Prepositions after "pretend"

"pretend to" or "pretend like"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases pretend to is used

Tammy likes this idea, and pretends to Daniel it's down her top.

The way i just pretend to be his friend even though i want to be so much more.

So we might pretend to ourselves that ' one more push ' (ie, doing the same thing yet again) may do the trick.

Though both sides pretend to be informed by ' science ' and ' facts ' both are actually informed primarily by prejudice.

Lucas u spent somuch tym pretending to luv me, if only i knew that u luved another woman, maybe just maybe my heart culd have been protected.

Initial discomfort in the film comes from watching the gangsters ' happily pretending to garrotte one another in the spirit of historical testament.

The reconciliation committee set up by the government is a sham designed to pretend to the international community that the government is pursuing justice.

I miss you bauuuuu: ' (I was just pretending to be not but it's killing me! Ambekanku sayang Its hardest when the people you know, turn into people you knew.

In 26% of cases pretend like is used

I do hate that they pretend like it didn't happen.

Pretend like you're blind and can't find what your looking for.

Mike sticks his fingers in his ears and pretends like linking creates no liability.

While it's OK for you to believe this, please don't pretend like you're even remotely moderate.

It's very easy to take a still of somebody looking miserable and pretend like that is there only expression.

Nor do I believe Mike has ever made that distinction (he's too busy pretending like linking gives rise to no liability).

Or would you rather go back, pretend like this didn't happen, and read an article about how Snooki is pregnant? And issue is being brought to our attention.

But let's not pretend like anyone really cares about Hammer when Depp is taking on a role so loaded with racist history at a time when his public good will is at an all-time low.

In 17% of cases pretend for is used

That pretending for a while is actually nothing like being.

It goes both ways, too; do not pretend for a second that it does not.

Pretend for a moment that pro baseball umpires abide by the tenets of politically correct liberalism in all its facets.

In 7% of cases pretend in is used

They would not want people to be pretending in groups.

In 2% of cases pretend as is used

I need not pretend as an intelligent person to lead a human life in a small village in Sri Lanka.

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