Prepositions after "problematic"

"problematic for" or "problematic in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases problematic for is used

This is really problematic for me.

This is problematic for me at best.

And this is problematic for the USD.

Today's modern wheat is problematic for many more people than is commonly known.

This state of affairs did not prove terribly problematic for the ruling classes.

I know this is problematic for me to respond to and I've been in business 10 years.

One area which can be problematic for the auditor is to determine what a reasonable market benchmark might be.

This situation can be very problematic for the younger drivers because they are more likely to get distracted.

Interestingly enough, sending goods directly to projects in Tanzania can be problematic for a number of reasons.

While coal may be on its way out for some, its forced exit is going to be problematic for a number of communities.

In 25% of cases problematic in is used

Each is problematic in its own way.

So, they're problematic in that respect.

Mars is a bit problematic in this chart.

Here are some of the more common myths that are problematic in science education.

It was a good metaphor, but as you point out, extremely problematic in many ways.

The liberal ambivalence about authority is also problematic in the family setting.

This is problematic in that an athlete will breakdown over time if all they do is full approach / effort jumps.

That's a bit more problematic in the United States today for most workers with the jobs not being so plentiful.

Car parking was OK when we were there (September - slightly off peak) but may be more problematic in peak season.

Problematic in the sense of reducing the options/policy space of the government to manage the economy adequately.

In 4% of cases problematic of is used

That outcome was, however, problematic of itself.

I don't know what the ' problematic of light ' is.

This is the most problematic of the recommendations for many reasons.

Early studies of advertising were cast in the problematic of ideology and hegemony.

From this point of view (within the problematic of tyranny ), an exhortation like Prof.

The problem of behavior, then, became strategic to the whole problematic of? assimilation.

By far the most expensive and problematic of these will be the repair of wastewater (sewage) reticulation systems.

This prejudicial treatment of Ambedkar could itself be taken as a measure of the severity of the problematic of caste.

The role of this discourse in patriotic education highlights the inherent problematic of constructing the other in negative terms, i.

We need to think through carefully the problematic of colonialism so that we would be in a better position to assess our own literary.

In 4% of cases problematic to is used

It seems very problematic to me.

Why is this problematic to democratic theory? 8.

Four things seem particularly problematic to me.

It goes to the heart of why Sandow's comments sometimes feel problematic to me, i.

The far-reaching nature of the request may in itself prove problematic to the ACCC.

Parts of metal instruments that have seized together are the most problematic to treat.

A neighbor, who is an atheist, also created a video to show that the residence is not problematic to the community.

The article gives indisputable facts which is always problematic to the incompetent and the list could go on and on.

Mr Ring: They are only problematic to meteorologists who want to deny the moon has a daily effect on the height of the air.

I did not say they were not following protocols, I said that this chemical is extremely toxic and is problematic to operators.

In 4% of cases problematic with is used

This is most problematic with network shares.

Bush was problematic with big spending and civil liberty issues.

This is not guaranteed though and may be problematic with the '.

So, I don't think there's anything problematic with me having specific attractions.

This is particularly problematic with VMware View Desktops deployed on linked clones.

However, such linkage is generally problematic with legal, governance, access and ownership barriers to overcome.

Among the open Republican seats, Maine is perhaps the most problematic with the surprise retirement of Olympia Snowe.

Above is a little more problematic with falling pine cones and a few swinging branches but nobody has been injured so far.

I looked into this back in 2007 when I realised that the newer systems of that time were going to be problematic with the game.

In 3% of cases problematic about is used

But there is something problematic about this.

There is nothing problematic about any of that.

Nor is there anything problematic about the width of women's hips.

It's just that I think what's problematic about it would be more easily discerned.

I don't see anything problematic about liberals or conservatives being sympathetic to Islam.

Who the hell would want to date a girl that is problematic about having sex? That's flat out stupid.

What is so problematic about this is that it is not clear whether this debt is a hole which can ever be filled.

One of the things that I find problematic about the current scholarship that we do have in religion and hip-hop is.

But, I think there is something slightly problematic about it for me because it retains this kind of idealist element.

While I certainly find the sentiments of the review laudable, there's something problematic about this that niggles me.

In 3% of cases problematic as is used

Although that lack of depth in bench can be problematic as the season moves forward.

No one is inherently problematic as a city-dweller because of his/her race or class.

The effort is even more problematic as an amendment to deny rights as opposed to expand them.

This poor legal drafting did not turn out to be problematic as a shootout did not come to pass.

I find this to be problematic as a method to select the people that will run for a few reasons.

This will be especially problematic as the government works with its partners in the war on terrorism.

This is potentially problematic as the experience of transfer pricing at mining houses in Zambia shows.

There are also WADA's operational costs to consider; this has become problematic as a result of a stagnant budget.

Exams are problematic as the stress sends her levels sky-high, with profound effects on her ability to concentrate.

This practice is particularly problematic as the warm liquid frequently returns to gel when reaching the cooler stream.

In 3% of cases problematic at is used

ZF: That's been problematic at times.

But the support has been problematic at times.

And, yes, his bosses found him problematic at points.

Of course Voter ID would make this problematic at this time so it must be opposed.

The problem of the unbalanced sex ratios becomes truly problematic at times of war.

Maintaining equilibrium within the Islamist movement is problematic at times for Hamas.

So are Baucus and Tester and they've been problematic at times when it comes to passing progressive legislation.

Defining them can have prognostic significance and therefore is important, but doing so is problematic at this point.

I also suggest that unusually strong winds will again be problematic at times during the upcoming autumn/winter period too.

Sometimes I can get through on a Mac running Safari when Windows systems can not, but generally it is problematic at times.

In 3% of cases problematic because is used

Harvesting would be problematic because of the huge volume.

Games-as-art are problematic because of the nature of games.

However, absolute democracy is problematic because of many reasons.

This is of course problematic because of different approaches to measurement.

Investing in clubs is problematic because of the difficulty of establishing control.

It is problematic because of philosophical questions underlying the validity concept.

That's where this practice becomes particularly problematic because of its sheer dependance upon ignorance.

Dale MacMillan/Getty Images The Oilers and Hawks are also problematic because of their rivalry with Vancouver.

My first meeting was going to be particularly problematic because of the presence of an unpleasant individual.

Reprocessing the U-233/U-232 mix to remove the U-232 contaminant will be problematic because of the gamma rays.

In 3% of cases problematic on is used

Problematic on at least 2 levels.

This is problematic on a couple of levels.

This is problematic on a number of levels.

I found this problematic on older hardware because I could not find Windows 7 drivers.

Infographics are highly problematic on the Web when the result is image or Flash only.

Grass establishment can be particularly problematic on strongly self-mulching clay soils.

I wonder why? These claims are problematic on a number of levels; the first being the non-representative claim.

And lastly, doing it to allocate electorates for each state is much more problematic on a number of dimensions.

Thirdly, the assumption of continued exponential growth into the distant future is highly problematic on a finite world.

Huge time saver from a business perspective (3 hour layovers are problematic on 13 hour flights, they just don't land on time).

In 2% of cases problematic due is used

In some cases, if you are older, conception can be problematic due to infertility in either the man or woman.

I find it fascinating, but problematic due to university resistance to change as well as the points you listed.

For the elderly, these medications are often problematic due to their already immunosuppressed state and comorbidities.

There is a large area that has been made problematic due to the Soviet Semipalatinsk nuclear test site starting in 1949.

Acid rain is problematic due to acidification of soil, rivers, and lakes beyond the tolerance range of plants and animals.

Unlike larger laboratory animals, the measurement of lung volume in the mouse is particularly problematic due to its small size.

Search can be useful for exploratory tasks, but can be problematic due to the user's inability to articulate what they are after.

The inability to relate the time of neurosurgical interventions is problematic due to the effect such procedures could have on ICP.

In the case of Winner's examples, Moses's bridges are problematic due to their function - their function is limited by the way they were made.

In 2% of cases problematic from is used

His entrance is problematic from the start.

But, it's also problematic from a hiring point-of-view.

The writer of this show is problematic from the very beginning for me.

This type of killing is, indeed, deeply problematic from a moral point of view.

Even just having a min &; max size can be problematic from a logistical aspect.

We identify three cases in which SAG could be problematic from a justice perspective.

This is arguably problematic from a disclosure standpoint but I don't get that bothered by it, perhaps others will.

That conclusion is perhaps problematic from a purposive perspective, but it does solve the problem of this type of claim falling between the.

It won't be possible, in this one article, to enumerate all of the ways in which games can be problematic from the perspective of their possible solutions.

In 1% of cases problematic by is used

Q: The fact that your Department comes under the President's Office is seen as problematic by many.

Adding eco-friendly details to a product that's problematic by nature is like painting an elephant with leopard spots.

We shall see in the next four chapters that each of these has been rendered highly problematic by the? death of God '.

The situation was made more problematic by the presence of the British, although they began their evacuation of the area.

But it did make poverty problematic by defining everyone falling below that line -- for whatever reason, moral or economic -- as ' poor.

And the brunt of the damage isn't falling on administration or faculty, the groups that are targeted as problematic by the larger public.

Although obsession is diagnosed as problematic by normative culture, distance runners are anything but normal, so to us it is one of our greatest assets.

Information Needs Information Needs for Recently Diagnosed Incarcerated Persons Being diagnosed with HIV in prison was considered particularly problematic by participants.

Microsoft is merely making the experience safer and less problematic by controlling the apps from their command centre -- if you will -- so it doesn't effect a network of connected PCs for example.

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