designated only as Stopped and not as Completed after being processed for an iterative cycle.

If the EFT can not be processed for technical reasons, you authorize us to process the copy in place of your original check.

A It is the largest payment cycle ever undertaken by state government, with approximately 2 74, 000 applications processed for 2012.

I believe you can report a Test station to trading standards, no idea what the appeals process for MOT failures or advisories is though.

The official added that there is a lot of data being processed for the first and second phases of the project, and will be revealed to the public soon.

In 8% of cases process on is used

Orders will be processed on the first working day of the week.

All bugs around newline processing on Windows should now be gone.

Serviceable notes are processed on line and re issued to commercial banks.

By now, GE had also initiated to offshore its back office processing on its own.

All of this is processed on a subconscious level, and it really is like having a sixth sense.

The data is processed on the server and put on the respective databases (Mysql, SQL Server, Oracle).

Authorisations are issued to whoever processes the goods, or arranges for them to be processed on their behalf.

In this case you should contact the store directly to discuss refund options or view their returns process on westfield.

Cod caught by fishermen from the North Shore is processed on the North Shore to a large extent, but is also sold to processors in Newfoundland.

In 5% of cases process at is used

Only one call per application connection can be processed at a time.

It is cleaned at home and often processed at home, or in a small village mill.

He says HANA also uses parallel programming to enable columns of data to be processed at the same time.

Generally, it takes around 10 days for the visa invitation to be processed at the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Hams, sausages, and bacons under the Caribbean Passion brand can be found in the island's supermarkets -- so too its fresh pork line, processed at Copperwood Farm.

NRTSI data are processed at NSIDC like GSFC data are processed at Goddard, but the brightness temperature data source for the two products is different along with other small differences.

In 5% of cases process into is used

Your refund is processed into the Trust Account and TaxRefunds.

Now Winslow's real fall begins, and he is processed into a Golem.

The milk is processed into a kind of protein concentrate, which is then spun.

Recyclable materials will be recovered while biodegradables will be processed into organic fertilizer.

Rice grains can be further processed into flour (usually broken grains) biscuits, snacks, breakfast-cereals, beers, wine and distilled spirit.

Other than the usual plethora of commercial food products potatoes can be processed into, potato starch is also a very important by-product of potatoes.

In 5% of cases process with is used

Now here is the same image processed with Lightroom 4.

These applications go through the applications process with the local CCC initially.

Well, if you have the menu innovation too you can process with the background self-host.

Hair that has been processed with permanent color, can not be lifted (lightened) again with per.

Hair that has been processed with permanent color, can not be lifted (lightened) again with permanent color.

Mr Wepener stated that approximately every fourth liter of milk worldwide is extracted or further processed with equipment of the GEA Group.

Her wordless backing vocal was treated with Waves Enigma, while her harmony and backing vocals were processed with Waves? Renaissance Compressor and URS? s 1980 Compressor.

In 4% of cases process through is used

Processed through a trash compacter.

This transaction is securely processed through JustGive.

With our 40 credit card stations we were able to process through the lines in 9-11 mins.

Most of the commodities processed through this program go to schools participating in the National School Lunch Program.

We did word processing through Bank Street Writer and practiced typing with a game that involved a wizard whose spell-casts I can still hear in my mind today.

In 3% of cases process as is used

I heard the immigration officer say that I was to be processed as a Level One and would remain this way for the duration of my stay.

Visitors will get to see how chocolate milk is processed as well as gain a valuable understanding of what really happens at a dairy farm.

Including signing up plus files processing as a way to duties which include world wide web knowledge accessibility, spine office steps maintain organization working hard.

In 3% of cases process within is used

We intend to start that process within the week.

All payments will be processed within a 18-24 hours.

Every withdrawal request will be processed within 24 hours from the moment we receive it.

In 3% of cases process to is used

Provisional ballots are nearly identical in form and process to absentee ballots.

The rhino disc sounds kind of processed to me, like they wanted to make it sound more modern.

Any refunds processed to an international credit card will done using the exchange rate on the day the refund is processed.

As of October 1, 2007 the Indian Embassy outsourced visa collection and delivery processing to Travisa Outsourcing: 1731 21ST.

Only access to complete real-time information can enable fast decisions and optimisation from order processing to the finished product.

We have already noted this effect: a person who is high may become absorbed in an object, event, or process to the exclusion of everything else.

In 2% of cases process without is used

With Adam and Caity I find giving them the space to process without anxiety is the key to getting to the bottom of things.

The percentage is taken by dividing the number of Bills Processed without errors into the total number of Bills Processed.

It is seldom practical to design an isolated object or process without considering the broad context in which it will be used.

They implemented up to 4MB of on-chip flash ROM that is capable of instruction processing without wait states at speeds up to 100MHz.

For repairs/replacements under manufacturers warranty for any item, please include the reference number provided to ensure your return is processed without delay.

In 2% of cases process from is used

Humidity Air conditioning equipment usually decreases the humidity in the air processed from the system.

The left side of the brain processes information in a linear manner, that is, it processes from a part to a whole.

If a chest x-ray/medical examination is required, your application may take up to 8-12 weeks to process from the date that your medical results are forwarded for assessment.

In 1% of cases process under is used

The new PC Scheme came into effect on 25 January 2012 and by the mid-year, over 500 applications had been processed under it.

On that note the CEO of PPP Office mentioned that a number of projects were currently being processed under the PPP policy and he expressed optimistically that a few number of.

In 1% of cases process of is used

We can not control the processing of the brain but we can control what data enter the brain.

In 1% of cases process according is used

Sense data are processed according to our brain structure and matched with data in memory, and processed again, and then a conscious feeling arises.

In 1% of cases process before is used

Where we are when it culminates either next year or the year after depends very much on how much negativity we have processed before then.

Otherwise the code will continue any of the database queries will be executed and logic would be processed before rendering the page via the erb views.

In 1% of cases process after is used

I classify all these recordings as field recordings as none of them are staged or processed after the recording.

The difference in these types of tea is a result of the different ways the tea leaves are processed after harvesting.

Similarly, the way in which rice is processed after harvest depends on whether water is used in ' wet ' or ' dry ' rice processing.

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