Prepositions after "press"

"press for" or "press on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases press for is used

Apple never pay bloggers or press for anything.

Angela Smith then pressed for further details.

We will continue to press for low income earners.

However, the phalanx of Norwich's defence held firm as Utd pressed for an equaliser.

Thus you should use your democratic privileges to press for the defense of the unborn.

Just give us the gold and we'll take care of the rest if you're pressed for capacity.

This suggests a clear moral obligation to go on pressing for the re-admittance of UN Weapons Inspectors into Iraq.

We would not be serving the interest of the wider sector if we failed to press for lasting and really practical change.

If the user is not in possession of a 6 use ticket at the entry, the white ticket should be pressed for to gain entry.

There are a lot more I would like to say, but I know we're pressed for time and there are other people to speak beside me.

In 19% of cases press on is used

Rather press on the meat with tongs.

He's being pressed on the planned police cuts.

The effect is like pressing on a tube of toothpaste.

Kofi Annan said the same thing when as secretary-general he was pressed on this matter.

Parents are often scared to press on that area, although it is covered by tough membranes.

That night I looked up ' One Direction ' on youtube and pressed on ' What makes you beautiful '.

Abruzzi cooks flavour their dishes with hot chilli, scented saffron and fruity olive oils pressed on the plains below.

Some of those peole pressing on you are bitterly married, regreting every day of their life, and still live in pretence.

When he was pressed on it, he made a fairly anodyne statement about the need to encourage negotiations to help moderate Arab regimes.

The distinctive cans feature soft cushioning for on-ear comfort, yet the rather small, deep openings press on the ears and aren't all that comfortable for long use.

In 8% of cases press into is used

Press into lined cake tin and place in fridge until ready to serve.

Press into right foot and stand back up, bringing feet together and lowering weights.

In the confusion that followed Heiny had been pressed into service and a chopped coat.

A very nice very old trick to test when the peel is tender enough, is if a clove can be easily pressed into the skin.

With her body pressed into her mother's she gains proprioception- an awareness of her own body and her body's place in space.

When pressed into more playing time against the Toronto Raptors Wednesday, James had six points and nine rebounds in 18 minutes.

Doodle designs all over the borders and when just about to set, place snugly around the cake, pressing into place ever so gently.

The jobless, thanks to the government's controversial workfare schemes, are pressed into uncompensated service in a modern version of Lenin's all-Russia subbotniks.

Was his husband going to finally consummate their marriage? The slick finger pressing into him was a strong indicator, the part of his mind not moaning in wanton appreciation told him.

One of my raisons d'etre is to discover great books -- it's a wonderful feeling to have someone come back to the shop to tell me that the book I pressed into their hand changed their lives.

In 7% of cases press by is used

He does not perform well when really pressed by someone who knows his/her stuff.

Korea is but one chapter in the hot and cold war pressed by those who would destroy democracy.

I doubt they volunteered their comments but were pressed by the media concerned, as is not unusual.

The original idea of one Nigeria was pressed by the leaders and intellectuals from the Eastern Region.

You are not pressed by a surging mob, and women do not shriek as rough men shoulder them out of the way.

This argument was kept open for consideration on the next date of hearing, but has not been pressed by the respondents.

The objectives were, of course, in accordance with the desires expressed by FEAF concerning attacks by Seventh Fleet aircraft on North Korean targets.

In the following heat, it was the world champion Blake, who posted the fastest time of the round, as he was pressed by his teammate Kemar Bailey-Cole who clocked (10.

Until then Dorantes and the negro had not made any cures, but we found ourselves so pressed by the Indians coming from all sides, that all of us had to become medicine men.

In 6% of cases press against is used

But no charges have been pressed against anyone, although some officials were suspended from duties.

In tests, the projectile could not penetrate a sheet or ordinary cardboard, when pressed against the muzzle.

She sits compactly furled, straight-backed, feet on the seat and her right knee pressed against her shoulder.

In December 2011, a 5-month-old boy in New York was found with his face pressed against the side wall of the tent.

Around 6 am I shot up out of bed and coward in the corner, back pressed against the wall with wide eyes, skin covered in goosebumps.

On the rolling spring lawns of Kent State in the American heartland, students continued to press against an illegal, immoral war of occupation.

That is because food in your stomach is causing it to rise like dough beneath your belt, pressing against your abdominal muscles from the inside.

It is remarkably creative to see a giant torso made of latex rubber that people can press against, to signify the souls that Freddy Kruger has devoured.

One of the most important contexts for frictional ageing is in earthquake zones, where rock surfaces deep in the earth are pressed against one another along a geological fault.

In 4% of cases press in is used

It's about time that along with Section 5, we had an overhaul of the laws regarding free speech and press in the UK.

But, We really struggled to reach a place where we actively promoted this record during these radio and press interviews.

Up next are some press interviews and radio work in Southampton and Eastbourne followed by a live interview on Premier Radio on Saturday morning at 09.

In 3% of cases press to is used

Tho, I could do the half mile swim if pressed to it.

After scoring his second from a penalty he had earned himself (albeit a soft one ), Balotelli ran over to the Roma support with a finger pressed to his lips.

Most of Mies ' work was as sparing as it could possibly be: Rigid rectangles broken into smaller rectangles as if drawn with a straight edge pressed to the page.

A fast-food kitchen is usually pressed to capacity between in-house customers and drive-through customers; to add delivery customers, and the manpower to take care of them, won t be easy.

In 2% of cases press upon is used

I perhaps could or should have done better in my reply, but this week is pressing upon me.

Where not s long ago people had loans pressed upon them and banks competed to offer the lowest rates.

So there was now a crisis in the industry: the weaver could now produce much more, and so the weaver was constantly pressing upon the spinner.

The stresses and stains pressed upon a professional army faced with such varied and widespread internal problems of a delicate nature need not be stressed.

The weather deteriorated and started to rain at the end of my 3 hours of hiking and my body was outright rebelling against the physical exertion that had been pressed upon it.

In 1% of cases press after is used

Speaking to press after the meeting, Mr.

Speaking to the press after the meeting, Mr.

Gornell forced another fine save out of Ethridge before the interval and Rochdale continued to press after the break.

In 1% of cases press between is used

It only looks like a single volume in that it's pressed between two covers.

But the ball pressed between his head and that of a various dignitary won't be just any ball, it will be an adidas World Cup Ball.

In 1% of cases press from is used

Politicians and press from Colombo are not the eyewitnesses.

The sugars and other dissolved solids do not freeze, but the water does, allowing a more concentrated grape must to be pressed from the frozen grapes, and resulting in.

In 1% of cases press onto is used

A screen with a stenciled design is daubed with paint and pressed onto a garment.

Bake the Cookies: The stylish cookie cutter can simply be pressed onto the cookie dough to create fun shaped Halloween cookies.

In 1% of cases press through is used

The material will probably be pressed through a die.

Blend for 1-2 minutes, strain and press through the cheesecloth into the bowl.

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