Prepositions after "proceed"

"proceed with" or "proceed to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases proceed with is used

Proceed with the rest of the steps.

You will need legal advice on how to proceed with this.

I proceed with caution whenever in a dinner, event, etc.

Thus science will proceed with several theories that are equally correct/incorrect.

Caution You should consult a lawyer before you proceed with a personal injury claim.

Earlier Sunday, Abbas reiterated his intention to proceed with a UN bid in November.

However, more often an additional layer of linker molecules is required to proceed with further functionalisation.

Rechatin was arrested for performing a dangerous act however formal charged against him were not proceeded with.

Mr Wong was real displeased but he decided to proceed with the experiments with those of us who had come prepared.

Before proceeding with the case, a brief overview of the evolution concerning the right to reputation is in order.

In 25% of cases proceed to is used

But the EU does proceed to implementation.

The march proceeds to the local war memorial.

After lunch proceed to Lake Nakuru in the south.

In the afternoon, proceed to Patan city with our guide for half-day sight-seeing tour.

They proceeded to the UP College of Law, and graduated among the top of their class.

I then advised that we proceed to court to seek the judicial interpretations of this law.

He attended Usenge Primary School before proceeding to Kilindini Secondary School in Mombasa for his? O? levels.

Before proceeding to the University of Chicago for a PhD, he joined the economics department at Dhaka University.

Colombo Galle Face Regency- Deluxe 2 Royal Colombo Golf Club After b ' fast- proceed to the Royal Colombo Golf Club.

She proceeded to sip with caution as to not offend mama but to preserve the integrity of her already uneasy stomach.

In 9% of cases proceed from is used

All else proceeds from this premise.

Glad I didn't proceed from reading above.

Our works should proceed from faith in Jesus.

If we assume copyright is the principal value in cyberspace, then law will proceed from there.

Crucially, the measure would also mean that proceeds from an IPO would not be subject to taxes.

The most sublime and profound communication ever to proceed from anyone came from the lips of Jesus.

Elaborate processions would proceed from various parts of the countryside to the place where the mission was to be given.

In the case of the oceans everybody agrees that we can't collapse the fish stocks, but how you proceed from there is complex.

He always brought with him a miraculous picture of the Virgin which was borne before him as he proceeded from place to place.

Dancers, formed in two sets, would proceed from one house to another, parading their costumes and displaying their dance skills.

In 9% of cases proceed in is used

Science proceeds in a different manner.

The meeting proceeded in a cozy atmosphere.

Parallel processing can proceed in one of two ways.

Vasudev did not delay any further and proceeded in waist-deep water with much difficulty.

To continue students ' learning, follow up discussion would be proceeded in the online forum.

The flower girl proceeds in front of the bride as they walk down the path leading to the church.

The RCH sought a direction from the Commissioner of Patents that both applications are to proceed in its name only.

If we wish to reach a certain goal, we must set a direction (create order ), prepare well and proceed in small but sure steps.

Once the case is reported to the RM, it was for him to proceed in the matter, irrespective of what, according to him, the army chief said.

I was incarcerated in civilian facilities and returned to the military where I had a court proceeding in which I set a precedent about racism.

In 4% of cases proceed under is used

Proceedings not invalidated by irregularity 134 No proceeding under this Act shall be deemed invalid by reason of any defect in form or any technical irregularity.

In 4% of cases proceed on is used

Time in that dimension proceeds only and always forward.

The accused learnt about the proceeding on the same day.

But sound argument should only proceed on the basis of facts.

They should try their utmost to proceed on this path keeping the ultimate goal in their view.

Lilly reminded me of my hairdresser and the conversation proceeded on a similarly vaguely awkward note.

The Prophet, after a short rest, proceeded on pilgrimage to the great mosque of Kaabah (al-Masjid al-Haram).

The expansion then proceeds on the positive side of the t-axis, as defined by the increasing entropy on that side.

Than tribunal issued an order to take back Professor Gulam Azam simultaneously fixed the date of proceeding on 29 July.

Shops were closed and men, women and children joined the procession in lament as the corpses proceeded on the last journey of the flesh.

In 3% of cases proceed against is used

Unless we have concrete evidence, we can not proceed against offenders.

O'Connell to Constable Hosford for stealing a bag of coals, was discharged, prosecutor declining to proceed against the prisoner.

The apex court said the DA case against Mayawati was unwarranted and the agency proceeded against her without properly understanding its orders.

Hence it has been mentioned above only briefly that no moment of his life passes contrary to the Sunnah and no action can proceed against the Sunnah.

His task was to obtain the resignations of five employees involved in a minor form of fraud, whom his bosses didn't wish to proceed against in the courts.

To protect the rights of the elderly, the Central Government brought a law in December 2007, which empowered them to proceed against their children legally if they do not treat them well.

In 3% of cases proceed at is used

Warming has proceeded at a snail's pace this week---and it continues Friday.

Check out some similar questions! Please someone tell me how to proceed at my next IEP meeting.

Also it needs to be recognised that concerning any decision about the Tamils in Sri Lanka, India proceeds at a snail's speed.

Once the printing is underway I always allow plenty of time in advance so that I can proceed at a steady pace without long interruptions.

You find insensitive, overbearing people irritating and work best with people who are sincere, good listeners and proceed at a leisurely pace.

Each nation's working class will proceed at their own pace in this process according to their own national situation influenced by international developments.

For the traveller, on the other hand, time will appear to proceed at the same ' speed ' as ever it did - in milliseconds he will be torn apart by tidal forces.

Furthermore, there are good arguments for maintaining tracking systems, including the argument that tracking is the only way to ensure that good students can proceed at their own pace.

The stretch is only 26 km but it took nearly 1 hours as the traffic is heavy and our car could not proceed at the same phase with majority of busses which came from all parts of the country.

Most of the changes in sea level over this time have proceeded at the rate of between 10-12 m per 1000 years, and coral reef growth is usually quick enough to keep up with this sort of change.

In 2% of cases proceed without is used

Regardless, he proceeds without hesitation, as I am on his track.

But we caution that it may be more wasteful to proceed without full knowledge of the human and environmental costs.

But, sadly the day proceeded without my Pies heroes showing the same grit and fight and ended in a depressingly familiar September result.

Consistency in Regulation The expansion of the CSG industry can not proceed without being subject to the same environmental regulations of landholders in the region.

The tactical withdrawal of the British army and RUC, as twenty thousand people poured into the streets of West Belfast, ensured the funerals proceeded without confrontation.

In 2% of cases proceed towards is used

After a while of speaking around, we proceeded towards Parliament House.

Farazdaq left the place for Makka and Imam? s caravan proceeded towards its next Manzil.

Take them out before focusing on the nearby enemies and proceeding towards the structure.

We rode off towards the Lurah Bilut junction in Bentong and proceeded towards Sungai Ruan.

Sheikh Mujib was put in the middle troop carrier and they proceeded towards the cantonment.

But two of us managed to get lost in the town while the rest proceeded towards the destination.

Any advice on how I could proceed towards the resolution problems cited will be greatly appreciated.

She advised Job to curse God and die (Job 2:9) The disciples were afraid when Jesus turned to proceed towards Jerusalem.

In 2% of cases proceed for is used

Proceed for an afternoon game drive in the park.

The application will proceed for consideration on its merits.

As the sister above has said: trust in Allah (swt ), make dua and then proceed for there.

So rigorous standard setting started and proceeded for every step in the overall process.

Later in the evening proceed for the Desert Safari with barbeque dinner and enjoy the Belly Dance.

Depart with a lunch box to Arusha National park enroute game drive, later proceed for dinner and overnight at Lodge/Campsite.

Life thus proceeds for Dave, one happy fluke after the other whilst those around seemingly absorb the misfortune that bypasses him.

Depart with a lunch box to Lake Manyara National park for a full day game drive, later proceed for dinner and overnight at Lodge/Camp.

Failing that, the letter stated that the lender would have no alternative but to commence legal proceeding for Possession of the property against her.

DAY 2 After breakfast, depart with a lunch box to Manyara for a full day game drive at Manyara National park, later proceed for dinner and overnight Lodge/Campsite.

In 2% of cases proceed by is used

Consultation with the Committee would proceed by email.

Proceed by dipping the sponge into the paint container.

It is a fact of our relationship with Europe now that we proceed by referendum.

When a user extends the current volume to another disk, it will proceed by spanning the hard disk.

In 1% of cases proceed through is used

Proceed through check-out as directed.

If the offender is charged The case will proceed through the Victorian courts.

Before he makes any choice, he has proceeded through several stages of self-scrutiny.

Persons must proceed through a medical evaluation to figure out when they are a good candidate for those procedure.

Thus, UHN made the explicit decision to proceed through a cycle of plan, implement, review and learn (to be repeated).

Proceeding through Maradankadawala, Mihinthale and Rambewa was uneventful except unusually heavy traffic towards Jaffna.

It begins with the Big Bang, proceeds through the formation of stars and galaxies, and narrates the emergence of increasing complexity.

Our hero, and his trusty sidekick Harper, proceed through the campaign showing equal contempt for Napoleon and the aristocrats on their own side.

You have to proceed through Jaffna -- KKS road up to Chunnakam Junction, turn left and proceed another 3 kilometers to reach this wonderful place.

A way around these objections might be to eliminate the private middleman and proceed through a county land bank of the sort set up in other states.

In 1% of cases proceed into is used

The priests were to wash both their hands and feet at the laver before proceeding into the Holy Place, the place of fellowship.

In the achievement of this common understanding the very through which one proceeded into the dialogue in the first place itself undergoes changes.

Some Sergeants would have dispersed the rioters by shooting into the open air and would have probably proceeded into the vandalised shops to help themselves.

In 1% of cases proceed before is used

But, the proceeding before this Commission of 16.

Settlement efforts 140(6) The board through its representatives, members or other persons may undertake efforts to assist the parties to a proceeding before the board to settle the matter.

In 1% of cases proceed according is used

From that point onward, everything proceeds according to normal physics.

All was proceeding according to plan for the CFR elitists, when unexpectedly Alger Hiss was indicted and tried for perjury.

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