Prepositions after "privileged"

privileged in, with, by, of or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases privileged in is used

I feel particularly privileged in this matter.

However, he was not as privileged in other ways.

Political allies were privileged in contract awards.

The poem depicts the contemptuous arrogance of the rich and privileged in society.

We are all privileged in some ways even if we're severely underprivileged in others.

This is how Hindi and English have become languages of the privileged in this state.

That aside, being there right at the start of the adventure makes me feel incredibly privileged in so many ways.

You appear to be seriously disconnected from the reality of life for the less privileged in S'pore, if I may say so.

The lyrics of ska were often about the prevailing socio-economic commentaries of the less privileged in the society.

After the death of my husband i vowed to use our wealth for the down trodden and the less privileged in our society.

In 8% of cases privileged with is used

I am privileged with many blessings in my life.

Sade and Femi were privileged with food, shelter, etc.

Schooling began for the rich and privileged with the private tutor.

She fasted and prayed with all sincerity whenever privileged with an opportunity.

That is to say, it worked moderately well for those privileged with access to a good library.

You play as Lucius, a six year old boy privileged with a massive mansion and maids at his service.

Only the psychotherapist and their supervisor is privileged with said information -- this is not for the public domain.

We are writing to you, as those privileged with the honour and responsibility of managing our nation's affairs on our behalf.

Perhaps it is the privileged lifestyle which I myself am privileged with that leads to this sort of beggars can be choosers mentality.

In 7% of cases privileged by is used

I feel privileged by taking part of it.

We feel deeply privileged by his presence.

I feel privileged by the invitation to take part.

And it would seem that Michelle Robinson was privileged by the standards of most whites.

Only Allah knows how many people where privileged by repenting and where given Khilafat.

He is just privileged by virtue of his background to hold CBN office which is a very grave error.

Most working- and middle-class white Americans don't feel that they have been particularly privileged by their race.

Those of us who are privileged by class or race must use that privilege to work towards equality and a decent life for all.

She nurtured and cultivated generations of alumni to be proud of and privileged by their association with Ladies ' College.

The obligation (and power) always rests on the shoulders of the oppressor and those privileged by the oppression to end it.

In 7% of cases privileged of is used

Certainly the most privileged of slaves were the performers.

Has a huge mass base of the under privileged of the society.

That time I was in form four so I got the privileged of being left being.

The rights and privileged of all being protected and shared is the answer.

I was privileged of being there and standing with some great personalities.

It can be made cheaply enough for the least privileged of the world? s citizens to make their own.

Only the most privileged of Afrikaners made it into there, perhaps his mom and dad also owns a wine farm or two.

Nobody privileged of late years to meet Sir Henry Harland Fisher would believe that he had ever been called Harry.

In 6% of cases privileged to is used

I feel privileged to have known him.

Allah hates to see a servant of His privileged to others.

Don't assume you're privileged to it simply because you exist.

I was privileged to a view of Rachael's mound that was covered in dark curly hair.

I met amazing people and I feel privileged to had the oportunity to work with them.

Thanks, I feel quite privileged to be ' picked ' by you to satisfy YOUR sexual needs.

If it lies with a chief minister to invite the troops in, he/she should be equally privileged to disinvite them.

If you allow the anger and hatred of the privileged to cause you to respond in kind, you give them control of the debate.

Ignatius was not only privileged to fellowship in good company, but he was also spiritually and morally formed by good company.

At this point in time, we are not privileged to the final report of the KREA workshop result, which will be submitted to the cabinet next week.

In 6% of cases privileged over is used

Private patients are privileged over public patients.

The problem with this is that one term is always privileged over another.

Rich suspects aren't privileged over those who aren't able to afford bail.

But Sinhalese is obviously privileged over Tamil, the language, supposedly, of another race.

In terms of language policy, is one regional dialect of Sinhalese privileged over another? No.

I'd not suggesting that this particular reading of the play is especially privileged over any other.

There's nothing wrong with doing that, but it's naive to say the former person isn't privileged over the latter.

During the colonial period Tamils were privileged over the other communities under the patronage of colonialists.

Many a times however, this is felt to be inequitable where certain areas and communities are privileged over others.

Women are raised and *expected* to be feminine, and women who perform femininity are privileged over those who don't.

In 5% of cases privileged for is used

I feel privileged for writing you.

I am very happy and privileged for this opportunity.

However, North America has been privileged for one reason.

Senanayaka asked for the same privileged for the Lankan working class, British refused.

I feel really privileged for such an awesome day, and time spent with some fantastic people.

I think we are privileged for the first time in many years to be guessing who is going to win.

By Cindy Freemasonry should not be secret but privileged for those who seek it our with a true heart and an honest mind.

He feels privileged for participating in this program and wants every student to be given the opportunity to study abroad.

In 1982, the students were privileged for the first time to write their external examinations in their own centre (the school's auditorium).

Where you and I disagree is that I think men are not oppressed specifically for being men, but are rather are privileged for having that particular characteristic.

In 4% of cases privileged as is used

I feel privileged as an athlete to have this opportunity.

From what she has told me though her life was somewhat privileged as a child.

Even in Mao's era, when the bureaucracy was fiercely anti-capitalist, it was also highly privileged as a ruling elite.

However, that has no bearing on whether you're more privileged as a male with mental illness than you would be as a female.

Their vociferous attacks blended neatly with the nativist disparagement of the privileged as a Westernized and de-nationalized body of people.

To the people, the government and the army generals are in their own class of the privileged as opposed to them, the ' wretched of the earth '.

I am privileged as a white person, a college- educated person, a middle- to- upper- middle class person, a more or less able bodied person, an American.

In that sense, you are privileged as a white male, as am I, simply because our experiences don't include the same things that women and people of color do.

We were privileged as the Birdwing, not normally known to stay around too long, settled on the branch for a few minutes giving us photographers the chance to happily click away.

And even in cases of treason, felony, and breach of the peace, to which privilege does not extend as to substance, yet in Parliament, a member is privileged as to the mode of proceeding.

In 4% of cases privileged from is used

Electors Privileged from Arrest Section 5.


Members of Legislature privileged from civil arrest.

Even though he is the Ashanti King, any orphan or less privileged from any region can apply to this fund.

The Jaffna middle class The Jaffna middle class was among the most affluent in the country, having been specially privileged from colonial times.

Infants and children who pass over are like a tribe unto themselves because they were raised in the House of Mount Zion's privileged from their youth up.

However, you can be compelled by the Court to divulge information which is merely confidential but not that which is privileged from compulsory disclosure.

Only when they attain a measure of civility and compassion do these laws get modified to protect the less privileged from exploitation and outright injustice.

In 3% of cases privileged at is used

At present, these statements are said to be absolutely privileged at common law.

The trainees themselves feel pretty privileged at having the staff look after them.

However, it strikes me that the former is sometimes privileged at the expense of the latter.

It is to live like Jesus lived by having the orphans, widows and the less privileged at heart.

But anyway, I felt very privileged at the time to have Henry Elder as the director of the School of Architecture.

Some two years ago, when nominated to serve in the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, I was privileged at his request to introduce him.

Statements made by certain public officials concerning matters of State in the course of their official duties are absolutely privileged at common law.

Practically, state is privileged at its own soil or the administrator should be like Indira Gandhi who did not hesitate to initiate military action in Punjab.

In England the House of Lords has held that a marital communication is not privileged at the instance of either spouse if evidence of it is given by a third party.

The 10 time NBA every one celebrity tweeted a image from the social gathering of him resistance shoulder with filmmaker George Lucas, who was privileged at the aid organization occasion.

In 2% of cases privileged under is used

The PGO Opinion goes a step further, by entertaining the notion that certain acts of upload can be privileged under the private copying exception.

At present, academic speech is heavily privileged under neoliberalism: this makes it both a tool, and a potential accidental weapon against those with less privilege.

The complexities however lie in the fact that individual working class men are privileged under the current system -- eg most housework is still done by women, even when both partners work full time.

In 1% of cases privileged without is used

The list of matters contained in the Second Schedule is as follows: PART I Statements privileged without Explanation or Contradiction 1.

Therefore, as evidenced by his policies and actions, one may conclude that Mr Harper's regard lays towards the fortunate and the privileged without regard or compassion for the masses.

In 1% of cases privileged about is used

But maybe I am a bit privileged about the moment I became an Arsenal supporter.

Sex is an impossible subject, then, because there is nothing privileged about it.

In 1% of cases privileged within is used

And our roles will certainly be valued and privileged within the team, ' ' Jamison said.

We express our thanks to family and friends of Rohan Jayasekera who contributed towards the less privileged within the Seenigama region.

He said the Church was going to provide free used clothing, food, games and counseling once a week for the less privileged within the community.

We are extremely privileged within Growing Up in New Zealand to be able to bring those collective voices from the family table to the policy table.

In 1% of cases privileged through is used

There will be no invisible curtain drawn across the world that allows the privileged through and repels everyone else.

Crucially, this demands sharing the fruits of economic growth with the less privileged through access to education, health care, and welfare, besides redistribution of wealth.

The Organization is primarily dedicated to Philanthropic purposes, with regard to poverty reduction for the less privileged through the provision of farming, and employment programs.

In 1% of cases privileged rather is used

The current system clearly favors the wealthy and privileged rather than rewarding the most able.

It is about fundamentally re-organizing the playing field so that opportunity is the sole privilege of the privileged rather than a birthright of all.

Sports have given me a sense of my body as functional, useful, strong, competent, all part of an embodiedment that feels privileged rather than typical for women.

In 1% of cases privileged on is used

So consider yourself one of the privileged on the planet, even if you don't have much money or material things.

I'd straight and cisgendered, so I'll readily admit I'd privileged on that axis, but friends who mine who aren't roll their eyes at those acronyms.

In 1% of cases privileged like is used

Ironically my character in ' Chakravyuh ' is also named Kabir, but he's not happy-go-lucky and privileged like Kabir in ' Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara '.

In 1% of cases privileged during is used

Justice Khan's services to the nation, particularly for the cause of minorities and under privileged during his long and distinguished public service shall always be remembered.

In 1% of cases privileged because is used

This makes it a very unique customer approach, making them feel privileged because of the personal and specialist approach.

I am also privileged because of the sacrifices my people made to keep and maintain the land against years of muru raupatu, poverty, corruption and depression.

In 1% of cases privileged among is used

My argument is it is justifiable to distribute undue wealth of the over privileged among under privileged.

Ultimately, the characters are people that only the most privileged among us will find hard to identify with.

As long as the privileged among us can choose where their kids go, we we will never have a better school system.

For so clearly does nature set the mark of her dignity on the privileged among mankind that even a child can discern it.

In 1% of cases privileged against is used

Discussions between judges or between a judge and the judge's clerk are also privileged against public disclosure.

The problem with pitting the privileged against the oppressed is that when you go back through human time, humans have always made it their quest to achieve privilege.

Interesting essay, but Chomsky vastly overstates the significance of the Charter, which was of course a Charter protecting the rights of the nobles and privileged against the King.

This goes deep down into the psyche of the people and even after the colonial powers leave, the stigma of minority versus majority and privileged against the non-privileged lies in the human minds.

In 1% of cases privileged according is used

So, I am not just collecting money and keeping it all to myself, I help the less privileged according to the laws of Islam.

In 1% of cases privileged above is used

They have been taught that they are privileged above all others.

It's partly down to the success of the science that neuroscientific truth is now routinely privileged above other kinds of truth.

Throughout Siedell's work, and this post is no exception, the art critic and/or curator are explicitly, as well as implicitly, privileged above all others.

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