Prepositions after "prevailing"

prevailing in, at, over, on or among?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 59% of cases prevailing in is used

The word is prevailing in my life.

Quietness was prevailing in the whole ward.

Common sense is finally prevailing in the UK.

He should know the general conditions prevailing in the towns and the countryside.

On the peace currently prevailing in Ghana, Mr Kufuor said it had to be sustained.

Extremely low temperatures prevailing in the universe, unlit star - the sun, freezes all substances, even gases.

The nets would be distributed in line with the co-payment and subsidy policy prevailing in the specific regions.

However if you are born a Congolese then you have to expect to be tried by the system prevailing in your country.

In 13% of cases prevailing at is used

The crude is prevailing at $125.

The profit rate prevailing at the time.

Such were the liberal ideas prevailing at that time.

At the exchange rate prevailing at the time, the chocolate bars were the same price.

The price for the tours are based on an exchange rate prevailing at the time of booking.

Prices Published prices for the services are based on costs prevailing at the time of publication of this manual.

Such intercourse with distant lands is an illustration of the commercial activity prevailing at that early period.

In 5% of cases prevailing on is used

Each man has a decent shot of prevailing on Election Day.

The Loitam incident reflects the brashness prevailing on the campuses.

Conditions prevailing on a bar can cause steep and often breaking seas.

In all cases, the exchange rate shall be the rate prevailing on the date of remittance.

According to the book, such a planetary configuration was prevailing on January 5, 5089 BC.

The water boils at 100C simply because of the density and pressure differential prevailing on Earth.

The Loitam incident reflects the brashness prevailing on the campuses and the need for colleges to take precautions.

The chaos prevailing on city roads even in routine, has assumed alarming proportions due to rush of festival shopping.

Any passenger exceeding their personal checked baggage allowance will be charged for excess baggage at the rate prevailing on the day of travel.

In the 1950s, Arsenal enjoyed the edge as the two teams met twice in FA Cup Semi-Finals with the boys from Holloway prevailing on both occasions.

In 5% of cases prevailing over is used

Caprice is foe prevailing over reason.

Strong force winds are prevailing over Okinawa.

Gale Force winds are prevailing over Hong Kong.

It delivers stories with good guys, bad guys, and one prevailing over the other.

A world in which, tragically, rumour was triumphantly prevailing over statistic.

Turkey's prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is used to prevailing over his foes.

Energy sector The energy sector is a classic example of short-term investments prevailing over long-term plans.

Energy sector: The energy sector is a classic example of short-term investments prevailing over long-term plans.

The team won not only the club championships but also the county with Derry prevailing over a strong Cork squad.

The anti-cyclonic winds prevailing over the Arabian Sea have stalled the progress of the Southwest monsoon over Kerala.

In 3% of cases prevailing among is used

He dealt with the social evils prevailing among the Muslims.

Spyder Clothing And Moncler is quite prevailing among super stars.

Acute fear prevailing among masses makes counseling hard for doctors.

What is alarming is that, a sense of unhappiness is prevailing among our youth.

A sense of insecurity is prevailing among the people of the minority community.

Here again we meet with a similar idea to that prevailing among the Aotea people.

This resolved the conflic- ting views prevailing among physicians on the dosage that caused difficulties in writing recipes.

It is a fact that moncler jackets are prevailing among many superstars, nearly every superstar in Hollywood owns one Moncler Jackets.

The intra-region raw material sourcing is the dominating trend prevailing among the manufacturing firms of the south-west region of Bangladesh.

On this same day the PM has regrettably revealed a shocking figure of malnourishment prevailing among 42% of the children under 5 years of age.

In 2% of cases prevailing for is used

There is a culture of silence prevailing for such acts.

I want her to know that it was love that, at the moment, was prevailing for the most of us.

Although this technology has been prevailing for quite some time, academia has not fully embraced it yet.

The perception prevailing for the most of the twentieth century was that of all religion as backward and peripheral.

This novel has offered deep insights of social issues and conflicts of our society which have been prevailing for many years in Sri Lanka.

It's a means to an end and I'd all for short-term positivity prevailing for the good of getting behind our young manager and young players at home games.

If gf feels exactly the same way, let them seal the relationship by doing the preliminary marriage rites, considering the financial situation prevailing for them.

The climate in the area is predominantly hot with dry conditions prevailing from November to February, and wet conditions prevailing for the remainder of the year.

Encouraged by employers, it established itself as a sectional industry union, accepting in many instances rates and conditions lower than those prevailing for the AMIEU.

In 1% of cases prevailing against is used

And I am looking forward for all of us prevailing against the Sandy's aftermath.

The sexism prevailing against her I believe was largely unconcious, but it was very real.

Sometimes I wonder quite what Our Lord meant about the Gates of Hell not prevailing against the Church.

If we care to open our eyes and look it appears that the gates of hell are prevailing against his church.

Ameen 4 Responses to Back To The Age Of Darkness I have never lived in Krachi thus the bias prevailing against mohajirs if any is not in my knowledge.

It is a piece of idle sentimentality that truth, merely as truth, has any inherent power denied to error, of prevailing against the dungeon and the stake.

Burkinan farmers are forced to be efficient, also prevailing against climatic uncertainties and poor infrastructure - all this with no support from subsidies.

The realisation that the civilized option, even with a professional army at its command, had little hope of prevailing against the uncivilized one was slow to dawn.

In 1% of cases prevailing amongst is used

Gebre's action demonstrates the high level of despair prevailing amongst the public at large that is firmly under the brutal rule of Meles Zenawi.

I decided to travel by road so as to see the different cultures, peoples, sceneries et al prevailing amongst the many ethnic nationalities along the way; Nigeria is blessed with over 200 of such.

In 1% of cases prevailing before is used

The government- led by Mahinda Rajapakse or anyone else will not permit the situation prevailing before 19th May ' 2011 to recur.

Conditions Prevailing Before the War Sqn Ldr Jamal handed over the squadron to Sqn Ldr Middlecoat who commanded it during the 1965 War.

This distribution of the land seems to indicate a considerable improvement, compared with the state of things prevailing before the famine.

First, returning to the extremely favourable international economic conditions prevailing before the global crisis is precluded by the large adjustments now facing the AEs.

But why would you want to REcreate and REconstruct the same social and economic conditions prevailing before the start of the conflict? - The very conditions which caused conflict in the first place.

In 1% of cases prevailing between is used

I hope peace is now prevailing between Sylvia and Captain Fodjour.

It is a portrait of Philadelphia in 1844, and evokes the antagonism then prevailing between America's Protestants and Catholics.

May the mutual confidence and friendship prevailing between the Great Court and the Company be kept unbroken as long as the sun and the moon endure.

I have already alerted you on the alarming disparity prevailing between the national and Tamil voter proportions while the former being 69% and the later being 46%.

In 1% of cases prevailing by is used

That was before the two teams ' last meeting this year saw Zimbabwe prevailing by a 3-1 score line.

European and World champions Spain struggled past the Czech Republic in Granada tonight - eventually prevailing by the odd goal in three.

Japan was in rubble and had zero chance of prevailing by 1945, and their program was much, much farther behind than the piddling, ineffectual German efforts.

In 1% of cases prevailing during is used

A lot of causes are prevailing during the business to add films and purchase YouTube video clips.

Based on age-specific death rates prevailing during 2005-07, life expectancy at birth for Indigenous males is estimated to be 67.

It would appear to be necessary to make the conditions prevailing during extinction identical with the conditions prevailing during conditioning.

Although the global financial conditions prevailing during this period were volatile yet such high levels of gold imports indicates India's obsession with gold.

Moreover, we are interested in a very rough interpretation of the general context (political, economic or social conditions prevailing during the rise of extremism).

Moreover, he also states that with the number and frequency of trade increasing quickly, using double entry method becomes prevailing during the seventeenth century.

In fact there are no chances to dispute the data provided in the tables, but very often the lack of confidence is prevailing during the interpretation or description of the observation data.

The flow of the solution into the flask is started when the temperature has reached 94C during the measurement it usually rises to 96C, a mean temperature of about 95C prevailing during this period.

In 1% of cases prevailing of is used

For the requirement of the remaining one percent, a situation is prevailing of granting everything.

Arbitration under these Terms shall be conducted under the rules then prevailing of the American Arbitration Association.

As our obedience follows according to the power of our faith, so our sins and want of care are according to the prevailing of unbelief in us.

He was under no illusions about the evil in the human heart, but nearly always looked beyond it, trusting in the prevailing of human fellowship.

First it was the period of reconstruction and in the successive decades to our days, we have seen the prevailing of the market economy and of globalization.

This prevailing of Islam is not understood to be through any human force, but simply the result of the inevitable victory of a truer expression of the same religion over other expressions.

The point argued by author is a complicated subject which needs to draw undemocratic and democratic party alliances, media's role in current state of affairs and prevailing of value based politics.

In 1% of cases prevailing under is used

The levels of hunger are indicated by the points at P on the abscissa, the rates prevailing under periodic reinforcement.

He abolished the Zamindari System of land prevailing under the Mughals and declared the actual cultivators as the owners of land.

There Judge Zilly awarded defendant Hendrix Foundation attorneys ' fees for prevailing under the same PRA statute at issue in this case.

It begins characteristically at the rate prevailing under aperiodic reinforcement and, unlike the curve following regular periodic reinforcement, does not accelerate to a higher overall rate.

In 1% of cases prevailing upon is used

He did this by prevailing upon the late President to stop Mr.

We were only supposed to do two but the promoter kept prevailing upon us.

He specifically criticized the White House for prevailing upon Google to take the trailer off YouTube.

Guarantors, when alerted, become very effective persons in prevailing upon the borrowers to fulfil their obligations.

Meanwhile, several anti-nuclear movements are prevailing upon the Government of India to abandon the entire project in South India.

Now, examining the true nature of the mind, you can observe that in its natural state, it has no preoccupations or issues prevailing upon it.

In December 1916 he succeeded in prevailing upon both Congress and Muslim League to hold their annual sessions in the same place, Lucknow, and at the same time.

The Dalai Lama chose to go to Peking with the hope of prevailing upon the Chinese Emperor to stop the military agression against Tibet and to withdraw his troops.

It was some time before the Europeans found a more compendious way of procuring African slaves, by prevailing upon them to make war upon each other, and to sell their prisoners.

His formal education ended in third grade, and as an adult, he has reportedly struggled to read and write, prevailing upon a ghostwriter, at one point, to compose letters to his mistress.

In 1% of cases prevailing within is used

In fact this is a global or current situation which is prevailing within our society in Tanzania.

There are multiple allegations of corruption within their ranks and the Founder of their Party had continuously drummed home what is prevailing within the Party.

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