Prepositions after "pretty"

pretty in, on, for, with or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases pretty in is used

She was not too pretty in pink.

I look darn pretty in this dress.

As in ' ' Pretty in Pink, ' ' Mr.

Strictly Come Dancing star KARA TOINTON looked pretty in pink in this Temperley frock.

The snow-capped mountains are the Kaikoura Ranges and look awful pretty in the winter.

It will make an excellent companion piece to Pretty in Pink or Some Kind of Wonderful.

Hughes and directed (as ' ' Pretty in Pink ' ' was) by Howard Deutch, has a much wider appeal than its predecessors.

For tomorrow, I've got a whole wheat english muffin topped with peanut butter sitting pretty in my fridge right now.

Every girl is different and and are pretty in their own way! Here are the list of 31 ways to get her in your corner.

I've been to other places but Pretty In The City by far has impressed me the most by their service and superior work.

In 11% of cases pretty on is used

The pearls look very pretty on.

I was caught with my pretty on.

You can be pretty on rest days.

About the property I may not be the prettiest on the block but look at where I sit.

The bouncers at Cavern are actually pretty on top of drugs/people being too pissed/etc.

I don't mind trying for pretty on occasion, but there's no way I could do it every day.

My fork is here -- it'll be slightly prettier on my site, I will wait to put in custom arrows, can't be bothered now.

There's nothing prettier on a summer picnic than bringing out limes that have been scooped out and filled with jelly.

Most of the sample questions on that link for math, spelling, reading comp seemed pretty on par to what was on the exam.

Team tribal-inspired shoes with low-key clothes, as this would highlight the wild accessory sitting pretty on your feet.

In 8% of cases pretty for is used

It won't be pretty for a while.

Save the pretty for the show ring.

I'd pretty for me, and that's enough.

I'll either tolerate it or pay some money to somebody who can make it prettier for me.

But everyone was up at first light, cleaning, organising and being made pretty for the day.

Test cricket is not about looking pretty for 30 runs and then getting out, it is also about true grit and character.

I know that experience of slush falling from the sky &; it is the worst! At least snow is pretty for a little while.

But what's wrong with these video girls doing what they're expected to do, and that is looking pretty for the camera.

In 8% of cases pretty with is used

Very pretty with those tiny beads.

I am quite pretty with slim shape.

She looked so pretty with a headband.

Looks quite pretty with the extra icons in the menus, otherwise it is much the same.

It's super simple, but looks really pretty with the sage leaves under the prosciutto.

Gim me someone a little less pretty with a little more personality - like Jim Carrey.

It's so truly unbelievable and awesome! The dresses are much pretty with the good quality of materials and cheaper.

After all, if the Bernank is going to print at the first sign of weakness I should be sitting pretty with my stocks.

She was reserved and pretty with a little slant in her eyes; when she smiled, her face radiated the morning sunrise.

The scenery from Olmsted Point was pretty with Half Dome, Glacier Point and Tunnel View clearly visible to the west.

In 6% of cases pretty at is used

It wasn't pretty at times but we.

Now that it's sitting pretty at 7.

I bet it's really pretty at night.

Barcelona kept plugging away and now as expected, they sit pretty at the top of their group.

It won't be pretty at Mission Control, especially when the CEO gets the company stock reports.

Again, kind of a resounding theme, it wasn't pretty at times, but they made enough plays to win.

Thankfully things are far more settled in SE25 these days, with Palace sitting pretty at the top of the Championship.

Does Maggie know you're home yet? I will call her if you like; She sure was looking pretty At the dance the other night.

Put that card back in the pack or you will end up having a male backlash which will not be pretty at the next Federal Poll.

Three Laguna Beach National Junior Basketball teams from divisions 1, 2 and 3 are sitting pretty at this point of the season.

In 4% of cases pretty of is used

It's not the prettiest of sights.

This was the prettiest of all his exploits.

Ryan's stats don't make the prettiest of reading; 4.

Phillip Lim's take on the classic festive knit is by far the prettiest of the bunch.

It has the prettiest of all lodges with colourful flowers hanging all over the place.

I think she's one of the prettiest of all our chickens and I love her feathered feet.

OH MY GOSH!!! Wowzer, clearly they picked the prettiest of the lot but I love the fact that they were real women.

Juliet, the prettier of the two, is the daughter of a hypersexed, narcissistic mother and an uncomprehending father.

Yeap, not the prettiest of sights, but it made us both chuckle Re: #1 and #2, no way, I am a faucet gal all the way.

His reflection wasn't the prettiest of things these days, with Harry's face slowly becoming more lifeless day by day.

In 3% of cases pretty to is used

It sounds prettier to me spoken.

Neither is particularly pretty to me.

G! Yes i know, it's not very pretty to read.

Increasing taxes on the rich may sound pretty to some, but mathematically, it's a poor joke.

It is in Milan without the scantily clad and usually pretty to looking young lady is not easy.

And like Garcia, CK has a different delivery that is not very pretty to the eye yet effective.

How? Blinded by the light -- Bright pink sites may look pretty to some, but they can be hell on the eyes for others.

My children see lots of facial piercings, tattoos, and cross dressing, and anything which looks pretty to them, they want.

My second child is mixed race and just as pretty to me but I'd thankful that the figures show he's less likely to be snatched up.

Yes, sometimes this emergence can look messy, not pretty to human eyes; however, it is part of a glorious process of transmutation.

In 3% of cases pretty as is used

My artwork wasn't that pretty as the actual color.

Pretty as a picture and tasted as good as it looked.

It really is pretty as a decoration around your home.

In the first stanza, Clare described the first love's face as ' pretty as a sweet flower '.

Hmmmmm beach spinning!? The yarn is so nice spun-up, though it also looks so pretty as a batt.

I don't regret it -- they were lovely fake french nails, and the pictures are pretty as a result.

Pretty as a picture! The peanut sauce was the perfect accompaniment to all those lovely, crunchy, colourful vegetables.

When the fly-line slows to a stop the leader and fly should keep going until it is nicely out in front - pretty as a picture.

Pretty as a butterfly - and just like a butterfly her body seemed to break the rules of gravity when she floated over the stage.

In 3% of cases pretty near is used

We're pretty near Stanley Park.

I'd pretty near the Bible belt.

And yes, we're pretty near Indonesia.

He rode up in a ravine behind it, pretty near to it, and then he could see it was a person on foot.

There being no special orders about our positions, Juicy Couture UK, I got pretty near the General.

If I were to worry about anything -- and I don't -- swine flu would be pretty near the bottom of the list.

The part of country side is also known to be the undeveloped part of Hong Kong which lies pretty near to the city.

People here are judged on what they say and how well they argue a case, on both scores you are pretty near the bottom.

My friend told me with glee that they would keep their child benefit even though they are both pretty near the threshold.

Zorbing Zorbing is just one of those activities which can not be called dangerous sports but fall pretty near that category.

In 2% of cases pretty into is used

Boo's pretty into the ramp too.

He's probably pretty into it Laughs.

Maybe the board? I seem pretty into it.

I have gotten pretty into the sport down here but had never actually seen it live yet.

I was pretty into weed in university-- not every day, but definitely a few times a week.

The audiences seemed to be pretty into it; I think we both have a similar energy on stage.

We'll probably finish listening to Ender's Game, we've all gotten pretty into the story and have about 3 hours left.

The British Monarchy were pretty into spreading their empired, marrying off their princesses to alliances around the world.

Misha told a story today about how he, Jensen and Jared were wrestling in a hotel room recently and apparently they got pretty into it.

But I seriously doubt that there are that many women who spent the thousand or so dollars it took to do that because they're not pretty into being a geek.

In 2% of cases pretty up is used

Pretty up close; just don't stand too far back.

And try to pretty up my torn-rubber-boot looking bits.

We show you how we reno and pretty up our wee little bungalow on a budget.

So, what you're saying, Matt, is that I could use this stuff to pretty up my black XD 9.

As usual though, the Chinese and Australian views remain overall pretty up beat on themselves.

You can use all sort of items like feathers, charms, beads or buttons to pretty up plain packaging.

You can modify this for your own needs, but generally I lay out my front matter like this: Pretty up your body text.

The fight may not have been pretty up to that point, but I'll be damned if that wasn't one of the knockouts of the year.

As I sat and wondered how I could help pretty up the city - even if it's just a little bit - a lightbulb lit up in my head.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder Whether you're a pro or a novice in the kitchen, there are always way to pretty up your food.

In 2% of cases pretty out is used

You can get pretty out of touch.

The whole thing came about pretty out of the blue.

She was pretty out of it the entire Wednesday and Thursday.

We've all been doing other things rather than climbing and are all pretty out of practice.

The reasons are as followed, first, I just feel that my hair was pretty out of shaped and long.

He was pretty out of hit, hit his face &; head pretty hard, and his arm was looking a bit wrong.

I was confused and paranoid, and what I told myself to explain what was going on, I now know was pretty out of touch.

In an ironic twist, they also look pretty out of place as only one of the stars featured actually graduated from college.

I agree with UB to some degree, but i've also seen some people who are pretty out of it, and even been assaulted by one of them.

There's a piano piece called ' In Need Of Some Repair ' performed on the Hotel2Tango Studio Piano, which was pretty out of tune.

In 2% of cases pretty like is used

Even it's not so pretty like Chiffon Cake.

I picked ' em because they're pretty like you.

They were very yummy but not pretty like yours.

I started making the cookies pretty like the traditional peanut butter cookie would be.

Though in a certain point of view, RH are pretty like U2, a ' record label model ' band.

I love to have something pretty like this arrangement to look at when I first wake up in the morning.

The first was about the business of publishing your lecture, ' Pretty Like a Colouring Book: My Life and My Art '.

Some of them look quite pretty like that, in a strange sort of way but I know they shouldn't be left like that for long.

I did want to look pretty like my sister, but it was more about interacting with society as a girl, being accepted as such.

Biggest reason TTBY was lacking -- they concentrated on the pretty like it would distract us from the lack of talent, charm etc.

In 2% of cases pretty without is used

Kudos! Hi Vern! You are prettier without makeup on.

He smiled and said, ' She's prettier without her head.

You will manage to look pretty without the drama and pain.

A vivacious personality, she's one of those people who are even prettier without makeup.

Vanessa Love those butterfly pillows! sarah M I love that it's pretty without being overly feminine.

You need to pretty without due consideration reduce outside of the running shoe with some frigid waters.

The perfect way to make my natural nails look pretty without the maintenance of putting on and taking off polish.

Such a pretty little thing, So much prettier without me (I must be blind) Oh when you decide to cut the strings.

The boob job, liposuction and lip fillers are all up to you but I think you would be pretty without all that stuff.

Sigh, but it all looks so pretty that I will watch this Everybody looks so good and Amanda looks really pretty without that mushroom cut.

In 2% of cases pretty by is used

Your nails look really pretty by the way.

It might rarely be pretty by, by god, it works.

I think he can do it, but it won't be pretty by any means.

You can look pretty by having enhancing your natural beauty as it will make your more shine.

Haha! Kidding aside, I hope they'd look the prettiest by the time they comeback next year.

Okay? I believe in youand Seo Hyun, you are getting prettier by the day, I'd getting insecure.

Keep your look simple AND pretty by following industry standard rules of thumb, EVEN when recreating your rocker girl look.

Based from personal experience, a gal shall only make the first move on condition that she's pretty by ' commercial standard '.

Football purists will be scratching their heads at this as what we saw out on the Wembley pitch today was not pretty by any means.

She talks to actors Delaney Tabron and Andrew Munro about why they make theatre and their new work, Reasons to Be Pretty by Neil LaBute.

In 1% of cases pretty worth is used

It's pretty worth enough for me.

It? s pretty worth enough for me.

It is pretty worth enough for me.

Its pretty worth sufficient for me.

It'sIt is pretty worth enough for me.

It is pretty worth sufficient for me.

It really is pretty worth enough to me.

I went here for lunch, and for what you get it's pretty worth the price.

It made our legs hurt a lot but it was a good exercise and it was pretty worth it.

The price was pretty worth it for a 3 bed rooms apartment and we got a room with a lovely sea view.

In 1% of cases pretty about is used

There is nothing pretty about war.

There is nothing pretty about death.

There is nothing pretty about Aulnay-sous-Bois.

There's nothing pretty about what he gazes upon.

No, there is nothing pretty about this type of culture.

There is nothing pretty about it, abortion kills human beings.

Accepting things that aren't so pretty about a person is the test for all of us.

Microsoft is pretty about responding to these needs and usually works quickly to find a solution to the problem.

Then there's the ranunculus, with its shriveled prongs pointing in all directions; there is nothing pretty about either of them.

There was nothing pretty about Port and for the Blues to lose to a basic battler purely on contested play was worrying in the bigger picture.

In 1% of cases pretty over is used

Anonymous Pretty over the top Grits -- even for you.

Feel their pain? Some of the reactions you get while cold calling are pretty over the top.

The whole typing out a note thing, signing it and handing it to her is pretty over the top.

Santos has been the subject of some pretty over the top criticism on a number of websites this past two days.

They looked pretty over the moon to be back and stopped to chat with fans and pose for photos before heading inside.

Afraid of dogs, afraid of swimming, afraid of lightening -- I've seen some pretty over the top fearfulness, personally.

I found much of the dialogue was pretty over dramatic and the length of every shot, every scene, twice what it needed to be.

Admittedly, it's pretty over the top, but you can create a flashy mashup of your travel photos online in just a few minutes, complete with maps and music.

I find the rest of the album to be pretty over-produced, which is rare since I think DBSK's producers usually do a good job of letting DBSK's voices speak for themselves.

The web as it stands has got remarkably prettier over the last few years, and we're seeing some interesting effects as the web is joining together nearly two billion people and that's all great.

In 1% of cases pretty off is used

Everyone that I asked knows him to be weird and a pretty off.

Loughner was pretty well known in his community college as pretty off the wall.

Do you use a grocery list? No, I just pull what looks pretty off the grocery shelf.

Instead the accompanying sauce overwhelm my palatte and the tough chewy texture was pretty off putting.

I'd never thought of him as a sure thing to leave I read yesterday that Locker has been pretty off the mark in Senior Bowl practices so far.

Over at Psychology Today, cognitive scientist Art Markman explains how when we attempt to predict how happy (or unhappy) we'll be in the future, we're generally pretty off the mark.

In 1% of cases pretty from is used

Youre very pretty from the nose up.

It doesn't look very pretty from the outside.

The river looked almost pretty from this view.

I thought she was the prettiest from the very first pictures you posted, actually.

The latter is of course preferable if you want to make anything pretty from your effort.

Although it was pretty from thousands of feet above, I'd not sure I'd like to wade in it.

HT WRAP Not pretty from Celtic but their backs against the wall effort has put them 45 minutes away from the knock-out stages.

It's very important to differentiate being pretty from being beautiful, because prettiness is not a good thing to say to a girl, even if she is.

The Japanese, it seems, have many such useful words -- another one for example, is bakku-shan - a girl who appears pretty from behind but not from the front.

The pub looked pretty from the outside and inside the dining area was laid out with table and chairs with red and white gingham cloths and looked very homely.

In 1% of cases pretty after is used

Maybe not so pretty after all, then.

Helmets keep you prettier after a crash.

It will not look very pretty after the blossoms have faded.

Grab on to your wombs, folks, because it ain't pretty after the jump.

I can clean things up and make your examples look pretty after the fact.

Smit looked pretty after the game too, he probably stood on his own face.

He turns to go, muttering under his breath that on second glance, she's not really that pretty after all.

And I agree with you about enjoying your food more when it's all pretty after a shoot -- I'd exactly the same! You've perfectly articulated things I've been thinking for a while now.

Speaking of ugly, faces, Kelly Thomas's face did not look so pretty after a multi-culturally diverse Fullerton Police department bashed it in until poor Kelly drowned in his own blood.

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