Prepositions after "prevail"

prevail in, over, on, upon or against?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases prevail in is used

The party also prevailed in the Kingston and St.

God that gave you the twins will prevail in the end (i.

Islam prevailed in the past and will prevail in future even.

The same confusion prevails in respect of the consideration received from the book makers.

Summer season forest wedding theme prevails in 2011 to delight several summer brides this year.

The first method prevails in all governments possessing an hereditary or self-appointed authority.

Always a discussion prevails in the web world about the changes of rules &; regulation of Google and other search engines.

Islamhistory is full of such examples which indicate the extent to which truth and justice prevailed in the Muslim society.

Teenagers tend to watch movies and wear clothes and even eat food depending on which message prevails in marketing campaigns.

In nearby Arizona, Heller's GOP counterpart Jeff Flake looks set to prevail in the contest to assume Republican Senator Jon Kyl's seat.

In 14% of cases prevail over is used

Dogma prevails over medical reality.

Subsection (2) prevails over subsection (1).

Sensibility must prevail over hurting sensitivity.

Part 3 of the Land Transfer Act 1952 prevails over sections 10 to 15 of this Act when.

So far does the strength of the courage of the soul prevail over the weakness of the body.

Community-oriented applications will prevail over a competing application in string contention.

In disputes, people usually believe that they have the right answer and their view should prevail over the others.

The arrogant one is he who wants to be worshipped, who misleads others, and who wants his will to prevail over reason and justice.

Pick: CM Punk Hollywood Wallace: CM Punk's lack of scruples will allow him to prevail over the honorable Cena and the bull-in-a-china-shop Ryback.

However, this need not be the end of the story because there is true hope - hope which ultimately prevails over despair - hope that affirms life in spite of death.

In 9% of cases prevail on is used

No effort could prevail on this good woman.

But in the end, the developing countries prevailed on several issues.

Yet, it wasn't only the voters ' endurance that prevailed on Election Day.

The failure to prevail on some damages claims for late delivery doesn't change anything.

Because of the disposition, she prevailed on my father to allow me to be trained in Islamic education.

If the government to it's last-ditch efforts unable to convince WB they might be prevail on other lendding agencies.

Century 21 prevailed on its infringement claims and was awarded damages of $75,000 and attorney's fees of $147,996.

The enthusiastic reception of this charlatan is a sad reflection on the gullibility and credulity that now prevails on the political right.

If the international community wants peace and justice to prevail on the planet earth then the Asian nations must struggle to bring an end to the hold of western.

In 8% of cases prevail upon is used

To thwart them, Edwin Crocker and Mark Hopkins prevailed upon Supervisors Scott and Madden to personally review the books.

He has to prevail upon the rulers who decide his destiny, not to misappropriate billions to keep in their personal accounts, but spend for educating the masses.

Recently, some chiefs from the Volta Region, fearing the worse for their loved son, stormed his Ridge residence to prevail upon him to bury the hatchet with President Mills, but Mr.

When you do not have the wherewithal to prevail upon your adversary, there is no need to kill innocent people, which is against the teachings of Islam, or get killed yourself in vain.

In 5% of cases prevail against is used

And I tell you, you are Rock, this Rock I will build my church, and the of hell shall not prevail against it.

The Romans landed somewhere in Southeast England (the exact location is unknown) and quickly prevailed against the Celtic army.

Why? Simply because it was a cheese made on a day of terrible weather, so all the conditions prevailed against making a good cheese.

In 3% of cases prevail for is used

A dozens of websites prevailed for a long time on the internet and ruled over the www web.

A further referendum in March 2002 again failed to clarify the issue and we are left with the ambiguous situation which has prevailed for two decades.

The reason for a steady $5 per oz for silver and $300 per oz for gold reflected the relatively stable inflation and a strong dollar that prevailed for more than a decade.

In 3% of cases prevail during is used

Altering theories to the origin of Malagasy species therefore have prevailed during time.

The Police who were there to ensure that peace prevailed during the period always turned a blind eye on such incidents and pretended that nothing was happening.

In 3% of cases prevail at is used

Let Law &; Order prevail at all times.

The situation prevailed at that time is as follows.

This was reflective of the more conservative judicial culture that prevailed at that time.

Read it all: And now we have further confirmation of the astonishing culture of lawlessness and insubordination that continues to prevail at the highest levels in Langley.

By 2015, for instance, the IMF reckons America will have a structural deficit (ie, the deficit that would prevail at full employment) of more than 6% of GDP compared to 4% for the euro area.

In 3% of cases prevail among is used

He told the electorate to be peace loving particularly on voting day emphasizing, unity must prevail among all, especially after the elections.

He implored the electorate to dedicate itself to peace, especially on voting day, emphasizing that unity must prevail among all during and after the elections.

In 2% of cases prevail by is used

The fourth game was close but Skachkov prevailed by 16:14.

It has prevailed by the force of manipulation, not by the force of reason.

Yeltsin's soap opera strategy helped him prevail by more than 10 million votes.

He jumped the final flight well, hit the front early on the run-in and stayed on well up the hill to prevail by less than a length.

In 1% of cases prevail after is used

The fear prevailed after this incident and they did not make any further brave attempts to move to SM camp.

In 1% of cases prevail throughout is used

The apprehension of Tamils is not baseless as seen from the firm determination of Sinhala nationalists to ensure that the ' Sinhala majority rule ' prevails throughout the island.

In 1% of cases prevail along is used

Could've had him this year but incompetence prevailed along with being cheap and not wanting to pay that much of that dreaded luxury tax.

Baskin is claiming that killing al-Jabari spiked chances for a return to the relative calm that prevailed along the border with Gaza until last week as well as angering Egypt mediators.

In 1% of cases prevail with is used

Thanks to some sparkling goaltending and solid zone coverage from the D-corps, the boys in yellow prevailed with a 3-0 win in a game that was far closer than the score shows.

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